Latest One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Gameplay Videos Features Crocodile, Eneru, Nami and Zoro in Action


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  • Kiera

    Looks aesome, Enel is my favorite after Hancock, plays still so good, the Electro Effect seems to be not so good as in the second one. Nami is still one of my favorites, she plays nice. So far all the same Moveset, Crocodile has still his weak Specials 🙁

    • Bdock3601

      I feel like the electric looks better but his physical forms like the dragon look weird

      • I wholeheartedly agree! The Thunder Dragon looked more like a Water Dragon in that video…

        • Kiera

          Yes and his Special Form the Amaru looks like Water too. Hope they will do something and make it like PW 2. He will be one of the most played Characters for me so he should look as good as in the second.

          Watched the Video again and you right the Electric looks better its only his Dragon and Amaru.

  • Rich Homie Kwon

    Finally Zoro fights with his sword in his mouth.

    • Buru

      He always did

      • Rich Homie Kwon

        Not in PW1 and 2 he only takes it out for certain attacks but now he has it in his mouth.

  • Hagaren

    Enel looks like he ate the Water-Water Fruit when transforming and when summoning the dragon.

  • Buru

    They f*cked up Enel’s 200,000,000 Volt Amaru & Lightning Dragon.
    Zoro’s combo got changed to the pw1 version. 1080 pound phoenix & flying dragon blaze got added to his combo.
    Nami’s special has a wider range.
    And finally Crocodile is the same.

    • Kiera

      Hope they cange Enels Attacks and the higer Nami Range is so good, her special was nearly useless compared to others.

      • Buru

        Ikr. Hope they add Flanchet Strike to Sanji’s combo

  • funnymitchell

    ”three new gameplay videos” shows four gameplay videos xd mkay seems legit and stuff

    • J Walk

      Way to go taking it out of context. “It say Pirate Warriors 3 Gameplay videos”… Because the game is called Pirate Warriors 3.

  • unleashrage

    Yeah, they ruined Eneru, why they changed the look of his amaru and dragon I have no idea, nothing was wrong with them. I hope they get feedback about it and change them back to how they were in the previous game (doubt they will).

  • Buru

    Gecko Moriah is confirmed playable

    • HurikaneShadow

      Source please. I’m not doubting you tough, just want to see it, is it a scan or something else

      • TheGameTagerZ

        It’s real. Arlong Park forums has it. It’s black and white though so I didn’t bother.