Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Shenron Wish Translations Can Unlock Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and More


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  • AzIz

    so , how can we collect the Dragon Balls ? , I watched one quest that require you to collect all Dragon Balls at once , is that enough o_o ?

  • AzIz

    Also , didn’t you finish the whole main story ? why didn’t you upload it all at once , i’m dying to see the end -_- and Demigra’s transformation

    • Dontay Franklin

      i just uploaded demigra’s final transformation

  • mosdra

    i know the wish i will do first the charactersshould super 17 be first then omega then last gogeta

  • Dontay Franklin

    Demigra vs Beerus and Created character https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFI93KdjA6U

  • Dontay Franklin

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse FINAL BOSS Demon God Demigra Battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peLqvsComWI

  • O

    can we unlock special attacks for weapon like special attack for goku pole and if yes how… ?

  • Shad Karim

    But how do i get the dragon balls?

    • Rich Homie Kwon

      Same thing im wondering… but when i finished a parralel quest I got a dragonball item icon. I tried to look in my bag but I dont see it.

      • Shad Karim

        I got one too from the parallel quests,it’s in the bag you have to press RB.

        • Rich Homie Kwon

          I see it. I have the 2 and 6 star dragonball.

    • Guest

      Farm PQ 12 in the first area when you’re not fighting a Time Patrol person has a chance of spawning talk to them and fight if you see “Key item Obtained” or something you got a Dragon Ball, you can get all of through this, if they don’t spawn or it doesn’t drop just hit start and retry when it drops you have to beat the quest to keep it

  • tylerc23

    Anyone figure out how to get Super Sayian 4 Goku

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re trying to figure out how to get the dragon balls period lol

      • PurexedSolify ;

        Do you get a dragon radar?

      • Diabel

        Farm PQ 12 in the first area when you’re not fighting a Time Patrol person has a chance of spawning talk to them and fight if you see “Key item Obtained” or something you got a Dragon Ball, you can get all of through this, if they don’t spawn or it doesn’t drop just hit start and retry when it drops you have to beat the quest to keep it, that’s what I did

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      nope and i watched some livestreams and no one has vegito either. maybe you get ssj4 goku by getting all other characters……..

      • TheGameTagerZ

        It’s difficult to unlock Vegito, SSJ Bardock and Ultimate Gohan.

        • Jordan Maurice

          Ask sergioM3 He unlocked all the characters on the ps3 version

          • TheGameTagerZ

            He hacked it.

            • Jordan Maurice

              didnt know that because he said after hours of hard work in one of his videos so I thought he played through it and unlocked everything completely

              • TheGameTagerZ

                He couldn’t hack it as easily as he did with the network test. It literally took him hours to figure it out.

                • Jordan Maurice

                  oh thats why then lol additionally could you guys answer on whether your able to change your fighting style in the game with your created character because in the most recent trailer trailer 4 we see created characters using different movesets most noticeably a namekian seemingly using ginyu’s break dance looking moveset

                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    We didn’t dig too deep into the game since it isn’t in English. So I don’t have an answer to that.

                    • Jordan Maurice

                      alright thanks for the reply

                  • kevin

                    U train to get there move sets

        • Y3kip

          Vegito is from a parrelel mission bud dunno about the others

        • Joseph Graham Thorne

          its easy to get most things just finish main story an all parallel quests an you have them all but three an you get those three collecting dragon balls

          • TheGameTagerZ

            Check the date when I said that, plus the japanese version is the one we played at the time. Playing the vegito mission by yourself in a japanese game you can barely navigate is hard within itself.

      • Dani Ilges

        Vegito is on PQ 37 to unlock that one you need to beat PQ 36 and to get SSJ4 Goku you have to beat all 55 PQ missions, thats also how you get mastery fight on Goku

      • sandwich

        ssj4 vageta is day one bonus

      • Y3kip

        Vegito I got him from a parrelel missing

      • Help u here now

        U get vegito from the PQ “Potara Warriors”, u need to finish all the PQ to get SS4 Goku (includes the ones npc’s give you)

        • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

          You think I don’t know I made that comment over a month ago

      • Neurion

        Ssj4 Goku you get by clearing all parallel quests, Vegito you get from mission 41 beat gotenks before vegito then kill ssj3 gotenks and super vegito. I have already done this.

    • Ranj

      How i get dragonballs?

      • Oogabooga96

        Farm mission 15 pq and beat frieza ASAP and fight time traveler if he shows up

        • Dani Ilges

          or do PQ 12 since the TP shows up right as you start in front of you if they dont show keep restarting then just beat the mission when you “got key item”

          • Leonardo Carneiro

            PQ12 is the best for sure!

            • me2

              Not really seeing as how the .tp might not be there and might not give key item. Then you have to fight 4 decently powered opponents

        • ginger5367

          U could actually just do 2nd pq beat yamcha krillen and tien and find patrolled but that’s just me

        • Antonio

          I find that it’s better to finish the quest than retry cause the game doesn’t change the time patroller appearing or not unless youve exited it completely or finished the quest

          • Leonardo Carneiro

            Yep, it doesn’t change the TP, but your chances of getting the dragon ball are completely random with every patrol. But I often change between PQ2 and PQ12, because grinding is boring =(

          • Kid Dynamite


      • Super Saiyan Minato

        An easier way is mission 2 and a time patroller should spawn after you beat Krillin,Yamcha,and Tien if he/she dosent spawn retry the mission

      • Smokii

        PQ 2 offline..beat Yamcha then Tien then Krillin within 20 secs and the time patroller would spawn and beat him b4 14:00 and you’ll get it for sure

      • bino

        You can farm dragon balls in parallel quest #2. Defeat krillin yamaha and tien and a patroller will randomly appear at the entrance of kamis lookout. Defeat the player to receive “key item” if you don’t get “key item” retry the mission. Do this as much as you like.

    • Nemesis2290

      Clear all the parallel quests then you’ll get SSj4 Goku.

    • M&m6969

      Do you guys know an easy way to beat the

    • Super Saiyan Minato

      You have to basicly beat all the Parallel quest, beat the story, and the secret missions.

    • Justice

      You have to beat all the parrel

    • Maadara Corp Cosajay

      You must complete the WHOLLLLE parallel Quest

    • Hezekiah Taylor


  • Dontay Franklin


    • SMC

      Easily my main now I always thought Bardock was amazing but now…..its a whole new level

  • saiyan


  • tokitoku

    Not sure if this helps, I have been playing the Eur version. In parallel quest 2 prepare for the attack of saiyans once you defeat the first 3 a potroller appears. When you beat him the text will say material item received and/or key item received. The key item is a Dragonball.

  • Darkchief117

    Anyone know how to get Vegito?

    • Dani Ilges

      PQ 37

  • erection direction

    If you wish for the clothes, do you get all of them or just one thing?

    • Kevin

      you get all of them and they are not very good, +4 health, -4 basic, -4 strike supers, +4 ki supers.

      • Matticus

        What do they look like though??

  • kitty

    finish every PQ atleast once

  • JamesKurokage

    Its not 5,000,000 Zeni. its 500,000.

  • Guest

    I gathered all the dragon balls, then wished for “I want to become handsomely beautiful” so I could switch my race, but guess what? I couldn’t. Thanks a lot for the crappy translation.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s always the anonymous and guests that talk like this.

      You’re welcome. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out too.

      FYI the wish never said it can swap your race. That was an assumption YOU made so that’s your fault.

  • Name


  • XxItsYaBoyGxX

    When farming for dragon balls I find it TE easiest to hit up the PQ mission 2. Kill Tien, Yamcha, & Krillin. After a Time patroller should appear. Fight him of he gives 2 material retry until it says “Key Item Obtained”. Due to the low level of your opponents it’s really easy. Especially if you have the “Super Static Shock” Ultimate Attack I usually defeat all 3 in one move takes maybe 10 to 15 seconds. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Preston

    How do you unlock the transformations like super saiyan and super vegeta and etc? I can’t unlock any of them. How do you unlock the ultimate attacks like big bang attack and final flash?

    • LittleDoom

      You get them from parallel missions and final flash is the final quest vegeta gives you if you choose him as your mentor

  • yair

    i choose super attack and i dont get
    Air Consumption

    and lightning ruin

  • Christ so many views.

    Blowing upppp, we need the whole thing

  • Zebidiah Osirus

    Within 10 hrs of play doing the parallel mission where you fight tien krillin and yamcha i managed to get all the dragonballs … kinda not worth all the hassle in my opinion. I did unlock gogeta seems watered down a bit.

  • tompi

    after usin my wish too get gogeta why haven’t I received him ??

  • Phyuck Yiu

    The best wish to wish for is more character unlocks, at least get SS4 Gogeta, he’s powerful as hell, you’ll get him with your first wish.

    Also it can take a while to find all 7 dragon balls, sometimes the very last missing ball won’t appear for a long time.

  • ggamer

    in trailer 3 it shows the planet getting blown up

  • ggamer

    but I think that that is earth but on how it said in the chapter 2 spoiler that whis can go back in time that he does than stops freesia from blowing up the earth

  • Jordan

    Need help getting vegitos outfit I have his pants but I been farming that PQ for 3days and still haven’t gotten any other piece yet and or if anyone has spares that they can trade that be awesome I have an Xbox one so feel free to add me CRL Warfighter