Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Character Customisation Translations


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  • Endless

    Hopefully one of you guys can answer me on this. Can you create multiple CC or just one, and if it’s more than one, do you have to play the story mode all over again to make another created character?

    • Aru

      I know that you can create up to 8 CC not sure about the other part of your question though since I don’t have the game yet

      • Endless

        Thanks, hopefully we don’t have to lay the story mode all over again. That would completely frustrate me.

        • LilRip1

          I was watching a stream of xenoverse yesterday and it’s confirmed that all your created characters share items and progression but they don’t share levels which is a good thing

      • lewis beechey

        It’s 20

  • AzIz

    Thanks for your great work , this will help a lot of people who bought the Japanese version

  • AzIz

    Also , can we play any mission on the story mode whenever we want after beating the story ?

    • Jordan Maurice

      yes you can bandai namco confirmed it

  • Hagaren

    Do any of you guys know if Goku and Vegeta’s hairdo is a selectable/unlockable option for the created characters? If so, making Turles and Android 13 should be pretty easy (minus the moves but still).

    • Yep, there is even Turles armor that you can buy to make him perfectly!
      In terms of Android armor you can make Android 16-19 from heard to toe (no Android 13-15 but you can kinda make Frankenstein Android 8!).

      • Hagaren

        Nice, good to know! Thanks!