Dragon Ball Xenoverse Story Mode Walkthrough


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  • DeathPointZ

    First woot! 😀

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    Hey SGZ, Since we have to wait more than 2 weeks, can you do this request? I’d like to see Beerus vs Omega Shenron ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • chris

      This and SSj4 Goku vs SSJgod Goku

  • AzIz

    Great work guys , so is it really 15 hours long ?

  • AzIz

    Also , isn’t this prologue the very first gameplay they showed us ?? they should make a demo from it , at least -_-

  • Skorm94

    Are you guys gonna do your own kind off review? I really wanna know what you think about the game.

  • Nana Asare

    Have you a frieza race gameplay

  • helenget

    say if i finished the game and want to start a new game with diff char this time , and see all the fight all over again where do i do it?
    Or should I delete the main char to start the game all over again?