Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – All Characters and Costumes/Variations


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  • Buru

    When are you guys going to do the review?

  • ShadowG

    Thanks for the video.
    How did you unlock SSJ Bardock and Vegito ?

    • Xicor

      ssj bardock i assume you beat the broly part where bardock fights broly

      • ShadowG

        Ok thanks


          No, Bardock and Broly have seperate sagas that you beat to unlock them. However you have to unlock those sagas first with about 4 I think collectible objects (I think crystals) in the parallel quests. shonen games mentions it in one of their articles.

    • Rich Homie Kwon

      You get SSJ Bardock from one of the 7star parrallel quest i forgot the number but Vegito is parrallel quest 37

  • Morgiana

    What’s up with PW3 scan of Moria?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s not in color so we’ll wait for this week’s scans.

  • Masashi Hideaki

    the question is: How can the Created Charracter obtain their favorite charracters “Moveset/Combo” hmmm ?

    is it by Z-Soul or by “My Set” in the Menu section ?

    • randy191993

      They can’t. Every gender/race combination has one moveset. It won’t change.

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    can you guys plz do a character/character variation unlock guide so we know what parallel quests and stuff to do

  • DI

    Can you make a video showing how do the ssj and ssj2 transformations look with every custom character hairstyle?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Man lol that….that’s going to take more work than beating Bardock’s Saga..

      • DI

        But cant you change your hairstyle whenever you want?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          It’s all in Japanese. We never planned to go past menus or anything that was like important to get characters.

        • Rich Homie Kwon

          Have to call shenron if you want to

          • DI

            well thats bs

  • Erik Teemer

    I don’t see the difference in some of the character variants like Raditz and Goten.

    • ShadowG

      They look the same but have different supers and ultimates.
      And they can have different stats.

  • UnholySaiyan

    I’m so ready

  • AzIz

    Thanks !! wow they were too lazy with that ki blasts attack lol

  • Rich Homie Kwon

    Is there anyway to get SSJ4 Vegeta if you’re not in japan?

    • The Unknown ME

      Just preorder the game and you will get him plus two exclusive costumes! But to be sure of the exclusive content to be in the preorder, I recommend you to order from the official bandai namco site.

      • Rich Homie Kwon

        Im not talking about when it gets released worldwide i mean in the jpn version

        • The Unknown ME

          Oh.. Well as of now, Vegeta SSJ4 is a preorder exclusive only. But if you were lucky enough they may add him later via DLC. However, I don’t really know if Vegeta SSJ4 is a preorder in japan, sorry.

        • macdaddymario

          As far as I’m aware, SSJ4 Vegeta was a special code for getting the guide book in Japan. No way to unlock him other then that for now.

    • The code with the official guide book is an early access code to get SSJ4 Vegeta earlier than normal. He will be DLC later on, free or paid we do not know!

    • Tarik Dean

      I pre-ordered and I got it the first day

    • Tarik Dean

      It should say day one edition

  • Guardian Byakko

    My two biggest irks with the roster are no fighting trunks (y’know w/o sword), and the three original villains of Xenoverse aren’t playable (Towa, Mira & Demigra + Demigra final form)

  • Kronin14

    Hey guys can you get Trunks hair to pick when you make your character in dbz xenoverse

    • Prince Vegeta

      There is one that looks like the one he had after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

  • Shiroe

    @ThegameTagerZ:disqus Where is Demigra, Towa and mira ._.

  • Prince Vegeta

    Does anyone know how I can get Future Warrior’s outfit so I can put it on my Future Warrior, I only have his red hair style and his Green Scouter, I also have Turles’s gloves and boots, Piccolo’s top outfit and Kid Gohan’s Demon Clan bottoms

    • Papa Berto

      next to the “team registration” booth(the one in front of offline parallel quests) there should be a group of guys doing gynyu poses, if the robot in that group has a green question mark just talk to him and he will give it to you. you can just quit to the main start screen until he has the green question mark.

      • Prince Vegeta

        Thanks, I’ll look for it later

  • jaystarpro


  • The legend

    is broly’s hair style available

  • gersi

    how to get this character set?

  • mitch

    How do u get ssj bardock

    • raw

      do parllel quests i donmvgoiasdg

  • soendaboy

    How to get the dark versions of : Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, and Broly