Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse How To Unlock Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Collect Dragon Balls


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  • PockieNinjaRock


  • The Unknown ME

    Nice, what about vegito ?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Same thing. Parallel Quests.

    • Rich Homie Kwon

      Parallel quest 37 or 38. I forgot the exact one. Look for the one with Vegito in the opponents it shows

      Edit: It’s 37

  • Neferpitou :3

    I just have to ask out of curiousity, when will you guys translate PW3 Moria scan? >D

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re skipping it since it’s not in color. We’ll most likely see it this Thursday in Weekly Jump.

      • Neferpitou :3

        Oh okay! good to know~ and where did that b/w Moria scan come from? WSJ as well, just without colors or? >o

        • chris

          I saw someone post it on the comments section of a dbz scan on this website i thought on a video

          • Neferpitou :3

            I know, but i meant…where did originally scan come from.Like, what magazine or w/e

            • chris

              probs early scan leak

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    Just wondering, but apart from the pre-order DLC, is there any way to unlock SSJ4 Vegeta in-game?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Only through Pre-Order

  • King Ezek

    this was really good quality gameplay kinda wish the computer played a little better tho

  • Dbxeno

    I’m still stuck on parallel quest 55 when u have to fight all the atrocious guys it’s impossible by yourself. I’m also still missing certain quest like 6,11,15,16,26,32,40 and 47. Idk what I have to do to unlock all the quest.

  • nigel

    how do i unlock all the mentors, also, how do i unlock more of their quests…there is a gauge that needs to be filled, but i do not know what fills it? p.s. i have beaten story mode.

  • chris

    how do you get parelle quest 32?

  • Guest


  • G0dlyDeath299

    ok I did all the PQs and I didn’t unlock him (and the DLC PQs) so is there a time limit of when I get him or nah