Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – All Transformations


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  • Eiyuuou

    I know the Custom Character can’t go SSJ3, but can he go SSJ2?

    • The Unknown ME

      Yes he can, but don’t forget that only the saiyan race can go SSJ. Some ppl think that also earthling can go super but that’s not true!

      • Enturax/Turbotrup

        Seriously there are people stupid enough to think that earthling can go SSJ? lol

        • The Unknown ME

          Well actually there are, they wrongly thought that earthling can go SSJ in the game cuz of the similar appearance of the saiyan race in their face, hair and body. And of course the fact that they can go kaioken. You know.. Just ppl.

          • well it doesn’t say human it says earthling I mean Trunks Goten and Gohan are all earthlings and can also go super sayian im not surprised that so many people where confused

            • Mythical9167

              Yeah but they’re half Saiyan? “Earthlings” obviously points to people born on earth yes? So unless the Earthlings race has atleast some Saiyan blood in them, like Gohan, Trunks and Goten, then I highly doubted it from the beginning…

              • They are half saiyans but they are also born of earth which makes them earthlings. The game itself even makes references like in one of the beginning missions gohan states (if you have an earthling) hey your an earthling just like me. Not to mention how saiyan-like the earthlings look. Seems like it would be easy to assume that they could have set earthlings as half saiyans. I understand why they aren’t saiyans but human would have still been a better label or classification.

                • disqus_KKGzC556o8

                  they are earthling but they have the blood of a saiyan….. that’s why they can go SSJ

                  • Guest

                    I know it just would have made more sense to call them humans

                  • Oh I know, it just would have made more sense to label the earthlings human. There would have been little to no confusion about what type of earthling your character was or if thy could go super saiyan.

            • FelixLiengod

              Trunks goten and gohan are not full earthling they are half saiyan thats y they can go ssj

              • There is no such thing as half earthling you were either born on earth which makes you an earthling or you weren’t. Vegeta and Goku are not earthlings because they were not born on earth but Gohan Goten and trunks are. Earthling isn’t a race it is a title you get for being born there so it doesn’t matter that they are half saiyans they are still earthlings

              • scott

                they are actually full earthling. they were born on earth and live on earth and call it their home. that is what an earthling is. does that mean they are human? no. read all the other comments, or open a dictionary. it could do wonders.

              • There is no such thing as a half earthling you can be half human but earthling is a title for being born on earth

        • Aaron Mckinney

          It might be because Xenoverse’s storyline is based off the story of Dragonball Online and on that game humans could go Super Saiyan after wishing for it! Because on that game they were no saiyans! So people are probally assuming they can since humans could on DB online!

          • Enturax/Turbotrup

            I see. But still, when they see they have a choice between human and Saiyan, it should be obvious…

        • Terish

          if you play as an earthling and fight against gohan he say”your an earthling just like me” so I could c y ppl thought that cuz gotten trunks and gohan are all earthlings plus it says earthling not human so its not that dumb

          • Thank you been saying the same thing. Do eople not understand the difference between the words earthling and human?

        • randy191993

          Well in Dragonball Online on which Xenoverse is based they could since the Saiyan Race was long extinct and mixed with the Eartlings. If you used Shenron to unlock your hidden Saiyan Blood you could go SSJ despite all people in the game beeing earthlings. Except of Time Patrol Trunks maybe.

      • GohanYo

        Technically an Earthling doesn’t have to be a human. Gohan is an Earthling for example. Sure he got Saiyan blood, but he’s still an Earthling.

      • you don’t GET to know my name

        The screen that shows you picking a race has Goku under the earthling category. I mean, Goku IS a Saiyan

        • LordLemons

          That’s Yamcha dude lol

  • Masashi Hideaki

    what about “Combo Moveset”

    do you get it by Z-Soul or do you get it by wishing for it ?

    since i am curious due to me wanting Vegito’s Moveset

    • King Ezek

      you can get move sets??? like combo animations?

      • Masashi Hideaki

        thats what i am gonna research

        if its possible or not

        so i will start to research regarding somthing called Z-Soul in DB:XV

        and research if its the wishes that does it

        • King Ezek

          because that would be amazing and if not im sure its possible to implement later on in updates

          • Masashi Hideaki


  • AzIz

    They better do a sequel after that ending , movies saga including Fukkatsu no F , MORE characters and the continuation of …..’s story

    • bleadze

      Naaa I’ll rather them do like call of duty and just update

      • i seriously wanna punch u for saying that they should adopt activisons yearly “cod cash in” model.

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      the ending was just a prequel to dragon ball online

      • They could seriously sequel that though. Make it DBO’s story now just to keep it going??

      • Jordan Maurice

        it can no way shape and form be a prequel to dragon ball online as it doesn’t fit in within the dragon ball online timeline at all if you played dbo and went on the official community website or are waiting on dbor and are on the new community website

        there is a whole timeline that can be read that starts from the end of dragon ball z to age 1000 then a description of what happens in age 2000 if Mira and Towa succeed in there goal within age 850 there isnt even enough developement yet in order for this to sinc up and additionally if i remember correctly the dragon balls were deactivated by dende at this time

        • randy191993

          It is though.Xenoverse plays in Age 850. Dragonball Online starts in Age 1000 so about 150 years after Xenoverse.


          • Jordan Maurice

            I know this but the events during this time that lead up to dragon ball online dont sync up

            now things could be shifted for it to fit but if not then its not possible


            • randy191993

              Why not? It doesn’t say anything about 850 and no canon person from that time appears in Xenoverse except of Trunks. There’s no problem with that.

              We defeated Miira but Towa said she could rebuild him. It would work if she took about a year and she send Miira to destroy new Namek as a test run if he works right again.

              • Jordan Maurice

                age 787 and I quote “Dende resolves to deactivate the dragon balls. The Elder Kaioshin had already expressed his disapproval of the dragon balls considering them to go against the natural order of the universe and with the world now at peace dende worried having active dragon balls around may mean putting the earth at risk”

                did you look at the link I sent you

                Age 999 and I quote “in hopes that a savior would appear among the earthlings dende reactivates the dragon balls dende creates multiple sets of the dragon balls weaker than the originals hoping that the young warriors will benefit from competing over them”

                theres more in this age but basically there are no dragon balls that are available in order to summon our character

                • randy191993

                  There’s several possible explanations for that. The simplest would be that they always find them during timequests, so they probably bring back Dragonballs from another timeline. The Kaio of Time could have made them since they exist in a place outside of time so that Dendes influence doesn’t reach that far. Trunks could have just asked Dende, Dende knows Trunks well and if Trunks and the Kaio of Time ask him to make a set of one-use Dragonballs because otherwise time itself may collapse he would surely do that.

                  There is way too many possible explanations for that to state that the whole game is impossible simply because someone is said to have made a decision he can revoke anyplace and anytime.

                  • Jordan Maurice

                    Of course there could be several written things to tie in both together I say the same thing with gt and battle of gods as they have tons of similarities and the differences can be written to make it fit however it hasnt so officially it would be impossible the only explanation that I think would be valid to accept is that in this age 850 timeline is an alternate timeline from the original dbo timeline as in dbo there was no mention of a toki toki city. WAIT I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING

                    In the timeline wiki of dragon ball it said that from age 1000 trunks traveled back in time to age 850 so it would make sense if he told dende about the problem or the supreme kai of time made it known because then dende would know of the dangers to come and provide the reason for which he reactivated the dragon balls years later close to age 1000 causing him to bring them back in this time instead

  • AzIz

    @Thegametagerz or anyone played the game from SGZ , what’s your rate for the game and did you enjoyed it ?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’ll have our review when the English release is out.

      • James


        BT3 HD update please!

  • RedDragon10

    Did Yamcha go Kaio-ken?

    • Xicor


  • chris

    Dies anyone know whether the other races have transformations such as super namekian or super buu/kid buu etc

    • AzIz

      Just Saiyan , other races only have Kaioken

    • randy191993

      Might get Potential Released in the third DLC Pack though as we get old Kai as Mentor.

  • Kyleeee

    Does anyone know how to unlock kaioken on db xeanoverse?

    • Rob Sepulveda

      buy it in skill store…
      i didn’t see it until after I beat freeza…

      was hoping to see super saiyan,
      i don’t know how to get that 🙁

    • dude

      Kaioken X20 can be obtained in parallel quest 09

  • nerdygirl

    I need to know how to transform into super saiyan under the created player saiyan race…any help please?!?!?


      You do one of those parallel quests Offline or online Its called “legendary super saiyan” you get the skill as a random drop.

      • nerdygirl

        Ok I’ve done this quest a bunch of times and alqays end up with other stuff…would three random drop perhaps be one of the things we can find and collect during battle

        • mavs

          complete the Android story mission and you can buy it at the skills shop for about 40k

    • Nick Isoldi

      Do the PQ legendary super saiyan. Defeat all the charactes until goku and krillin arrive. Kill Krillin before you kill goku. Sometimes this will trigger goku to go super saiyan. Keep freiza alive and defeat SSJ Goku and eventually SSJ skill drop from the battle.


    When I played the legendary super saiyan parallel quest it didn’t give me SSJ someone help

    • Nick Isoldi

      So don’t get discouraged this took me a bit of time also.

      You have to beat everyone in the level while keeping frieza alive. Then when Goku and Krillin show up you have to kill Krillin first (try to kill him fast). Sometimes, not always, this will trigger Goku to go super saiyan. Once this happens you have to defeat goku before he kills Frieza. Believe me… he wants to kill frieza so you have to be fast. Since the NPC Frieza is a scrub, he will attempt to fight him, you have to be proactive and keep attacking Goku and knocking him away. I use a lot of knock back moves (triangle and circle at the end of a combo) and ki-blast ultimates to keep goku away from the central pack of fighters. Use things that slow goku down, and try your best to keep frieza out of the action or he will die.

      anyways once you learn to beat it, SSJ will eventually drop. keep in mind that SSJ doesn’t always drop. It took me 4x of beating this level before it finally dropped, but man once it does its a game changer. You assign it to your skills and it drains ki instead of stamina. It goes really well with the skill “energy charge” or “full energy charge.”

      SSJ2 is a skill you can purchase for 100k zeni from the skill shop after you have beaten up through the middle of the majin saga story line. The easiest way to do this is to summon the dragon balls, wish to be rich (which gives you 500k zeni) and then buy it.

  • Cole

    I can’t unlock kaioken, someone help me please!

    • Nick Isoldi

      you can buy it from the skill shop after you beat a certain amount of the main story,

      or if you want kaioken x20 you can just beat the parallel quest saiyan pride. Its a rare drop from that quest, but you have to keep frieza alive…

  • Davit Natadze

    cant u guys upload a majin tranformation

  • Jimmy

    Human is a word we made up, and I’ve never seen a dictionary in the DragonBall universe. From an interplanetary prospective, we would be Earthlings.. The saiyan ancestory is from another planet in the galaxy. So chi chi being an earthlings and goku being a saiyan from planet vegeta, makes Gohan genetically half earthling. Again, we can’t argue with our current terms because it isn’t based on our actual world.

  • James Flames

    Can u saiyan characters get super saiyan god mode or is that a lie

  • Guest

    ppl also think that we can do ki and instaant transmission, i mean i generation is not aware of that so we have to stick with technology, ki could be possible

  • Franne Meacci

    can we saiyans turn super saiyan god or is it a lie