Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” Chapter 1 Manga Summary (Spoilers)

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  • AzIz

    Looks interesting

    • Masashi Hideaki


    • Masashi Hideaki


  • Masashi Hideaki


  • Masashi Hideaki



  • Mr. Dude

    Has a power yet to be shown…

  • Lord Beerus

    Freeza’s race must have a Zenkai-ish style of power up when going through rigorous training. That, or Freeza race is the most brokenly powerful race ever. They must have an insane amount of latent power if it only takes them 4 months to become more powerful than Gods.

    • Masashi Hideaki

      freeza doesnt have a race

      1. freeza and cold are mutations

      basically cold created freeza asexually

      “same concept as how the namekians produce namekians”

      freeza and cold are non-genders and mutations and doesnt have any race at all

      • Ryumancer

        If there was no race, it wouldn’t have been a choice in Xenoverse. There is a race. It’s just that King Cold’s lineage has the only notable denizens of said race.

        • Masashi Hideaki

          in the manga then its not a race

          so nope

          but if you are talking in-game concept such as xenoverse

          then obviously

          but in reality Nope freeza and cold “doesnt have a race”

          they are mutations as simple as that

          • Wrong.

            They aren’t just mutations. It has to be a race.

            Chilled existed way before Cold does, it isn’t just a little mutation.

            Even if it was a mutation, being around THAT LONG in a lineage makes them a race. It’s like how Human’s are their own race, even though we’re mutations from monkeys in the theory of evolution.

            And no, they are not Asexual.


            • Masashi Hideaki

              why the heck are you using Wiki ?

              akira toriyama dirrectly says that freeza isnt a race lmfao

              here is the source for it:


              About how many of Freeza’s race are there? Are they quite thriving, with a big population?

              Freeza is what you might call a mutated life-form. Strictly speaking, Freeza’s father is a mutant with an abnormally high battle power. And, born from his father alone, still in strong possession of the mutant traits, was Freeza.

              Accordingly, even saying “Freeza’s race”, these two are the only ones who possess an abnormal [level of] battle power and cruelty.

              1. Freeza is what you might call a mutated life-form

              2. born from his father alone

              basically you have failed

              • TheGameTagerZ

                You can post links here.

              • Wiki isn’t the source though, it was just a quick way to point out the source material.

                1 – Akira Toriyama forgot about Launch, Super Saiyan 2, and tons of other stuff. He isn’t completely credible when It comes to explaining things.

                Lets look at this from a scientific perspective.

                Lets say Cold us a mutation of another race.

                Scientifically, he is now the first member of a new race of w.e his species is called.

                That’s science. When a Dolphin evolves and gains abother fin to swim faster, we either call it a dolphin or we call it a “x dolphin” (x being the new subtitle of the name, like 3 finned dolphin)

                Cold is part of w.e race Chilled is. Akira says he’s a mutation? Then he’s either a subclass of that race, or he mutated so much that he has become his own entity.

                Frieza was produced asexually right? Then he’s the second member in that race.

                Every living organism has a classification, it would be stupid to assume The Cold family isn’t part of a race. Even if they dot have a race, they are one.

                2 – Chilled is Canon, existed way before Cold and Frieza, same traits. Cruel, strong, battle experienced.

                The “mutation” is older than the Saiyan race. It’s a race. Toriyama ret conned the whole Cold & Frieza is a one time thing thing when he invented Chilled, and made his own quote invalid.

                Ret conning happens, Frieza’s race is unnamed, sure they’re mutants, but they are a race.

                You failed by using an old argument for an updated situation.

              • Wade Dewell

                frieza is arcosian

                • GamePlayFAIL

                  Not confirmed by anyone, just a theory. Admittedly a good one, but not confirmed.

  • Hagaren

    I hope he has another form and not just the shiny new aura from the poster.

    • Masashi Hideaki

      there were 1 interview where akira toriyama says

      “Allow me to show you my further transformation”

      and then there were a trailer that described it as

      “Allow me to show you my further Evolution”

      Bulbasaur confirmed XD

      • Saratje

        I think he’s more likely to evolve into a Mewtwo in that case. xD

        • Masashi Hideaki

          b-b–b-but D::: bulbasaur is cute t_t XD

          • Saratje

            And Frieza is all except cute, well maybe in a freaky way. 😛 And looks like Mewtwo. 😉

    • British_Otaku

      Silly Hagaren, all future forms in Dragon Ball will just add aura.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Frieza after 4 months to train become a fridge

    • Xicor

      all goku got was training to have banana hair XD

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        Because he’s a monkey

  • Guest

    4 months?… That’s retarded.

  • Ryūjin

    4 months of training to beat Goku eh? How is he going to train, and who would he even train with?

    • Vegeta trains alone. That isn’t the optimal time for Saiyans to train, but it could be different for Frieza, who we can assume has had little to no training ever.

  • DeathPointZ

    Well This should be very interesting.

  • micheal johnson

    For those of you who are interested there’s a new one piece game in the iTunes app store called “one piece treasure cruise”.

    • lewis beechey

      Sounds cool. Whats it play like and hows the story

      • Xicor

        its free to play but there is some items you can buy

        • lewis beechey

          Sweet I’ll check it out.

    • Xicor

      yeah i found out about it a little ago and downloaded it

  • Xicor

    where can we read the first chapter

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nowhere for now unless someone leaks it. We don’t leak manga.

      • Xicor

        hmm do you think they’ll start showing a little more of the movie besides the manga since it will be in theaters in like 2 months

    • Guest


  • TheGameTagerZ

    Please don’t post ANY official manga raws in the comments please. Thanks.

    • Dontay Franklin


  • Guardian Byakko

    I’d love to read the 3 manga chapters when they get translated on a website. By the way who said “Majin Buu and Beerus should not be able to get in his way”? Also how can Freeza surpass the power of Gods in 4 months especially considering he was weakened from imprisonment in Hell after his death? Sooooo many questions so little time, and I hope more news about the movie gets released before it hits the Theatres in Japan.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I will have to double check with Jack but I assume that line was talking about that even though Goku fought Fat Buu and Beerus they wont get in his way of defeating Goku.

      Again I’d have to get back to you when he wakes up.

      • MyCaruba

        I don’t think it was Baba but papa, common mistranslation error. “Papa told me never to lay a hand on only two people: God of Destruction Beerus, and Majin Buu.”

        that quote is from freeza himself in the manga. Link to the synopsis is


        • TheGameTagerZ

          Hey thanks for that

          Why don’t people just post the link straight up….it’s annoying when people put the periods and () in between.

          • MyCaruba

            I didn’t know if you guys allowed link posting is why, had I known I have done it normally.

    • TimePatroller

      Seeing as how it’s been said that Frieza has never trained a day in his life and still had a huge power level at the time, it would be crazy if he started training.

      • British_Otaku

        That isn’t how training works… >_>
        You don’t suddenly have the potential to grow really really strong in months just because you were strong without starting. Think of Goten and Trunks who may have not had much to fight, but they grew strong fast as Super Saiyans or Gohan who was stronger than Goku and Piccolo as a child without training.

        Gohan is a curious case as he is half asspull (because half saiyan, he is super strong + anger = power boost) but he never really caught up and surpassed the others by far till he had multiple potential unlocks and actually trained for a year separate from the world.

        • TimePatroller

          You can’t say that training works a certain way for everybody , then you would also say that power levels work the same way which is not true seeing as how Frieza’s race is apperantely born with Huge power levels which Goku wasn’t able to achieve in his base form after more than 20 years of training.

          If you look at few power level lists Goku, to this day, still isn’t as strong or maybe a little stronger in his base form than Frieza in his Full Power form.
          That says something, but It’s your oppinion.

          • British_Otaku

            Obviously some races have some innate strength over others like how Saiyans are bound to be stronger than humans due to their biology, 10x greater gravity and lifestyle in general. Or an ant being quite weak in comparison to a human to put it another way.

            I’m simply saying that it would be some of the most abysmal writing to grace a major Shonen story if he wrote “Oh, Frieza can get strong in like four months AND was best friends with this god of destruction” 20 years after the climax of Frieza’s appearance in the manga.

            Power levels are rough and inconsistent figures through out the series and the only ones which can even be roughly trusted at the ones in the manga (yes, even the Japanese anime messes with numbers on occasion). You presumably have no supporting source for Frieza being anywhere close to Goku in any form…

            Do I have one for Goku being much stronger in base form by a large degree? Not a strong one off the top of my head, but it is much easier to believe that Goku grew significantly stronger over decades… Well to me anyway… I suppose it is opinion, but reason over guesswork is how I roll.

    • Just got back from work.
      Basically Frieza told `the old lady` or `Baba` to make sure Majin Buu and Beerus do not fight Goku (because Frieza wants Goku).

  • Dontay Franklin

    i found 3 more leaked pages, i want to upload them but out of respect for shonengamez, i won’t.

  • Jose Colella

    Sheng Long cant resurrect a person after a year.

    • King Ezek

      they never really brought his soul back he just wished for his body and revived him in a chamber so shenron didnt really have a part in bringing him back to life

    • Danbito

      Thats only for a group of people, Sheng Long has no limit on how long the person has died. The person only must not have been revived with the specific set of Dragonballs, and not have died of natural causes (death, illness etc.) Freeza makes both those requirements.

  • DI

    I wanna know how the hell is beerus awake and training goku if by the time frieza arrives it would only be like a year and a half after bog? also how is it possible that the pieces of friezas body are still around after so many years? looks like age is harming toriyama

    • FrenzyBurn

      beerus could be awoken by whis anytime, or he’s getting a mid 3 year sleep snack. also freiza’s body was in hell, but was summoned by the henchmen

      • DI

        wtf? a snack? lol but yeah he can be awoken by whis but what would be the excuse? goku came to train so you gotta wake up cause he wanna train with you?

        • GamePlayFAIL

          Why does it have to be Lord Beerus, why not Whis, why not Lord Zoidberg?

          • DI


    • x-YGalaxyGod-Jay

      ik what you mean like in the show after Trunks had sliced frieza into pieces he blasted him so how would shenron be able to grant that wish when frieza was nothing but dust at the point

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    well this explains how pilaf got only one wish so hopefully GL will shut up a tiny bit now

  • Guest

    4 months? LOL ASSPULLS

  • captain!

    This is getting spicy.

  • Guest


  • RedDragon10

    The heck? Frieza watched Goku kill Buu in HFIL. He should know that

    • J551 fbfdghdhfgg

      hell was not cannon in the original series, the hell scenes were written by someone else and put in the show for filler to make them longer

    • Pokemon Lover94

      Filler so not canon.

  • Manu SaiyanZ

    4 months? It better not be traditional training alone. I don’t Toriyama is that incompetent to make it JUST training, there’s got to be some other plot point, like using an item of some sorts.

    • dbz fan

      well look at goku 3 days in 100 times gravity and he was able to defeat the ginyu force

      • Manu SaiyanZ

        I know, thats why I said “traditional” training. I’m fine with the powerup as long as it makes sense, the series has always had massive increases in strength for a character as soon as Goku drank the water in Karin’s gourd in the King Piccolo arc. Unfortunately for us, the training is never shown in the movie according to spoilers.

  • Raymond Howard

    Teen Gohan? Shouldn’t gohan be in his 20s by this point.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nice catch sorry about that it’s adult gohan.

  • Monkey D Luffy


  • Saratje

    If this is the actual story, training in 4 months, I can’t help but say that it sounds like an articulate fanfic. On another note, I guess he’s now King Frieza, if only by title.

    Also, I think us fans have made a huge mistake following the whole power level system. Toriyama seems to place everyone’s strengths much closer to eachother than any of us do. In his head power levels probably meant nothing more than adding ‘tech talk’ for alien fighters such as the saiyans or Frieza’s men. Like how Star Trek babbles on about how the introverted plasma-manifold couplers are running at over 9000 gigakubers for over 20 galactic parasecs: a mouthful of nothing.

    Toriyama = almost George Lucas in that sense. He has a good feel of how things work out and he’ll change the canon to fit his view, but only now over a decade later.

  • Devin R. Lowe

    I don’t think Frieza training in “just” 4 months to become as strong as Goku is now, is an “ass-pull”.

    Remember that this can still be easy to get away with. Frieza’s an “Arcosian” (whatever the term for his race is), not a Saiyan or human. Maybe it DOES take an Arcosian (especially a unique individual like Frieza) only 4 months to match the kind of training that a Saiyan can do in a full year.
    Who knows what his training chamber will be like? (Assuming he’ll be training in a special place similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber)

    Here’s one thing I want to know…How does Frieza know Baba? Did he get regular visits from that character while he was dead?

    Or is this movie supposed to be the first time they ever encounter each other?


    Freiza should just CHILL

  • gaurdianaq

    must be one hell of a 4 month training session… maybe friezas species have more potential than we realized and they just never bothered to work to reach it? like we don’t know much about them, maybe they can grow stronger really quickly… I mean goku pretty much increased his power by like 50 just between the vegeta saga and the point where he faces off against frieza.

    Maybe friezas training involves like… training in close proximity to the sun (what better place to have high gravity than near a sun)

  • Guest

    Yeah yeah… And after goku is he going for Pikkon?

  • Pedro Fernandes

    You see, problem to say that something is not canon is… that it still exists. The idea of evil will always taint Berserk, as Pikkon vs. all in hell will affect this movie… It would be a much better call to make a final broly/goku fight… But that is just my opinion.

  • logic

    maybe he knows some secret technique which he never really bothered to maser.