One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Scan Reveals Marco The Phoenix As A Playable Character

In 3DS

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  • Buru

    Why can’t they just bring this along with Super Extreme Butoden to US/UK.

    • British_Otaku

      Pretty confident that both will make it worldwide on the basis that every other DBZ or One Piece game has gone worldwide on consoles and this isn’t a hard sell like a Dragon Ball Heroes game (I think it would sell but still) or a post 2011 DS game (see Gigant Battle 2).

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I thought I would never see you here again haha welcome back.

        • British_Otaku

          Haha! I come and go. This time I’ll stick around. 😛
          Just keep the import 3DS coverage up, not everything licensed is of note (not asking for Shin Prince of Tennis – it is a visual novel mostly) but it would be cool.

          Otherwise, thanks for the welcome.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            We got a lot of 3DS stuff to cover thankfully we did menus for Seven Deadly Sins recently.

            As for Prince of Tennis bleh don’t remind me….so upset that it’s another Visual Novel lol.

            We’re planning on getting Kuroko and Assassination Classroom done next.

            • British_Otaku

              Yeah, I noticed the playthrough on the Youtube channel and watched part of it so far. Seems promising enough from the demo to pick up, but I’ll look into watching the show or reading the manga this week first.

              It seems like a lot of work, the playthroughs would be a lot better if they were subtitled. I’m not capable myself yet (wouldn’t mind helping out), but if you had another translator guy or two, an caption set of subtitles placed after the video is done could make sure that no cutscenes are missed. I’m working on something similar for a Drama CD… really hard with my level of skill… and no text to work off… >_>

              Kuroko and AssClass are promising. I’m importing the latter and curious about whether Kuroko’s basketball mechanics are good (Mario Slam Basketball or Inazuma Eleven are good DS sports games) enough to try to the demo when it comes.

              • TheGameTagerZ

                Putting resources into translating story text and things like that especially for games that mostly just talk for 5 minutes before each mission is a lot of work even with free translators. We tried with J-Stars before and only got to the first hour of Ichigo’s Story Arc. It proved to be too much in the end.

                We’ve been focusing on “what you need to get by” translations as of late.

                • British_Otaku

                  Gotcha, given that a lot of visitors are importers and that most of the information isn’t necessary I follow.

                  I still feel like if the narrative is found to be well told in some cases and appear in small enough chunks (2-5 minutes imo), it may be nice as a means to draw more attention to the videos and website especially in cases where the game isn’t expected to be localised (J-Stars surprised us all, 100% confident that Kuroko stands no chance). Perhaps even choosing your battles so that select parts of a game like major cutscenes are subtitled may be good or even article worthy.

                  I found much of J-Stars writing to be dull crossover padding, I don’t think Seven Deadly Sins is a Senran Kagura (not brilliant writing, but fun none the less) but it seems like a waste to skip them completely.

                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    Through experience the whole process was just too much to really dig into the story. We tried that with Dragon Ball Heroes but it took us a long time to translate 30 minutes of text (basically was the DB arc with General Tao). On top of that we typeset it onto the video which is even more annoying than it sounds.

                    Unless we get hit with another Jump crossover I doubt we’ll be digging into the story modes of these games again. Also go to take into account these translators do all this stuff for free so I can’t really push so much for free work.

                    Some of the J-Stars dialogue wasn’t bad imo. Although I prefer a lot of the crossover chats seen in Jump Ultimate Star’s Koma deck maker.

                    • British_Otaku

                      Sounds rough, I’ll peek at the Dragon Ball Heroes stuff later on… I was suggesting something more lazy (add in subs later through Youtube’s annotations), but if you folks are headstrong about using that method. It would be a serious chore.

                      On another J crossover title, I would have thought that J Stars getting localised would discourage you from making an effort (perhaps the next one may even release the same year worldwide), but that early market of viewers are huge and I would like to see that content myself.

                      On the dialogue, I didn’t so much mean the in battle dialogue but the actual story mode stuff. Bandai Namco seem to have a knack for hiring good writers for scenarios and dialogue in games (Gundam Vs Gundam is a strong contestant), Ultimate Stars didn’t have them involved but it may just be strong writers all around who don’t want licensed games to feel hollow.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      We didn’t upload the first part…sadly my computer crashed while working on it and my save wont even load on Vegas anymore lol so I gave up on that.

                      Localization for crossovers take forever. Gives us time to get fun things like intros, special quotes and so on.

      • Kiera

        You mean every One Piece Game since 3 Years, since their are a lot of Games that didn’t make it and I have to import to get them for my Collection^^

        • British_Otaku

          Counting since 2007:
          Unlimited Adventure.
          Unlimited Cruise 1 + 2.
          Unlimited Cruise SP (1 + 2).
          Unlimited World Red.
          Gigant Battle.
          Romance Dawn (didn’t get PSP, got 3DS instead).
          Pirate Warriors 1-3.

          Sure, you may need to import some of them but all of them were released in at least one English speaking region even if they were stocked poorly. The West collectively definitely missed Gear Spirit (sort of bad, but that isn’t an excuse) and Gigant Battle 2 (which I explained), but otherwise got every single one in decent time for eight years on portables and consoles.

          • Kiera

            Yes have them all, most of the Missin Game are older ones, which one almost alle I collect so far. I think SGBXwill be out in the West 2016. In November 2015 should be a new OP Game for Japan our since Japan gets usualy one in March and one in November.

            • British_Otaku

              Ah! Another crazy importer. 😛
              I’m not the best judge as I started buying One Piece games with Adventure and mostly stuck to Ganbarion (meaning Unlimited and Gigant series), but a lot of the earlier games don’t seem that worthwhile at least if you want to buy the localised games.

              One Piece on the GBA? A genius platformer, not quite at the level of Dragon Ball Advance Adventure or Astro Boy Omega Factor, but one of the GBA’s best games in my book.

              Fighting for One Piece looks awful (same with Gear Spirit). The Grand Battles, I’m tempted to get Grand Battle 3, but the localised games have too much 4Kids for my liking.

              You are on point about the pattern of One Piece game releases off the top of my head.

              • TheGameTagerZ

                Grand Battle Rush and Grand Battle 3 are both great. GB3 has a better story and Rush has a few characters that aren’t in 3.

                Fighting For One Piece is a terrible game….bleh

                • British_Otaku

                  I see… Lucky that both of the games you mentioned are on the GameCube, I’ll look into grabbing them later in the year probably…

                  Since you seem to be crossover savvy, have you played Battle Stadium D.O.N? I’ve only played it at conventions and it seems pretty bad. >_>

                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    Battle Stadium D.O.N. is terrible to play alone. Fun game for awhile if you have a few friends who are decent at it.

                    At the time I had it, I had Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee so it was hard to go back to that game. I really kept playing because unlocking characters depended on how good your reflexes on the slot machine were.

                    Unless you found it for dirt cheap don’t bother. Anything over $20 is asking for too much.

                    • British_Otaku

                      Got it. I might not buy it at this rate for another year or so, as you do have a point that the GameCube has better stuff I should be playing instead. Zoids Vs 3 wasn’t amazing, but it had charm and nuance in how it worked (you may have played or seen Zoids Battle Legends – Vs 3 is a sequel).

                      Character unlocks through slot machines? I thought Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4’s tedium for characters was poor and D.O.N made you gamble?

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Never played Zoids I’m aware of the series but mech games really turned me off as a kid.

                      Here’s the slot machine. GNT4 had an okay way of doing it especially if you already knew how to play you just complete the mission ranks.


                    • British_Otaku

                      Well, I’m not highly recommending Zoids anyway (I will highly recommend Gundam Vs in brackets though), mech games like that are cool when they have a strong sense of weight in the movement and encourage the player to conserve ammo. Zoids Battle Assault doesn’t have extensive combos, but between the weapon types, classes of Zoids, environments, radar ranges, dynamic stages and all of the customisation you can do. It actually captures the “Tenkaichi” feel of stage navigation (awfully specific praise yeah) better than the seventh generation of DBZ games. I’d probably play it more than a lot of other third person shooters as well.

                      I guess GNT4 was okay, but Melee was a near launch title for the GameCube and let the player have multiple options to unlock character so we could minimise time, avoid repeating the same task (GNT4 makes us play generally the same missions with each character) and even get rewarded for playing multiplayer with friends or watching Level 9 Ness kill himself:

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      The only Gundam game I played was a Gundam Vs. title on the PSP I put so many hours into it and I don’t know a lick about the series. Only reason why I haven’t got the PS3 version is because there’s so much DLC and other editions that as a newcomer I’m very lost and I’d like a complete product personally.

                      Definitely Smash was a lot less frustrating to unlock characters.

                    • British_Otaku

                      Any of the Gundam Vs games are great and competitively tuned (despite not looking anything like Street Fighter and friends), I must say that my brother and I also jumped on a load of them without seeing much Gundam (I’m a worse case, while he probably saw a few Gundam series in the last five years).

                      On the DLC for Extreme Vs, while I’m usually very on edge about content being held back, the PS3 games are infrequent installments which contain all of the prior content as I understand it with addition polish. Checking the dates again.

                      Arcade: September 28, 2010
                      PlayStation 3: December 1, 2011

                      Full Boost (Arcade): April 5, 2012
                      Full Boost (Playstation 3): January 30, 2014

                      Maxi Boost (Arcade): March 6, 2014

                      Yep, a year gap between arcade and console at least and a two year gap between console installments. It feels a lot less egegirious when the game itself has a lot of value in it and isn’t asking for both a full price purchase yearly AND payments for DLC which may be on the disc (though Full Boost PS3 had an online pass and sound edition which is even arguably worse).

                      At this rate, you can choose to wait for Maxi Boost on a console (I feel like the PS3 and PS4 will share it if it comes in the next year) or pick up an earlier installment though Full Boost has hoops to access music (even non-licensed music) and Extreme Vs. Vanilla doesn’t quite hit the high notes of the best Gundam Vs on PSP in content or speed as I understand (it isn’t a comparable drop to DBZ games or anything, don’t worry).

              • Kiera

                Yes love to import. Have the One Piece GBA Game in Foil 2x. Have to play it sometimes, it was only released in the States so far I know. I don’t play all the Imports, I just collect them and maybe play them later.

  • Dmankey

    Thats weird… could of sworn he was playable since most of the moves in this game is copy/paste from gigant battle1/2 (not a bad thing or anything) argh I just wish this was just like the ole ds days without region lock, would of been had this buet with some friends

  • Kiera

    Good News, beat the Game last Week and have a lot left to unlock. Is this a Special 3DS Faceplate?

  • Aydan

    Do you guys know how to unlock Sugar and Pica as support characters?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Haven’t played in months. You may need to upgrade the store to buy those two or complete certain quests that you haven’t completed.

      • Aydan

        I’ve upgraded the store all the way. I can’t however seem to find certain quest paths that I haven’t taken. Is there a guide for this somewhere? Thanks