One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Will Not Have Any Movie Characters, Share Play Feature Added and More


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  • poopstorm

    Kinda bummed. Shiki playable and a Strong World stage would have been great. But I’d take a canon arc over it all day.

    • Buru

      Strong world is canon

      • Primordial Dragon

        Shiki is canon,the story is not.

        • Buru

          The story is canon.
          It takes place after Thriller Bark

          • mewmew34

            The events of Strong World are not canon. While they can fit into the storyline, that doesn’t make them canon. None of the movies are canon to the storyline. Shiki does have a brief appearance in the canon storyline, but that’s it. Strong World itself isn’t an official part of the One Piece story, just some fun filler stuff.

            • Buru

              Go do research. It is canon.

              • mewmew34

                I have done research. That research being “Oda said it’s not canon, therefore it is not canon.” You wanting it to be canon doesn’t make it so.

                • Buru

                  You clearly didn’t do research. Oda never stated that it’s non canon. But it is not tho, just found out.

          • Primordial Dragon

            It was suppose to be canon.But he did not add it to the manga since it would have dragged to long.Plus if it was after TB than Zoro should have been tired and still injured considering that he was not fully healed even in Sabaody

            The only thing canon about that movie is Episode 0 which was the backstory.Going with what you said One Piece Z is also canon.

            • Buru

              Oda said it was canon & there is a separate volume for it.
              Even in Sabaody, yes, he was still injured but that didn’t stop him from going on a walk, douching bullets & fighting a Pacifista.

              Film Z is not canon because Oda stated himself that it was not canon.

              • Primordial Dragon

                Are you forgetting that Zoro was still injured in Sabaody and the fact that during his fight against the Pacifista he collapsed and was not at full power,heck considering that Strong World is suppose to be in between Thriller Bark and Sabaody,Zoro should have been in a much worse state than he was in Sabaody.

                So are you telling me that fighting a Pacifista for a while is a lot more taxing than getting rolfstomped and beaten up by Shiki(in their first fight) and fighting Shiki’s second strongest fighter,and fighting a lot of random pirates and monsters?Because I highly doubt that considering was the third strongest pirate in Roger’s time.

                Also where was the armband that Luffy wore since Thriller Bark until Impel Down?It was not there at all.

                Also show me proof that Oda said it was canon.The only thing that got the volume was Chapter/Episode 0 which is the only thing that is canon and that wasn’t even in the movie,that was just an extra episode.The movie never got it’s own volume and is not canon.

                How about you do research instead of telling others to do so considering One Piece Wiki, every One Piece forums and other source I have seen has said exactly what I’ve said.If you don’t believe me,how about you go and check a forum yourself and find out.

                • Buru

                  Firsty, Zoro was fine and by fine I mean he was moving, after they had just left Thriller Bark so your point is invalid.
                  Secondly, It doesn’t say anything on the wiki about it being canon or not.
                  Well, you can believe what you want. I believe it is canon since it doesn’t contradict the storyline.

                  • Buru

                    From the One Piece Wiki you said I should it.
                    SBS Volume 55:
                    D: Odacchi! CONGRATULATIONS! They’re doing another One Piece movie. But this time, it’s your script, right? I’m really looking forward to it!! …and, when I was watching the movie trailer on my computer I heard the word “Kinjishi” come up – but isn’t that the flying pirate who broke out of jail 20 years ago that Sengoku mentioned in chapter 530!? There has to be some connection, right!?

                    O: Yes. “Kinjishi”. Actually, I really wanted to have his name come up in the scene where Shirohige talks to Shanks in volume 45. But I thought at the draft level that I was handing out too much information and CONFUSING the readers, so I took it away – but in my mind, I have determined that he is one of the legendary pirates who played a big part during Roger’s time. Though I didn’t think I’d make a movie about him. In any case, “Kinjishi” escaped from Impel Down, and now that 20 years have passed, he’s finally starting to make a move, and that’s what the movie is about.

                    But like I said you can believe what you want. I believe it is canon.

                    • Primordial Dragon

                      So how does that show that the movie is canon?Volume Zero and Shiki is canon.The events that happened in Strong World is not canon.

                      Again look in the wiki and look at Shiki’s history and they will say which is canon and which is non-canon.

                    • Buru

                      Wow, It is on the his wiki page. Who knew..

                  • Primordial Dragon

                    What?Just because he can move around doesn’t mean he was fine.In Sabaody during the Pacifista fight he collapsed because of the effects.Heck Sanji said that his injuries from the Kuma fight was still not healed.But for some reason he could get beaten up really badly by Shiki,fight tons of pirates and monsters,defeat Indigo(SHiki’s strongest pirate) all in 1 day without feeling the injury.

                    Go look at every character history of those who were involved in the movie and you can see them say that the events are non-canon.Go look in any forums and most of them will say that the events are non-canon.

                    It doesn’t contradict the storyline?Zoro’s injury and the fact that Luffy defeated one of the most legendary pirates in the world(third strongest in his prime) the same pirate who used to destroyed half of Marineford during his fight with Garp and Sengoku was never ever mentioned by anybody .And even though he was old(which doesn’t matter considering how strong WB,Rayleigh,Garp and Sengoku) isn’t it weird how Luffy lost against enemies that were a lot weaker than him in Sabaody,Impel Down and Marineford?

                    • Buru

                      Whoa, looks like you’re right.

  • Neferpitou :3

    Was kind of expecting no movie characters, although i was hoping that i’m wrong.Also i don’t really care about share-plays/multiplayer since i always play only single-player, but i’m sure that people who do are excited! ^_^

    • chris

      I think its a good way to attract people who are iffy about getting the game one of my friends are among that list who loves one piece but wanted to try it so I will do co-op share play with him

      • Neferpitou :3

        Not saying it’s a bad way~ it’s just that i don’t really have friends who are into anime (let alone One Piece) and have PS4 like me, so that’s why i don’t really care about it.Hopefully your friend will like it and buy after he tries it on share-play >D

  • Whatchadointherebro

    “I keep wanting to put more into the PS3/PS Vita versions.” What does that even means??

    • Bdock3601

      That they can’t handle as much as the ps4 and he wishes he could add more I think

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Most likely a way of saying trying to work hard on the PS3 and Vita so there isn’t a gigantic gap from the PS4 version.

      • Gogo

        I think so too.

  • Kiera

    Intressting Interview, thanks for this. Too bad no Z or Shiki like in Super Grand Battle X 🙁

  • Bdock3601

    So what about byrnndi world? Not necessarily a movie character, ridiculous optimism hooo

    • British_Otaku

      Guessing that if the most significant movie characters don’t make it. Characters from OVAs, TV specials and filler stand next to no chance.

      I haven’t watched that special in particular, but I heard it was a good one.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I don’t care about movie characters

  • British_Otaku

    Really? So Gigant Battle 1, 2 and Super Grand Battle X are the only games bothered to even dip into Strong World and Film Z? I guess we can expect a better first appearance from Shiki and Z in Pirate Warriors 4 or 5, but I was really expecting the highest marketed films to get represented years after they first showed up on screens.

  • jenny

    the share play doesnt work, does someone know why or how it can be fixed?