Whis Takes On Both Goku & Vegeta In The Next Chapter of Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”

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  • Gamejtv

    So Goku and Vegeta are learning from whis not beerus. In hendsight that makes a lot of since

    • Guardian Byakko

      That does makes a lot of sense. Beerus wants a rematch against Goku/Vegeta, and Beerus gives me the vibe of losing his cool if he were to try training someone. I already figured Whis was going to train them soon when I saw BoG ending.

      • Trightfuls!

        Furthermore, Whis is a Martial Arts Master. Not Beerus. He’s the Destroyer.. So it would only make sense for Whis to teach them… Combine that with the fact that Beerus probably isn’t the type to teach someone nor does it make any sense given it isn’t his job and we already have Whis who’s known for being a martial arts master so yeah

      • SsJNaruto

        It does make since whis is training them because he trained beerus so why would they get trained by beerus who is weeker than whis

        • SSJ-GOD SuperSayin

          thanks you did others even think

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    It’s about to go down in Revival of F.

  • roronoa zoro

    No be should be taking vengeance on trunks and gohan those two killed him before

    • DeathPointZ

      Goku and Trunks were the only ones that defeated Frieza which angered him and now he wants vengeance. Gohan nevered killed Frieza anyway.

      • chris

        GT gohan did (:

        • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

          no he didn’t…… but gohan did in fusion reborn

          • In Akira mind Fusion reborn never existed.

          • chris

            I believe it was after baby took over vegeta and then goten/trunks/gohan had to fight off all the escaped members of Hell and gohan basically destroyed frieza in seconds

        • DeathPointZ

          Sadly GT is non-cannon. So it never happened.

          • Jordan Maurice

            that was in fusion reborn-_-

            • DeathPointZ

              “I believe it was after baby took over vegeta and then goten/trunks/gohan had to fight off all the escaped members of Hell and gohan basically destroyed frieza in seconds”
              That doesn’t sound like fusion reborn. -_-

          • chris

            If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise XD

            • DeathPointZ

              The world may never know.

      • roronoa zoro

        Gohan did kill him when he was brought back before gohan hit him so hard his body disentagrated

        • Tmoney

          Wasn’t canon

        • DeathPointZ

          Your talking about the Fusion reborn movie right? Yes that did happen in the movie, but the movie was non-cannon, which means it never happened.

          • Jordan Maurice

            toriyama cares alot less about what is considered caon than alot of the fans

    • Chad

      That was only in Fusion Reborn, which wasn’t cannon in the first place.

  • AzIz

    Ok this already got my interes

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    They better not make any errors, like: Krillin/Yamcha being unable/having hard time with 1 of he Frieza’s soldiers (the strongest of them are Zarbon-level). Sure, they are weak compared to current fighters, but they should be able to murder such a weaklings from Frieza Saga after all those years of training.

    • Danbito

      But at this point, they haven’t really trained in years, but still, these soldiers shouldn’t prove to be THAT big a challenge. Especially if Master Roshi is powering up for the fight.

      • Erik Espedal

        Well, if you take that android 18 and Krillin train constantly in the end of z which is soon, (referring to the original ending) 18 was way stronger than freiza for miles and miles. Krillin was about the same level, and well yamcha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • British_Otaku

      If Frieza can catch up with Goku and friends, I’m sure we can expect Buu, Gohan and Gotenks to get solo’d by Frieza’s men. The story has always been loose around power levels and Battle of Gods cared even less.

      • venz

        Cared even less?? Battle of gods was the first thing to mention power levels since the frieza saga. It seems like theyre going to make a big deal about them again, probably because its what the fans wanted, like many other things in these movies.

        • British_Otaku

          Less is more in my book. The numbers were a nice basic frame of reference but fell apart when you thought about how quickly some characters got stronger and how others didn’t die or take notable damage from hits.

          Anyway, what I meant to say was that power scaling (how people compare to each other) was an issue. Battle of Gods had Goku at SSJ3 get beaten in seconds by Bills and Vegeta put up the most convincing fight in the movie. An unborn baby quarter Saiyan was a notable part of Super Saiyan God as well.

          It was more less filled with people being arbitrarily relevant or not with Gotenks being another highlight.

  • RedDragon10

    Looking forward to reading more of the plot. I still see no way how that Frieza can train for a couple of months and suddenly be so strong unless his clan has some sort of bottomless potential.

    • Tyler Anderson

      Seems they do considering the fact tht freeza was born in his final form and never trained a day in his life and is naturally better than goku. I can easily believe he’d be able to get to his level in a few months of non stop training

  • Masashi Hideaki


    i wonder hmmm since in the Fukkatsu No F trailer

    then freeza had 2 different ki

    one “which looked like his reqular ki”

    two “it looked indentical to goku’s godly ki”

    another question arises if so – how did freeza achieve the godly ki ?

    as far as we know Beerus/whis/ goku got “godly Ki” in BoG

    Saiyans can do it by ritual

    Beerus/whis ?? are they born with it ??

    Freeza – its a more tricky one – first of all he is a Mutation life form

    basically freeza have “abnormal ki/power”

    but how is it possible to get Godly ki just by abnormal ki/power ?

    or is that a self explanationary thing ? that “abnormal power = hax” ?

    is it even possible to train normal ki and obtain godly ki ?

    as far as i see it it seems to be impossible for the humans and even namekians

    but the question remains – can you obtain it by training your ki ?

    or do you wish for it ? hmm

    find out in the next Masashi-pisode

  • Devon

    I tinge goku will be in his God form and he will tune super sayan do vegrta turn in to a god and bet Frieda and go back to hell


    it’s look like the draw style of the guy that made dragon ball af

    • Dontay Franklin

      it is him

  • CiofiPlay

    Cool,can’t wait.Nice that Whis is training them.This is the best opportunity to give Vegeta and Goku some new techniques.I always like when that happens and it’s tme already for some new stuff!!!

  • lane

    i knew he would be traind bye whis and I called how he is resurrected that must mean that he gets a 5th trains formation also because I called it to

  • SSJ-GOD SuperSayin

    or commoc since whis is just plain stronger than bills

  • Aiyush

    Whis is a beast! That’s why Akira’s last interview put him at 15 while he put Beerus at 12 in terms of power scale. I wonder if Revival of F occurs after Goku fights Demigra. Demigra was also a God, so he possessed Godly ki. Frieza with four months of training, I doubt has reached the level of Buu, but he says he’s a genius. Whis is teaching Goku and Vegeta how to fight without turning SSJ. This is where the movie actually makes sense because Goku and Vegeta are not “allowed” to turn into SSJ by Whis. Hence, the power gap between Frieza and Goku makes sense. If Goku has to fight Frieza and beat him without turning SSJ.

    • Jake

      Demigra was created purely for Xenoverse. Not canon in anyway

      • Aiyush

        That might be true, but Beerus and Whis did make an appearance in Xenoverse and acknowledged Demigra’s existence.

        • TheDudeSSJ

          so? Goku acknowledged Cooler, Broly, Turles, Lord Slug, Janemba, Super Android 13, and Bojack; it doesnt automatically make them canon. The only reason BoG is canon is because Akira helped produce it, and specifically said that these series of movies takes place before the final episode of Z. The only things considered canon are the Manga/Kai, and the BoG movie, that is until Akira makes the final installments of these movies.

          • Aiyush

            I didn’t say it was canon.

  • Aiden Warren

    in May? daaaaaaaaaaamn

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not literally in May. Their magazines tend to go months ahead for whatever reason.

  • jannissary

    cooler said that “unlike his brother he has found another transformation.” we can assume that freezer kind can find their transformations. also as elder kai says that there are diffarent methots to optain power like turning into ssj or ultimate gohans power ups. fusing with others or wearing ear rings. we can all assume that whis will be teaching them how to fight plus new way to octain god like power

  • BlackGirlGamer123

    Whis is really REALLY strong. And not by REALLY strong, I meant Super DUPER strong >_<