What Is Naruto Naiteki Kensei R2 and Why We’re Excited About It

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  • DI

    nice I hope they arent lazy and greedy like cc2 so we can get a good game when they finish

    • TheGameTagerZ


      Don’t expect a lot of characters it’s a super small team so it will definitely be less than 10 plus it’s a free fan game.

      • micheal johnson

        it wouldn’t matter if they had was naruto an sasuke this is impressive regardless, and the combat seems to have a lot of detail. for a free fan game this is on a whole other level.

      • DI

        The number of characters and the price dont make a good game just look at the first guilty gear games and some free 2 play

        • TheGameTagerZ

          I’m a little lost. So that we’re both clear you understand this is just a fan game right? Made by regular everyday people?

          • DI

            So? It doesnt mean they couldnt make a better game than a lazy and greedy company

            • SV

              Umm, actually it kinda does mean that. 😛
              I’m not getting paid for this, I have a full time job, and 3 kids. (okay that last one is a lie)…

              Besides, CC2 is my inspiration for visuals.
              Gameplay wise I can assure you it’s nothing like UNS.
              As long as you don’t care much for roster quantity (which is the biggest challenge when trying to maintain quality), we’ll be just fine and you’ll be glad to take whatever I can give you. For free. ^_^

              • TheGameTagerZ

                Welcome to ShonenGameZ SV.

              • DI

                it doesnt, the fact that you dont have as much time as they do doesnt mean you could make a better game in a couple of years than the one they make every year also not having a uns like gameplay is a good thing cause who likes to mash o everytime you wanna hit your opponent? also as I said roster doesnt mean anything if the gameplay isnt good Id rather play a good game with 3 characters than a shity one with 20

                • Ultimate Ninja Storm has the best gameplay. It has the perfect gameplay engine that many Naruto video games fail to deliver

                  • DI

                    “has the best gameplay”…

                    • You’re damn right it has the best gameplay. The Ultimate Ninja Storm series is gameplay perfection.
                      No other Naruto game can match it.
                      The original Ultimate Ninja series comes close, but everything else? Nope

                    • DI

                      my God he doesnt even get the sarcasm now I can see why you like these games so much

                    • There is no sarcasm on the internet.
                      Everything I say is serious and you’d better remember that

                    • DI

                      I know you are slow you dont have to repeat it and was that a treath? cause if it was damn youre younger than I thought

                    • I’m 21

                    • DI

                      Cool story kid

                    • I’m not a kid. I am 21 years old

                      Just ask me

                    • DI

                      and Im hulk just ask me

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Can you two stop please?

                    • Fine, don’t believe me.
                      I never lie about my age, just saying.

                    • DI

                      I dont either about my powers

            • Branks

              Which means it won’t release. Don’t expect it to… It’ll be years from now and irrelevant.

              • TheGameTagerZ


                • Branks


              • DI

                dont expect it? if we were talking about other company I would give you the point but come on we are talking about the same company that has been making almost the same game every year since 2008 with minor changes

                • They don’t make the same game every year. They make different games with the same engine.
                  By your logic, every Super Smash Bros game is the same game. Every Street Fighter is the same, every Soul Calibur is the same, every Tekken is the same, every Dragon Ball Z: Budokai/Tenkaichi is the same, every Pokemon game is the same

                  Just because a game uses the same engine with a few improvements doesn’t mean it’s the same game every year..

                  • DI

                    fanboy rage in all its glory xD keep wasting your money

                    • There is no wasted money.
                      All of my money is well-spent.
                      And fanboy? Supporting a game series doesn’t make you a fanboy. It makes you a FAN.
                      There’s a difference

                    • DI

                      “Supporting a game series doesn’t make you a fanboy” youre right but youre not supporting it youre being a blind d rider like the 50 shades of grey girl

                    • No, I’m supporting the game series. Don’t know where you’re getting your ideas from

                    • DI

                      ok d rider youre “supporting it”

                    • Of course I’m supporting the game. That’s what fans do.
                      D rider? Is that some kind of slang the kids at school taught you?

                    • DI

                      No thats what I see youre doing besides sucking it dry

                    • Guest

                      I have no idea what you’re talking about, kid

                    • Now, you’re simply being rude.
                      I’ve been nothing but calm and polite in my arguments and here you are calling people dick riders.
                      If anyone is the kid, it’s you. Only an immature teenager would go around berating people with nonsensical insults.
                      You just enjoy your Call of Duty or whatever it is teenagers play nowadays.

                    • DI

                      xD now he is playing the victim OMG how cute is that?

                    • Whatever floats your boat, kid

                    • DI

                      now he is repeating the things I say like the babies awww

    • Ahtma

      I’ve always enjoyed how irrationally salty you are towards game devs.

      • DI

        “Irrationally”, lazy and greedy game devs*

        • Ahtma

          Tell me how they’re greedy and lazy.

          • DI

            if you need somebody to tell you that is cause a) you have never played a single one of their games, b) youre blind, c) youre a fanboy

            • guest

              just in case all 3 don’t apply, an answer would be nice.

              • DI

                In case all 3 dont apply it means the person is on negation

    • Cc2 always delivers great games. They haven’t released a single disappointment yet

      • DI

        said no normal person ever

  • micheal johnson

    man i’ve never seen a fan game that good looking.

    • Bleedz


      • Joshua Shaw

        Fan game in general? Or Naruto fangame?

        If you mean fan-game in general, go look at Sonic Souls. Looks better than any Sonic game out right now.

    • Pil1010

      Try taking a look at Earths Special Forces.

      • micheal johnson

        Thank you, I have and although it looks ok it doesn’t look or play like dbz to me (it’s on par with budokai 1). Where this game looks and (despite some minor moving issues) seems to play more like naruto.

        • Pil1010

          I’ll agree with you on that. Although ESF is being rebuilt from the ground up, it will be an entirely different game. And the aesthetics of the newest version are simply amazing. At the very least I am really looking forward to it, and I hope R2 ends up being better than it’s last iteration. (I didn’t get much of a chance at actual play with R1)

  • ℬaℛa-kun

    Looks sweet

  • Mr. Dude

    Looks interesting, me being the big Naruto fan I am, Im gonna give it a shot whenever its available ^_^

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    I always wanted to get a chance to play this game but the half-life engine didn’t work for me. It’s good to see that they are making another one.

  • Juan Ray González

    finally! I told you guys about this a while ago! PS If anyone wants to play NNK R1 online hmu!

  • rocksauron

    Oh hey, was thinking of telling you that updated but didn’t. Good you found out anyway.

    It makes me wish there was a full blown game like this though… As good as they can make it, it wouldn’t compare to what a budget could do. Still looks beautiful though

  • Bdock3601

    1st game looks pretty unpolished and sketchy, let’s hope they pull off a better experience

    • Ahtma

      I think that was mostly issues with GoldSrc, Half-Life 1’s engine. Now that they’ve switched to Unity they have more things they can do with the engine.

  • tylerc23

    Anyone remember the Quake 3 Dragon Ball Z mod: Bid for Power? God I loved that. Look it up, it was so awesome

  • Guest

    Earth’s Special Forces

  • Eric Cham

    this looks amazing

  • PurexedSolify ;

    This looks pretty good wow.

  • I remember playing the first one… and it always crashed lol. I haven’t been following closely for the longest but this looks really good. They came a looooong way from the first release.

  • Gary

    how do i get this game?

  • Gary

    how do i download this game please answer

  • Akirascreaming

    I would buy this game

  • Speaking of fan games, has anyone see that Jak II fan game that uses the Far Cry engine?
    Holy crap, that thing looks better than Uncharted 4

  • 3ace

    Name: Nnk Bm2 Game HAMACHI
    Password: 123
    Max Players: 5