Review: Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Enter the Xenoverse!

  • Andreas Aigalew

    Alright then. The local multiplayer or rather lack of it really annoys me but then again, the rest of the game is ok. I think i’ll get it when the price drops. Just a little. It’s not like I can’t buy it or anything, I just feel like it isn’t worth a full price…

    • Enturax/Turbotrup

      Almost no game is worth the full price.

  • micheal johnson

    i Agree on the local multiplayer and the voices, they simply lack passion

    • Ssnova Trenary

      Please help me?!! How do i get in a multi lobby with my friends or add them as my favorites?

  • The Unknown ME

    If it wasn’t for the lack of maps in the local offlline multiplayer this game will be even greater.. But I think that the developers had their own issues in this subject. But what about the overall local multiplayer, is it great with the camera angles and the way it fights for two ppl??
    A very nice review guys! (Y)

    • Overall the camera is the best camera i’ve seen in a DBZ game in a long time. This isn’t a Raging Blast Situation, you should be fine camera wise.

      • The Unknown ME

        Glad to know. So how about the overall offline local multiplayer gameplay, is it fun fighting local with a friend nearby ??
        (I don’t mind the one map issue)

        • I played against one other friend offline. You don’t get to see the cutscenes for certain attacks, but the game is actually pretty fun locally.

    • Mikeythegamer416

      how do you get on to the local offline multiplayer I can’t find it? please help

      • The Unknown ME

        Just go to the budokai tenkaichi place in the hub and talk to the man standing there. And there you go, an offline local multiplayer with only the budokai stage!

  • DI

    8.5? Youre being too generous I would give it a 6 and Im being generous

    • Buru

      8.5:6, the gap is too much don’t you think? O.o

      • DI

        thats why I said they are being too generous

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The game is good, in our opinion of course. Feel free to disagree with it, but personally we all thought this game would bomb and it didn’t.

  • Eiyuuou

    I deem this a good review.

  • Mr.Uchiaa

    Why the hell is ShonenGamez so underrated? Anyway thanks for the honest review! My PC is Itching for this game!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not enough people tell other people we exist haha.

      • TheAnimeCircle

        You made me feel really bad so I went and posted on every anime website that I know… Feeling better now lol

  • AzIz

    Great review , and i agree with you about the score , only one BIG disappointment is the character roster , especially after all this hype about it , and there is a few things like local VS , transformations .. etc , but overall still great game and i know i’ll enjoy the hell out of it , really hope there is a sequel in the future without these bad things …


    offline multiplayer and no training mode , unlimited time are the major issues for me but it seems like a great game which i will be getting. Thankfully i no longer care about the dub lol

    • sfq

      +1 for the lack of training mode… they suck…

  • Lucian

    aside from the no training mode and some things about local multiplayer, I’m in love.

  • Bdock3601

    Hmmmm, still not sure I’m getting this

    • PurexedSolify ;

      It’s really good.

      I recommend it.

      • Eternity

        Hes Bdock.
        Hes oldschool timer:)
        You wont convince him soo easly just by saying You recommend it:P

        • Buru

          the game got good review scores

  • Lupin III

    Great review. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not but you stated “several different races: Human, Saiyan, Majin, and Frieza Clansmen” and Namekian was left off. Just a heads up.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Thanks for the heads up.

  • reximus

    Does any one know how to play with friends in the hub on Xbox one

  • RedDragon10

    I think this was a solid and fair review. I’m glad you guys didn’t take in the fact that you’re fans of the franchise and give it an overly high score or brush it off as “just another dbz game” and grade unfairingly low

  • gabrielb6969

    I’m just stuck in the lobby how do I play the story mode if nothing is working?

    • guest

      Same here I can’t do anything literally not even offline 🙁

      • Ryan Laid Back

        I talked to everyone I still can’t do quests everything is closed. This is the second day I can’t play this game. It looks fun but no quests no missions no shops are available. How do I get it all unlocked or started

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Have you spoken to everyone with a symbol over their head? You have to walk around the whole plaza and enter through different areas.

        • King Riece

          In order to start the mission you have to run and make a lap around all the portals and talk to everyone at a fast pace not walking then go back to trunks and he’ll have a question mark over his head.

    • SuperVegito

      Have you talked to all of the AI yet? That’s what you were supposed to do I believe

      • gabrielb6969

        It worked! Thank you

  • Dante West

    Is anyone on

  • marcelo

    how do I play online???

    • Supermcawsomevill

      I have been woundering that too even if I go to the online robots

    • Vegeta’s_Black_Brother

      u have to do a few storymode mission and than it will unloclk

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    The only thing I don’t like about the game is that everything is in one setting like local mulitplayer for example. They should had vs mode as it’s own mode instead of it being in story mode. You are force to go through the story and creating a character without just going to vs mode to play with your friends. I know they wanted to make the the world of Toki Toki city similar an MMO but they should of had vs mode as it’s own mode.

  • Bongohpool

    I’m assuming (and hoping) there is the alternative Japanese audio? I’m totally not down with English dubs of anything.

  • micheal johnson

    someone hacked the game and found out how to play as the great apes, demigra (both), mira, imperfect cell, etc. heres the great ape baby video:

  • Mecha Ann

    Great game despite all the flaws it has. The combat system puts this above BT3 for me. Now wishing for it to sell enough to grant a sequel! This is the right formula, and I’d love seeing it expanded with what’s missing from this first entry.

  • Dontay Franklin
  • Lupin III

    One of my favorite bits about the game is the banter characters have while fighting. True the voice acting lacks passion but there is so much in this game. It’s a rare time where quantity trumps quality for me.

  • thomas

    When can I create another character I wanna create more then one i want a says and buu race

    • thomas


  • zachery82

    About the offline multiplayer. Is it any fun or is not worth the time?

  • brad

    How do I play offline multiplayer??

  • Turok

    How do you grab.. >excuse the noobness

  • Kei

    How to get to the online HUB? if there is one that is

    • Vegeta’s_Black_Brother

      onlne mode?

  • FGNJeffsdomain

    just wondering. is there any way to play the original story or is it only the CAC Story?

  • c

    How do i fight a friend offline?

    • RainbowDemon776

      Inv them

  • How do I go on the online hub world?

    • RainbowDemon776

      Multi lobby

  • RainbowDemon776

    I’m missing parallel quests #21,24,26,37,38… I’ve beaten the
    game and beaten the side part of broly and bardock and I beleive there are more quests to do. My last one is 52 but I read something about there being more then 52. Can u plz get help unlocking all so I can get ssj4 goku?

    • RainbowDemon776

      I ment help me unlock them

  • rens

    I mis parallel quest 32 any one know how to get it

  • Rhysmr James Clarke

    Hey iv been playing for a bit now im lvl 55 and all of a sudden i cant play story mode. I havent finished it it just doesn’t let me in the portal. Im playing on xbox one

  • Vasilis Metallinos


  • jan kooiman

    Best Dragon Ball Z game