Bandai Namco Wants Your Feedback On Naruto Storm Revolution’s Accessory Feature


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  • ThatRamenGuy

    So I think it was a good idea to add items like that. But I would like to see more depth to it. Ya know? Like maybe even coloring the clothes, Or having the ability to chose if you even want clothes!

  • Dɍagon’s SínofWɍath Melíodås

    The accessories were alright, but pretty limited with where you could place and what you could place on each character. I don’t care if it is in storm 4 or not. if it is then don’t limit the accessories to objects, let us change the characters’ clothes and the clothes’ color schemes. But if not, focus on things like updating characters that have been the same since storm 2. Too many characters haven’t change much at all, and people want to play as characters other than Naruto and Sasuke, Madara, etc.

  • Andrew Blagburn

    I want it in storm 4, I would just like to be able to put an Anbu mask on Anbu Kakashi. Don’t make it so limited. Otherwise they need to just keep doing what they’re doing!

  • ShinobiMuramasa

    I like the feature and it’s worth keeping in, but I want to see the features expanded upon. For example, being able to customize the color of the characters’ accessories and costumes would be a welcomed addition.

  • Guest

    Who the f*** needs (excuse my language) accessories that don’t do anything for you? I mean, these accessories don’t even make you look good. I would only say keep those accessories if you (CC2/BN) will incorporate “proper” customisable characters in storm 4. Even if you incorporate character custmisation into the game, i don’t think half of the accessories will be needed i.e. axe, dolls (btw why the ***** would ninja need a doll?) etc,,. Anyways, i really want to see character custmisation in Storm 4, please make it happen CC2/BN.

  • Dragonedge2x

    I liked the practical accessories like the ninja weapons. I saw no point in the doll accessories though.

  • Gamejtv

    It was ridiculous and pointless in my opinion. They added nothing to the characters except some things on their body. I even forgot it was there for 90% of my playtime. If it’s in the next game I wouldn’t care and probably won’t use it.

    • chris

      it made it easy to avoid confusion in mirror matches

  • AnonymousNaruto2000

    I liked the feature.
    For improvements, I think you should be able to edit them on the character select screen, rather than in a separate option on the menu (so it’ll be easier to use), and for it to be less limited (DLC costumes can equip stuff too, Kushina can use the 9 Tails, etc). Also add outfits (Akatsuki Cloak, Kage Cloaks, Snow Cloaks, maybe Chunin Vests, Naruto’s Kurama Cloak from the War, etc) and color change options.

    Finally more items that actually appeared in the series (the Dolls were kinda pointless), I mean like weapons & accessories that appeared in the Manga, Anime, Omakes, Films, etc (I mean, who in the series used a butterfly net?).

    • Dɍagon’s SínofWɍath Melíodås

      I think it should stay as a separate option rather than be in character select. How would you have time to do that in character select? Other than that I agree.

  • micheal johnson

    It’s a nice feature and I’d be fine with it coming back, it would be nice if some accessories were more than decorations and were usable to some extent.


    keep it in. i loved it just hated the limitations =)

  • Vincent Roberson

    I wouldn’t care if it came back or not.

  • Rich Homie Kwon

    Take feedback on the gameplay instead -.-

  • Person

    I like the accessory feature because you can be able to make your favorite Naruto character even cooler and good looking!

  • Person

    The improvement that should be in the accessory feature is making the items you get for your character different colors.

  • Remix Koetsu

    It was alright, but felt entirely pointless. Its much more suited to Create a Character mode. They could improve it by adding the kind of customization depth that some of the Tales Of games had, where you can place the item anywhere, and even adjust the size.

  • Bleedz

    Me personally, i don’t care about the accessories.
    IF they would add more stuff, like the Samurai hats which the Akatsuki had as a dlc in storm 3 i would use it.

  • Remix Koetsu

    I’d rather they use their time and resources on something useful. Like extra Jutsu or something.

  • Griffon

    Going all the way to the edit screen and then a few more clicks for each character and each accessory was annoying. Apart from that, I’d urge cc2 to not keep the accessories in storm 4 unless a character can actually use them in battle like swords, axes, weapons etc.

  • Puppetmasterjw

    Make the game tag team, I want to see kankuro use use sasori as a main puppet and not just in awakening mode. Also fix broken characters like Naruto saskue minato Madara ultimate and more. And please get rid of counter!

  • In your opinion was the accessory feature easy to find and use?

    A: Yes, it was easy to find and use. However when selecting the the pallete I’d want I’d always forget that you’d have to click the character twice to fully select that character in the customized items of desire.

    Did you enjoy the feature? If so why?

    A: I enjoyed the feature a lot because you could customize your favourite characters in interesting items. That’d make them stand out more, especially during mirror matches during the online matches.

    Would you like to see this feature in Storm 4?

    A: Yes, I would love to see it return again in Storm 4, this game of course has to go all out with what the developer team can do. So yes, I’d love to see this feature return.

    If this feature were to return what should it improve on?

    A: Don’t make certain items character specific like the Kage hats set on only the Kage’s on their respective villages. Or the Executioners blade on Kakashi, or the Reaper mask on only Minato, Hiruzen and Orochimaru. Everyone should be able to use the items to make them more fun. For example it’d be funny and more creative to see Hashirama have the Kazekage Hat equipped, or Part 1 Sakura have the Executioners blade.

    Make being able to customize RETURNING and NEW DLC costumes possible. The fact that you’re not able to customize lets say ANBU Kakashi or White Robe Fuu with your own items isn’t really fair, at least in my opinion. You should be able to customize everyone no matter the outfit.

    Another thing to improve on would be the customization limitation, it should be improved so that you can put items on more than 3 parts of the body rather than limited. I mean people are happy with putting less stuff on characters to make them seem less cramped, however they can do that if they want, but there are people that want to customize a character more so Storm 4 being on PS4, XONE and PC/STEAM should give us that option.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You’re the only one who formatted it properly lol.

  • Divine Fox

    Well, if you could use the items in the fight it would be cool and not so useless, I would like the decorations in the NS4 if they are going to be usable and not just for simple “decoration”.

  • Женёк Рыбакин

    Useless feature. It’s better to do more costumes.

  • Akura32

    Completely pointless

  • Bdock3601

    It was pretty easy to use i guess. It felt satisfying to be able to customize things like sub items and uj finishes however I rarely used full customization because they tended to look tacky and out of place. I’d prefer the accessories not make a return but a more detailed customize option for feature like subs etc. If you HAD to bring it back I’d like to see more options for body accessories.

  • Juan Ray González

    In your opinion was the accessory feature easy to find and use?
    Did you enjoy the feature? If so why?
    it was alright I guess the only thing I liked was that I could put Zabuza’s sword on kakashi’s back and change the anbu masks for anbu Itachi, anbu Kakashi, anbu Tenzo and Haku
    Would you like to see this feature in Storm 4?
    I don’t care
    If this feature were to return what should it improve on?
    don’t bother making pointless stuff like dolls and add the Kages’ hats (and maybe robes?) instead of making it “full character” like you did in Rev

  • Storm3pro .

    I never used it and found it pointless to be honest. The only time I used it was to make my character look like an idiot. Sasuke Taka outfit with Anbu Mask after hitting UJ. Overall I wouldn’t bring it back. I would rather have them focus more on balancing the mechanics for online battle rather than accessories you can’t even use in game. To be honest I really like the fact they’re bringing in deteriorating clothes and scars on there faces from battles more. It gives you more of an anime type feel to the game. Instead of asking us about what we think about accessories they should be asking what kind of changes to the mechanics we would like to see.

  • jamieer vaughn

    That’s an unnecessary feature, keep it or not the focus needs to be on game machinics and equal character game play in 3 almost everyone could tilt out of blocking giving you another alternative to using they’re subitustion all characters should have this just to even the playing field with higher tier characters also limit the punishment of counter any good player can counter twice and have pretty much the whole match
    That needs to be fixed and also find a way to reincooperate all the classes maybe in a way oof picking a classand being tremendously effective I. That and being less effective in others ….. just a couple thoughts

  • Clone

    I would not mind if it’s in the game but I hope it does not take away the time and effort from the story.

  • Quinn Noble

    i like it but character creation would be cooler and if your add it back let use add stuff to dlc like whats the point of kakashi or itachi anbu be cant give them there mask

  • Julius

    I literally could not care less about the accessory feature. That’s not saying it was bad; I thought it was a creative and fun feature. It was something that didn’t inconvenience players who wanted their characters to stay the same, and was nice for those who wanted a little flare. Please consider focusing on the root of several player’s problems with Revolution, the types. It was an interesting idea, but it really took away from the gameplay and the options the Naruto games gave with each character. The strategy aspect of the battles are undermined when you can’t use all of the characters assets, namely the Ultimate Jutsu and Awakening. It’s not a case of fearing change or liking the old way better, but more of the new way makes players grow bored. With a game that is going to be changing consoles, it would be in your best interest to keep the loyal fans of this series, and not as many will want to buy Storm 4 if we have to play the game with types.

  • I enjoyed the feature but it struck me odd that we couldn’t use the accessories on costumes.

  • Team 7

    In your opinion was the accessory feature easy to find and use?

    No. When I played NUNSR for the first time I really had problems to find this feature because I thought it was only selectable in ‘Story Mode’

    Did you enjoy the feature? If so why?

    No I really did not enjoy this feature because in my view the developers should have paid more attention to it. It just seems unfinished and should really be improved

    Would you like to see this feature in Storm 4?

    Yes I would love to see this feature return in NUNS4 because with all the Armour Destruction that has been introduced it seems to be very interesting

    If this feature were to return what should it improve on?

    It should definitely give us the possibility to create our own character like Create a Soul in Soul Calibur 5.
    Also one thing that should be improved is the possibility to freely place an object on the characters body and last but not least remove those stupid limitations of 3 and let us equip every item to every character 🙂

  • beecks54

    My opinion take yall time and make the last edition of the ninja storm series the best one.

  • Merun

    I think accessories should be unlocked through getting coins, in the same way that characters are unlocked. Character specific accessories would be a great addition to the overall immersion in the game eg. hokage cloak, uchia outfits etc.