Bleach: Brave Souls – New Scan Translation For The Smartphone Adventure


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  • Divine Fox

    Let me guess, Japan only…

  • Dontay Franklin

    i can’t wait for this game! If you guys haven’t played soul carnival 1 or 2, you won’t understand the hype!

  • jack

    Now make a Bleach game for Ps4 with the money you make from this.

  • PurexedSolify ;

    Honestly I don’t understand why you take time out to put a Bleach game on a MOBILE device?

    Who the hell actually wants to play this on their phone?

    They really need to listen to fans and make a game for consoles.

    I feel like they’re trolling us.

    • British_Otaku

      Cheaper to make and a huge audience of potential players. Initial D has a game has a free to play game from SEGA on the 3DS as it is second place in that regard: “In order for a F2P game to succeed, well basically, the device must be spread out in terms of popularity—that’s the condition you must meet,” explains Nagoshi. “In Japan, the most widely used handheld device is definitely the smartphone; but following that, it is definitely the Nintendo 3DS.”


      There are definitely fans that would demand a game on consoles, but judging from how other anime games have sold on consoles when they actually have running anime series or otherwise an upward arc in popularity, I can’t blame them for sticking to crossovers and mobile games.

      It’ll come if another anime season comes, or the Naruto/Dragon Ball/One Piece money dries up.