One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 New Trailer Shows Off Oars Boss Battle and More


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  • Geri Henaj


  • Kiera

    I’m so hyped, Hancock is now confirmed along the Rest of the missing playable from PW 2. Oz Battle is like expected, very cool. Doflamingo looks so imba. And Shanks was teased as playable. Oh why can’t be already Release. So Trailer 6 shows us FMI till Dressrosa.

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    Any idea on when Bandai Namco may give us the 2nd trailer for Storm 4?

  • Random Name

    I feel like a C is missing somewhere in that title.

  • Missed the C in the article title.

    • TheGameTagerZ


  • Lupin III

    First time ever all the known Royal Shichibukai are playable. They are my favorite faction in One Piece. I’m ecstatic.

    • RedDragon10

      I’m gonna call it right now. The last unknown shichibukai is Eneru. A guess but I think he’ll make a return

      • Emmanuel Casseus

        But Eneru doesn’t see smart/menacing enough to be a shichibukai lol

        • RedDragon10

          Does Buggy?

          But either way, Eneru not menacing enough? Dude made everyone believe he was a God and terrorized Skypiea for who knows how long.

          • Emmanuel Casseus

            Yea I made a mistake. I was thinking of a warlord.

          • J Walk

            Oh yes. Eneru gives up the moon, his followers, and the ego that made him think he was a god to be a pirate. Why would they even offer him the position if he hasn’t done anything below Skypiea to warrant getting a bounty? Plus, it wouldn’t be much of a reveal considering Luffy would take him out pretty easily now.

            Also, he didn’t kill anyone.

            • RedDragon10

              Oh don’t act all high and mighty. It was only my opinion. We’ll see. Luffy would take him out pretty easily right now? Who says that luffy has to fight him in the first place? Can luffy take out crocodile easily now with his power boost? We saw him struggle against him in the marine ford arc and I would say eneru is stronger than croc. Who knows what he did to garner a bounty in 2 years. Oda himself stated that if eneru had a bounty it would be upwards to 500 million.

              • J Walk

                High and mighty? What are you talking about? Anyways, don’t use the logic with Croc. It doesn’t work because 1. Luffy’s power isn’t a direct counter for sand while Eneru’s lightning can’t hurt him and 2. The Luffy I’m talking about is after the timeskip… you know, after he learns Haki and being a logia isn’t a reason for him to lose anymore. Also, we didn’t see Luffy struggle against Croc at marineford because they didn’t fight at marineford. Luffy stopped Croc from assassinating Whitebeard, but that was hardly a struggle.

                Again, all I’m asking is why would he give up the moon, go below the sky islands, and become a pirate that works for the World government when his God complex wouldn’t have him taking orders from anyone? Why would he even accept the position when he sees himself as superior?

                • Lupin III

                  Eneru would probably try to replace the World Government if he ever came to the seas. He too egotistical to work underneath anybody. However I could see him being the 7th if he was bored and disappointed from the Fairy Vearth.

                  • British_Otaku

                    Pretty much all of them have something to gain by working for the World Government though.

                    Doflamingo, Crocodile and Hancock are/were significant leaders in kingdoms without any pursuit thanks to the position. Buggy wouldn’t be able to avoid pursuit even with his new followers without the position and so on.

                    Even if he came down, would Eneru have any reason to depend on the position? He would first need context of how the world can pursue him if he doesn’t join and have an interest in the gains for joining.

                    • Lupin III

                      True that. You’d be hard press to find a reason for him to join up. He’s not a political type at all. He is goal minded and he has achieved his dream.

      • Lupin III

        I think Eneru will make a comeback someday but not as a Shichibukai. He has too much of a god-complex to work with the World Government on anything.

      • chris

        My three guesses will be 1.Rob Lucci-we know they are now pirates/rogues and are very strong and have huge potentials.
        2. Shanks’ spy- He seems like he would be the kind of guy that would send one of his newly recruits to spy on the government and blackbeards activities and he is an overall genius in disguise.
        3. Someone new that will be on the level of Mihawk if not higher-The Warlords are supposed to be the BEST of the BEST pirates but have been slacking except Mihawk/Kuma/Doffy

        • Buru

          Rob Lucci? nah, he is currently rebelling the world government

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    This game knows how to get me hype.

  • Guest#3

    Now Law is perfect for me with his injection shot, radioknife moves and PTS-costume. Also his Room is much larger now.

  • Hayate Omega ZX

    The Oars battle works kinda like it did in Unlimited Cruise it seems.

  • Neferpitou :3

    Pre-TS Law? hell yes!! >D

  • alex smith

    That would be so cool if u could play as shanks