CyberConnect2 Looking To Hire Staff For A New Project (Full Translation)

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  • Neferpitou :3

    Hopefully it’s something big and good for next gen consoles/pc.

  • STigersPrank

    Unreal engine 4? I dont like that name of the engine..:(

    • UE4 is one if the best engined out there when used right.

  • Ahhh the days when I used to do contract translations at the CC2 Tokyo Office. Wish they were looking for a Overseas PR guy but that would be all Namco D:.

  • René Davidoschnaps

    …so here is the thing. They once talked about working with Square Enix for a FFVII remake, after that G-Bike game. I won’t jump to a conclusion, but that just might be a Project under Square and just maybe it’s FFVII related. But then again, could just be another Hack game, though why photorealistic graphics then? Aren’t they more Anime like in Style?

    • Michael Hunt

      .hack versus is actually more photo realistic

      • René Davidoschnaps

        guess who was right XD

  • Agreed, either a .hack game, or FFIIV

    • Shiroe

      Its new title game

  • I wish I could be their character animator… probably don’t pay well though.

  • Shiroe

    “The project will be announced about in the next week” said CC2

  • Wonder who will take on the Naruto License. (Yes, that is what’s on my mind.)

    • Raymond Howard

      CC2 has intimidated any and all competition. >:)

      • Rexlars

        Idk why. Storm series is pretty good, but not THAT good.

        • PurexedSolify ;

          It wont be easy to top the Storm series.

          Say what you will but Storm is amazing considering.

          • Rexlars

            Amazing? No.
            Really good? Very much so.

            • PurexedSolify ;

              Well I did say considering.

              IMO Storm 3 was perfect but they screwed up big time with Revolution.

  • RockSauron

    You SURE it means the opposite of anime graphics?

    Cc2 makes beautiful anime graphics, I don’t want them to go all “Real life” like everyone else :/

    • TheGameTagerZ

      They aren’t confined to anime games you know.

      • RockSauron

        well yeah, but I don’t want one of the only big budget cartoonish console developers to go like everyone else :/

        • david paw

          Let them have some freedom. I’m sure they’re still making Naruto and other anime games.
          But I’m guessing that they might want to make a new .//Hack game with “realistic” looks… idk…
          Or new title

  • Remix Koetsu

    Why would you post this with a .Hack pic? I got my hopes up.

  • Michael Hunt

    plz god be .hack >.< I see RPG Vr so it has to be something revolving around .hack or similiar concept

  • GadgetBuster

    If this game has an open world like they say they do, then we may just be able to create our dot hack character because open worlds are mostly for created characters and they might put AIs
    in the offline hub from every series from dot hack sign, dot hack gu, and more.