One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Reveals Both Vergo and Caesar


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  • Naruto_2015

    Any Naruto Storm 4 news this week?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      If Kazu didn’t post it that means we don’t have it either. Plus it would of been the first thing we posted.

      • Naruto_2015

        F******!! I just got home and was hoping to see some Storm 4 news 🙁 Damn it! it’s been 3 month (we’re in the 4th month in now) and we only got like 2 proper news, Hashirama vs Madara boss battle and NaruHina/SasuSaku from The Last being payable, the rest were just a repeat of what we’ve already seen. I’m starting to think that this lack of Naruto Storm 4 news is Bandai Namco’s fault. They want/wanted to promote more on Xenoverse and PW3.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          They barely started on Storm 4 honestly so there isn’t much to show. PW3 is almost out that’s why it’s getting attention. We got a trailer, Hasirama vs. Madara scans, boss battle video, naruto the last characters, wall battles confirmed and naruto/sasuke team jutsu.

          • Dark Sasune

            Well they have been working on it since storm 3,
            BTW what is kazu’s twitter?

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Doesn’t mean they have anything of importance to show right now. They aren’t holding out information on purpose there’s a reason for it. The game is coming out late next year. From now to then that’s at least a 7 month gap. As the gap gets smaller we’ll start getting weekly news.

              • Dark Sasune

                Well that’s true, This drought is unbearable lol

        • handeu haime

          storm 4 release date is not even announce yet -_-…

  • Kiera

    Caesar is awesome, looking forward to play him.

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    I hope that they are playable.

  • poopstorm

    Is there any Jojo’s this time? It’s been way too long since the last announcement.

    • No JoJo. You know it`d be the first thing I always do :D!

  • Bdock3601

    Gooooo Ceasar!

  • Neferpitou :3

    Probably going to play ALOT as Caesar >D if leaked roster is real, and it looks like it – we have only Shanks reveal left, for playable characters.

    • chris

      I feel like we will see a new trailer 7 which will go from FI to Dressrossa ending and hopefully get to see Hordy/Hody and his main crew as playable if not at least NPCS as well as seeing Monet along with Burgess and the DQ Executives and the gladiators

      Before you comment yes I have seen the “supposed” leaked list from the french translator but I feel like with 3 weeks left and one more trailer we won’t just see shanks as a playable character but some of the above listed characters

    • Kurae

      The roster is incomplete. Plus there is a poster that makes it look like Coby is playable, not sure tho

      • Buru

        You talking about the poster on arlong park? It also shows time-skip Smoker & Tashigi.

      • Neferpitou :3

        Actually i saw that and was really surprised.Hopefully it’s like we see it, and not just support with a weird camera angle.

    • Morgiana

      Can I have a link to that?

      • Neferpitou :3

        It was posted on Arlong Park forums by person who’s a member of French forum, that a member of is also French Translator of the game (HOPEFULLY YOU UNDERSTAND NYAHAH), who posted some info about game – so he (that first guy, not translator) thought he would share info with other people who are interested in game, but after some days he removed all of his comments because he didn’t want translator to get into trouble lol.What he posted basically was roster, which is the same as we know right now just without Shanks (he’s probably going to be revealed later on) and some info about costumes, like that Tashigi is going to have another costume, Akainu and Law i think.I tried to find it somewhere else but it’s too late i guess :c

  • Playing as Caesar is going to be fun. Shulolololo xD

    • Bdock3601

      Probably going to be a more interesting smoker…..especially his gastanet

      • Didn’t like him that much in PW2 though. Then again, it’s just my opinion.

        • Neferpitou :3

          Uh i think he meant that Caesar is going to be a more interesting version of Smoker ^^’ not that Smoker is going to be more interesting than Caesar.

  • Xpert_Sigma

    Just waiting here for the supernovas to be revealed. Sabody can’t be played without them

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Ave Caesar…. no way

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    Kinda hoping for the supernova’s to be playable. It would be interesting to see how they would handle Bonney and Kid’s playstyles.