Revival of F Movie Bonus Items Contain Dragon Ball Xenoverse “Movie Goku” Costume Set, Trial of Super Extreme Butoden and More


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  • Teamrevolver

    man i hope everyone else get this costume hoping for the new freeza form to be available as dlc.

    • Rich Homie Kwon

      Paint a frieza character gold lol

  • Wonder how and when we’d get that DLC for Xenoverse.

    • TG Bingo

      if we do get it i would think it would be in the revival of f DLC pack if there is one if not dlc 3 then would be the most likely

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I would assume it’s DLC 3 yeah.

      • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

        yeah dlc 3is RoF

    • British_Otaku

      I wouldn’t put it beyond them to make it an “exclusive” (claim it is exclusive) even when it comes to the west through some means, but to have it for sale separately much later on.

      This industry seems to be do it often, but I guess getting the DLC early is some sort of “exclusivity” as well.

  • AzIz

    Just Goku’s costume ? and for created characters ? really ?

    • Robin Huber

      you watch a movie and want even more free stuff?… dude

      • AzIz

        Free ? not for us , probably in pack 3 which is not free .. it’s just a stupid as having Yardat costume but can’t use it on Goku

        • Robin Huber

          it’s free for people watching the movie, blame your country for not showing it ^^

          • winter

            “blame your country for not showing it” Is this a joke? Our “country” has nothing to do with it, Funimation needs time to dub the movie; they’re not going to show the Japanese version with subtitles then show it again a year later dubbed. While it’s not fair, it’s not like pretty much everywhere other than Japan doesn’t get screwed over all the time.

            • Robin Huber

              well you’re the only one i see complaining really :/ i have no problem, nothing holds me back from watching the movie

            • Ncrawler

              Except Funimation has stated that they’ll will be airing the dubbed version of movie in theaters this summer. They are playing the Subtitled version in 1 LA theater on April 11th, with a full dub to show sometime during the summer.

              • winter

                I stand corrected, but it’s still 1 theater (only showing for 1 day) and it likely won’t be giving out the Goku costume; which was the original point of this conversation.

                • Ncrawler

                  That’s the initial showing that’s Japanese dub with english subtitled. I mean they will more than likely do the same here when they do the English Dub in theaters later this summer.

  • bleadze

    The Vegeta costume would have been worth it for me

  • João Eduardo Soares

    Soo, what about the pc version?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      What about it? This is for Japan not for us (at least not yet)

      • Robin Huber

        no high hopes since “first 1,5 million nation wide” makes it exclusive even there

  • British_Otaku

    Really want that Super Extreme Butoden trial… >_>
    It is definitely a great promotional idea and the same demo is likely to be around for Japanese 3DS owners to download some weeks or months later, but still. I don’t like being left out because I don’t travel for some event special download.

    Nice to hear that they have a demo planned though (Dragon Ball Heroes didn’t have a demo for neither Ultimate Mission) as well as the “movie characters”. We already saw a sprite for Bills. I’m hoping that the next movie character is Whis, I mean I wouldn’t mind Golden Frieza, but I’m definitely more interested in the other movie characters whether it is Battle of Z’s lot or Bio Broly.

  • Mr. Dude

    Thats cool and all but I was hoping we’d get the costume for SSJ God Goku, a new Vegeta (SSJ God Vegeta if he transforms on the movie), and Frieza’s new form.

  • tylerc23

    I want that outfit so freaking bad