J-Stars Victory VS+ English Site Officially Open – New Character Trailers Available


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  • Shiroe

    As long as they’ve finished the game.. Why don’t they even release it now? i just see that they’ve only added the arcade mode.. and no more chars.

    • They have to translate it.
      I doubt they’ll have an English dub, but they still have to translate all of the Japanese text into English.
      Look at the Pokemon games. They used to release several months to a year after the initial Japanese launch due to translations

  • Kiera

    Love to play it agaon in englisch, the Game is a lot of Fun 🙂 For me Medaka Chan is enouh, m< Favorite from the Japanse Version.

  • So, Europe gets a retail version of the Vita copy, but not the US?
    Looks like I’ll still have to import the Vita version.

  • Kogure Yuuya

    Since I already have the Japanese version, they better give me a good reason to fork over another $60 for this game. Arcade Mode and translations aren’t good enough for me.

    • bleadze

      I know right for me to buy this game again I need atleast 3 new characters

      • Ikki Minami

        Or new move sets also zoro/hibari/toujou

        • bleadze


    • RedDragon10

      I hope there are additional things added to the game, whether it be characters or that additional game mode, but I don’t think the game is meant for the fans who had already the game from Japan, but rather the International/PAL fans that missed out on the game in the first place.

    • Jordan Maurice

      when they said ps4 that was enough for me to get it again and I bought the anison edition

    • TaliNESS

      PS4 is enough for me, since I imported the game for Vita.

      PS3 only users……well, sucks for you, might as well not bother

  • PhPhill

    Wait, did they change the game? Going by those victory bursts, these seem like one-on-one fights.

    • Wow…..

      No, its always been there it just that only rookies play that way

  • DI

    looks better but still needs more

  • Luke Schultz

    Needs more Jotaro Kujo