Latest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven Scan Features Wamuu, Esidisi & Kars


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  • Buru

    This game was announced after S4 yet we are already getting gameplay shots.
    And why are they so damn fabulous…

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The game uses assets from All Star Battle and it looks like (again) that Jojo fans wont be getting a big story like Naruto does.

      There’s more to show because it’s not as big of a game as Naruto is in terms of production.

      And also there hasn’t been news on this Jojo game for about a month.

    • Neferpitou :3

      ”why are they so damn fabulous…” – the answer is one and only: That’s how JoJo’s characters roll 😀

    • RedDragon10

      You storm 4 fans gotta chill out. It’s probs gonna be another cut and paste game anyway

  • RocketWobbuffet

    Well, I hope they are not done with Part 2 characters. We still need Lisa Lisa.

  • This is not a dig at Christian, I just reaaaalllyyy dislike the `Copyright changed` names for the Pillarmen :(! You can see why I added the translation to the band names (Araki-sensei would be proud <3).

  • AzIz

    After all this waiting , we got the pillar men lol really surprised ,

    • Lacking in enemies atm so glad they were chosen in one big scoop! VJump soon so they will probably go more into the Pillermen and the Pillermen site!

  • Hagaren

    Awaken, and POSE!
    Finally some more news about this game, it’s been a while. Hopefully some Part VI and VII reveals will come soon too.

  • viaxon6 .

    *Waiting for the Part 5 and 7 scans*
    Wekapipo, Nero, Trish, White Album- you need to be in this game!

    • Wekapipo is a high possibility imo. He could have a DHA with Gyro too. Risotto, and Giaccho I highly doubt and Trish is not exactly a fan favourite….