Naruto Storm 4 Scan Shows Team Seven Working Together To Defeat The Ten Tails


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  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    Nothing really new in this scan, Just alot of things we already knew. But thanks like always for translating!

    • EliteTrainerXeos


      Team 7 taking on the Ten-Tails is new info.

      Last scan was Naruto and Bee vs the Ten-Tails in it’s original form.

      That’s two separate boss battles.

      • Buru

        I think we all saw this coming tho

      • Baconator

        The story mode for this game is gonna be one long-ass boss battle

  • Buru

    As I though -_-
    Thanks anyway!

  • Bdock3601

    Darn, we really need a revealing trailer in the next month

    • Shiroe

      Yeah.. the latest trailer was very disappointing.. its just… a silly gameplay..

      • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

        Yeah, just a silly gameplay.
        Geez we don’t need gameplay in a game, stupid CC2.
        WE WANT CINEMATICS, Asura 2 pls.

  • RockSauron

    Last week was Kurama-Naruto vs the Juubi before the army shows up, this week is Team Seven and their summons vs the Juubi. So two separate Juubi bosses? Not including the Juubi Jinchurikis? Guess they don’t have much else to cover beyond that, though XD

  • Kleber Felipe

    I really hope we can choose between one of the three to fight while the other two are suports o//
    It would be awesome to play with sakura or sasuke instead of Naruto … I’m already getting sick of always playing with naruto in boss battles -_-

    • SuperSagejin

      I would rather use Naruto.

  • I hope to god that they stop with these concept art. Gameplay rules & art drools. Save the art for unlocking and trophy awards or something.

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    4 Months of dry info for this. Hahaha, gg.

  • micheal johnson

    thank you sg

  • )))Travis))) ( Chihaya)


    Man we need some gameplay or at least confirm more characters.

  • Asuna Kagurazaka

    With this… AT LEAST have Obito in his Jinchuuriki form in the next scan.. Disappointing yes, but hey what can they do they just want to show us the story… Without proper screenshots, just artwork. They really want to wait long to fully surprise us. So I really do hope they show Obito in his Jinchuuriki form in the next scan.

    • Well next month we will get a new opening.

    • chris

      The surprise is the game is never coming out…lol jk but I hope they save some secret characters/game modes for later

  • Naruto_2015

    I’m a bit disappointed that we only got concept art again :/

  • Guest#3

    Seems the next one will reveal Juubito and I’m interested about his first form being implemented into the game.

    • *Six Paths Ten-Tails Coffin Seal Obito.

      • Guest#3


      • Baconator

        Wrong. The correct term is Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails Obito
        And everyone and their mother calls him Juubito, so don’t around falsely correcting people

  • João victor

    Vai ser o Naruto storm 4 para ps3 e Xbox 360

    • Baconator

      It’s on PC. You can play PC games with an Xbox controller, so get it for PC.
      This game is going to be far too advanced to run on PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Baconator

    I hope this corrects the mistake from Storm 3.
    It’s obvious the story mode is going to open with Hashirama vs Madara. If they don’t plan to cover the series from start to finish (which they should. Ultimate Ninja 4 covered the story from the beginning to the then-current point in the Shippuden anime), then they at least need to open with Naruto and Killer Bee vs Obito and the Five Kage vs Madara and redo their boss battles properly.
    Then, they cut over to the Uchiha Bros vs Kabuto cutscene and pick up from there, beginning with Obito being unmasked, and just follow the story until Naruto and Sasuke cut their arms off. Then, the plot of The Last movie can be a bonus chapter, and the entirety of chapter 700 can be an extended cutscene

    • Bdock3601

      Well they said it would cover from the start of shippuden, however it is likely that it’ll have a “timeline” mode similar to previous titles that will give a boiled down version of anything before madara v hashirama