Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Goku GT Quotes


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  • bleadze

    That looks like goku when he was a kid ahhh it must be puar lool!!!! Need to watch DB again

    • Baconator

      Puar can shapeshift?
      Damn, I haven’t seen the original Dragon Ball in so many years I forgot all about that

      • bleadze

        Yh he can he and oolong the pig lol dragon ball was jokes I miss that I’ll set a time for my self when this month is done and start watching the whole series again lol

        • Baconator

          I remember Oolong being able to. Man, I miss those episodes. I might have to go to an anime website so I watch them again

          • bleadze

            I got uni stuff as soon as my exams are over dragon ball!!!

  • Baconator

    I can’t take GT Goku seriously when he’s voiced by that chick. All I hear is Luffy.
    What happened to his original voice actress? Goten is still voiced by Kara Edwards, so why would they replace Stephanie Nadolny?

    • Ahtma

      Stephanie Nadolny was replaced because she was notoriously difficult to work with. Christopher Sabat got tired of dealing with her.

    • Gogetatenks

      Put it in Japanese? Dont have to worry about it or any other Kai voices. js…

  • Gamejtv

    Oh god, Battle of Gods and GT are connected *sob*

    • DeathPointZ

      What’s wrong with that? Besides it’s just a game, which is why I love it!

      • Endless

        Now that’s a great comment.

        • DeathPointZ


    • Endless

      GT > BOG

  • TheAnimeCircle

    Am I the only one pissed that we ain’t getting goku gt’s original voice actress. She fit the role perfectly 🙁

    • RedDragon10

      Was just about to comment on how I hate gt goku/gohan (teen/kid) voice actress compared to the original.

  • Sora

    Oh god! my ears are bleeding somebody please make it stop DX

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    Stiiiillll hating that VA on kid goku.

  • tylerc23

    About the GT Goku voice, The Old Voice Actor could not do it anymore. It was too much strain on her voice and she didn’t want to do it anymore

    • Ahtma

      Incorrect. Stephanie Nadolny is pretty much done voicing for DBZ because Christopher Sabat grew tired of working with her, as she was notoriously difficult to work with.

      • DeathPointZ

        I just stop complaining and got use to the new voice.

  • PurexedSolify ;

    Nice line Frieza, not gay at all…

  • Dbzanimestar

    stephanie nadolny Need to come back lots of people love stephanie nadolny as kid goku so as kid/teen Gohan. We need stephanie nadolny.