One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Sixth Trailer Revealed


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  • Morgiana

    So Alvida, Kuro and Morgan are playable?

    • Kiera

      No look closly the amount you can select is way to biy, its for all Characters and Support. At least I asume this.

      • Emmanuel Casseus

        Wasn’t that just some version of crew log from PW2? At least, that’s what I thought cuz it said Episode Select at the top.

        • Kiera

          You are right, but in this you can see all the Playabke and Support in PW 2 and I think here too^^

          • Emmanuel Casseus

            Ohhh, I see. :O

  • Kiera

    I’m so hyped for this Game, can’t wait 10 Days. Trailer looks so good, goes as expected till Dressrosa. They showed no Shanks. Dream Log looks wonderful, will be a huge Motivation like in Hyrule Warriors. The Giant Enemies are very good but a Giant is a liitle bit to small imo. Stages looks ro huge, i love it. Ah this will be the best Musou ever and the best Game for me. Only disappointed about the Color from Enel and Marco until this Point.

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    Deadass. This is one of the only few games that give me a reason to buy a PS4 this summer. I’m set this game gonna be goooood. More hyped then I expected and it looks better then I expected. You can see the huge difference between PW1 and PW2 compared to PW3. 😀

  • Buru

    And here I was thinking Monet won’t be in the game.

  • Pneumoniasasuke1

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Story Mode Translations

  • Lunos

    “Kizuna Drive”? lol, like that Naruto’s PSP Game, the one which was simillar to Naruto Shippuden Legends – Akatsuki Rising xD