Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s First Downloadable Pack To Be Released On March 17th


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  • AzIz


  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    So Wednesday, nothing we can do.

    • Jordan Maurice

      its tommorow this is from the europe release bandai namco america released a statement an hour ago saiyan it will be available in the us on the 17th heres the official statement from SI.

      Bandai Namco Games America has given an update less than a hour ago: The
      DLC will be released on all platforms in the Americas on March 17. This
      is now reflected in the post. For the other regions, as the image
      suggests, it will release on the schedule announced earlier.

      • SI are not really `official`. Let`s be fair.

        • Jordan Maurice

          true but they got it from bandai namco games tumblr which I checked myself but im replying late at this point lol

  • Random Name

    That’s odd. I thought PSN usually updates Tuesdays. Ah well, another day won’t hurt I suppose.

    • Jordan Maurice

      this is from the europe post on saiyan island they updated it with bandai namco america saying it will release on the 17th in the us on ps4

  • kamisa444

    I will be able to buy it if I have a disc… right?