Cars Goes Into His Ultimate Form in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven


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  • Haru Onodera

    Ohh nice V-jump scan starting release:) Thanks for translation good work like always:)

  • Neferpitou :3

    I hope that one of Joseph moves is The Joestar family’s “Secret technique” , if you know what i mean nyahah

    • AzIz

      I think it was in the demo , in ASB it was just his running style , not really a special move or something

      • Yeah it was a move in the demo L1 + O!

        • Neferpitou :3

          Seriously?! lmaoo that’s so brilliant >D

    • Less of a family style as a Joseph style :D!! NIGERO— SMOKEYYYYY

      • Neferpitou :3

        -Kars in background: WYAAAAAAAaaaa- seriously, one of my favorite JoJo scenes XD

  • AzIz

    Separate character ? , also what’s it with the dark stages ?!

    • Not seperate. Will be part of his final attack, most probably.

  • $149559216

    Totally disappointed by the change to 3d format

    • Yeah I would of loved an ASB 2, but this is not all that bad imho!