Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Chapter 2 Complete Spoilers

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  • Xicor

    Well im getting more excited for this movie its a shame gohan is getting weaker

    • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

      When a strong warrior becomes a parent, all their time goes to their child. Especially gohan, he’s too considerate of others that he just stops maintaining his strength. But don’t forget, he still has that power. It’s just farther down due to lack of training.

      • Yeah but even after 7 years after training he still maintain the SS2 transformation. This movie is 13 MONTHS after BOG(the last time we see Gohan go into his Ultimate State).

  • -Big G-

    Poor Gohan….I hope that after this movie start to training and become the main hero in the next movie

    • umad

      forget it. the guy doesn’t want to be a fighter. how much clearer does he have to make it for you ppl?

      • -Big G-

        That guy is the one with most potential in all DB series….It’s a shame that become a Yamcha

        • bleadze

          Lol it’s his time to ride at the back seat with Yamcha hahaha vegeta been there for a while

      • tylerc23

        He freakin wears glasses when he’s an adult. He shouldn’t need glasses! He’s a Saiyan! A supreme being!!! I agree with you man

  • DI

    I hope toriyama doesnt screw things up letting buu, goten and trunks out of the movie cause that would make ppl criticize it more than bog

    • British_Otaku

      You would think that the Frieza transformation alone made it bigger bait for criticism than BoG, but dropping Buu, Goten and Trunks (by extension Gotenks) will take it to another level.

      • DI

        Indeed he better put them in cause if not their dream of getting more money from this than from bog will fail big time

  • RedDragon10

    Gohan’s character is getting annihilated. Plus why would Master Roshi or even Tien be a better choice to bring along than Goten or Trunks

    • Name

      Well, they are still just kids after all. You wouldn’t let a kid go to war, no matter how good he is with a gun.

      • justin wing

        Goten and Trunks wouldn’t be kids anymore in this movie….. 14 and 15

        • son goku

          Umm no

        • son goku

          It could just be 3 months kater

        • tylerc23

          No….this movie takes place only a few months to a year after Battle of the Gods. They are still very young

          • Reborn

            a few months? its been at least a year since pan is born

          • YeahYeah

            Since Pan is born in this movie, Goten and Trunks should be either 13/14 and 14/15.
            Goten and Trunks are 17 and 18 when pan is 4 at the end of DragonballZ.

        • Saiyan23

          At the very least this movie takes place a year after Battle of Gods. Pan is born in the film and is a newborn

      • RedDragon10

        The hell you mean you wouldn’t let 2 kids go to war? The fate of humanity rested on those 2 kids in the Buu arc. Let’s just call it as it is: a stupid response from gohan

        • stumpz

          In that case they had absolutely no choice.
          In this case, they do.

      • Rich Homie Kwon

        Go fight buu and attempt a attack on beerus but don’t fight frieza’s henchmen they’re too dangerous.

        • Great Saiyaman 94

          hmm maybe because frieza is pure evil and if he sees fit he will kill whoever at will when there guard is down i imagine trunks and goten getting killed and nobody being able to do anything about it, even though they die anyway cause he’ll blow up the planet. buu was retarted and beerus is just a god of destruction but not evil

      • Rickjamesbitch

        This goes complete out the window when you consider that Gohan was fighting giant monkeys and genocidal effeminate alien overlords when he was 5.

    • bleadze

      And if goten and trunks fused it would steal the shine off Vegeta and goku cause people will expect more from gotenks, and I feel goten would have lowered down his training like gohan cause that’s what their mum would want

      • tylerc23

        No. Remember ChiChi actually trains Goten without Gohan knowing. Complete opposite of when Gohan was young. ChiChi made Goten go Super Saiyan remember?

        • bleadze

          So true but I doubt she would want him to continue fighting, but your right

        • mystic fighter

          but gohan did know about the training when he was throwing rocks at gohan when he was super saiyan

    • umad

      because we’re tired of saiyans, that’s why. we want to see the humans fight for once

      • RedDragon10

        Lol speak for yourself

        • Achned Walters

          Saiyans are overrated… even Toriyama has tired of the transformations…

          Its The time for humans to stand for themselves to defend their planet…

          • RedDragon10

            Oh don’t kid yourself. If Toriyama had tired of their transformations, he wouldn’t have just invented a new one in the last year. The series revolves around saiyans. Humans are essentially support characters.

            • Donovan

              YES! YES! YES! Thank you for serving up some reality up in here!

            • umad

              and goten and trunks, two saiyans, are no shows. deal with it

          • Donovan

            If you go back to Dragon Ball, then you can see almost ALL the human characters introduced…no ALL the of them were bad people.

            • Donovan

              It really showed how doomed was humanity was, until a little goofy boy who was incredibly strong as he was kind and innocent came along. That is where take this story..Toryiama based this story on Sayians and not only we seeing Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten get stronger we just go a new one…PAN!

              • guest

                Well, technically he’s retarded since he hit his head really really hard as a toddler, which drove a bit of the normal saiyan instinct out of him.

                So a retarded saiyan monkey changed the world and the universe. Thanks to our real hero, rock cliff.


                Rock: You’re welcome

            • stumpz

              The human protagonists were flawed at worst.
              The Saiyans are terribly flawed lol.
              I’m psyched to see the humans back in the fight.

            • Achned Walters

              Oh?… So Chi chi was bad?… Snow was bad?… Krillin was bad?…
              Oh… and that’s why a human is the new protector of earth in Gokus place?
              Look at the last page of the manga you’ll see a HUMAN as earths new protector.

          • Zhan Ryushin

            They are not really humans as this: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/054/d/0/dragonball_world_map_by_0some_weirdguy0-d4qonuq.jpg

            is not really Earth. Something that looks human isn’t actually human if it ain’t at least from the same planet. Could be from a different universe, but it still has to be the Actual Earth.

            So they are human looking entities, but they are not actually humans. Of course, since it is anime, you cannot really write off the anatomical features, but you can write off the geographic features. We don’t see this is any other anime that has Earth presented like this with NO Antarctica, NO Africa, I mean this isn’t even something you can remotely think as the Earth. The only two continents I can see is Asia and South America. And since when was most of South America, desert. It would make better sense being Africa, but not with being so tiny compare to Asia.

            Africa isn’t that damn small. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/Africa-asia-america-to-scale.jpg

            • Achned Walters

              Except its called earth in the manga and anime….
              and the native populous are called humans in the manga and anime…

              If you did your research the part you think is South America is Actually Africa as the area around baba’s palace which is located there as it was inspired by scenes of the Africa Sahara Toriyama had seen.

              If anything its America that’s missing…

      • Guest

        Yeah, no that’s not really true

    • Donovan

      Its because Goten looks like Goku and Trunks looks like Future Trunks. Which who both beat/killed Frieza. In the beginning of the movie Frieza has a flashback showing those to fights.

      • RedDragon10

        That literally has nothing to do with anything I said

        • Donovan

          Goten and Trunks in danger so they don’t want then involved

    • Deontay

      Because bulbs doesn’t want them getting killed because they look like goku and trunks who killed him In the past

    • Joshua McGahee

      First of all, no. Gohan NEVER liked fighting, every time he’s involved in a fight (aside from kicking that freeza soldier grunt) he’s clearly not enjoying himself and is filled with rage. Gohan wanted to be a scholar, he says so NUMEROUS TIMES (and then BECOMES ONE). Hell, even GOKU (YES, FATHER OF THE YEAR GOKU) acknowledged that Gohan wanted to be a scholar and used that as motivation for Gohan to fight Cell.

      I have no idea what character you guys are a fan of, but it’s not Gohan, because his intentions are pretty clear.

      • RedDragon10

        That literally has nothing to do with anything I wrote.

        • Joshua McGahee

          You said Gohan’s character is getting annihilated, when that’s perfectly in character for him to be like this.

          • RedDragon10

            No one was arguing that Gohan wasn’t a scholar. No one is arguing that he loved books. We’re arguing that Gohan at the end of the buu arc was arguably the strongest non-fused character in the series and now he’s being treated as second rated fodder like Roshi, Tien and krillen

            • lolthisguy

              relax bro

      • Medulla Oblongata This D ✓

        Gohan never wanted to be a scholar student Chichi forced the decision on himself. If Gohan was the Mother of Bulma he’ll be much stronger

        • Joshua McGahee

          That’s not true, Goku outright even asks Gohan “You want to be a great scholar don’t you?” in the Cell Games, and Gohan fights so he can do just that. I have no idea where people think Gohan never wanted to be a scholar, when that’s all he ever mentions he wants to do. Gohan even understands ki on a more fundamental level than anyone else (he breaks down the ki explanation for videl, when no other character has ever shown such knowledge), meaning he’s at least putting that knowledge to good use.

          In Dragonball Online, it confirms in the future he does in fact write a book on ki study, so being a scholar is clearly his passion.

          He’s never been shown to enjoy fighting outside of filler.

          • Ronnie

            I can agree, Chi chi may be the main reason Gohan wants to be a scholar, because we know on day one Chi Chi told Goku he wants Gohan to be a scholar than a fighter. Gohan also does seem to excell more in academics than fighting. Gohan fighting has always been poor aside from when his rage takes over. In some ways Gohan his the weakest fighting character in the series.

        • Roger Nuckles

          if gohan mother was* get your grammar on par

    • Zehal

      It’s because Goten looks too similar to Goku, and Freeza would just instantly go for him. Same for Trunks compared to Future Trunks.

      • RedDragon10

        There sure a lot of excuses being directed at me. Since when do goten and trunks ever fight alone? The answer is never. They’d be in gotenks form regardless

    • vivek

      Because Goten looks like Goku and Trunks looks like Future Trunks..and Freiza want to take revenge

    • RandomGuy

      Trunks and Goten cannot be seen because Frieza would kill them. Goten looks like Goku who hurt Frieza. And Trunks looks like Future Trunks who killed Frieza

      • RedDragon10

        Holy crap, how many people have come up with the same excuse? Read all the similar responses to the same comment. For the last time, Goten and trunks never fight alone, they fuse, get their butts kicked, and then get saved by Goku and Vegeta. That’s how it goes.

        • fartdragon10

          because goten looks like goku and trunks looks like future trunks so frieza would immediately go after them. pretty straight forward

        • caauwekilla

          actually there is a movie where they do not fuse. in broly second coming they fight against him separately

        • Roger Nuckles

          that still wouldnt be enough think smart dude they all seen fusion performed in buu saga freeza will not allow it, even if they do succeed they arrogance is way worse than vegeta’s and will be killed instantly

    • Meliodas

      meh, i could take em.

  • bleadze

    Am actually getting so excited even with all this little snippet I see this being better than bog… I understand why goten and trunks wasn’t cslled for one chichi probably made goten stop training and the fact that gotenks will steal the spot light.. And making people like gotenks and majin buu just fight soldiers would have been dumb don’t you think??? This movie is mainly based on the gods and goku and VEGETA so adding those other people would mess it up cause fans will be expecting them to be extra strong but to make goku and vegeta shine you have to make buy and gotenks look weak so rather than making them weak leave them out the movie

  • CiofiPlay

    So awesome.Can’t wait to see that training.Sounds so badass.I’m looking forward to that more than seeing frieza coming back!

  • Alex Ocean

    Four months training puts Frieza over the top, a year of not training makes Gohan lose his Mystic powerup and super saiyan 2? Seven years passed between the Cell Games and the Saiyaman arc and Gohan had no problem going super saiyan. Toriyama needs to re-read his manga.

    • British_Otaku

      Even when he was writing his manga, he forgot details so the decades after it ended are only going to be worse. >_>

    • Saiyan23

      Remember this, Gohan does not have the battle lust the same way Vegeta or Goku do. Also Gohan was not born with the natural fighting ability, he was born with great potential. Over time because of his relaxed nature his power dropped mightily. Frieza is a prodigy, his power can easily increase that fast that quick.

  • Nobel

    Majin Buu is sleeping?He only sleep for 5 seconds in Dragonball Z.Goten and Trunks cant feel the ki??

    • Alwx

      Well I think buu is in more of a hibernation. I believe he always does it after a certain amount of time kind of like Beerus. But when he is not in hibernation he does only sleep for a few seconds.

  • Nobel

    Whis is amazing!He can turn back the clock! Freeza is stronger than the god of supersaiyan?

    • gobind singh

      thats whis who can do that, not freiza

  • Scott Baker

    pretty sure goten and trunks can sence power levels. there proberly would come to scene when they sence gohan get koed. there not that stupid

  • Reborn

    Gohan: Mrs. Bulma told me not to mention anything to Trunks or Goten. I agree, I don’t want them involved.

    But Tien and Krillien are there…….

  • son goku

    Whis is op he can go back in time Damn

    • mystic fighter


  • mystic fighter

    gohan need to get himself together he was the most powerful good guy in the buu saga and i’m not counting vegeto and gogeta

  • Warhawk God-Of Pie

    How does goes get destroyed before master roshi?

    • Donovan

      What? How does goes get destroyed before master roshi? What are you saying?

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother


    At the end Mr Popo comes in and saves everyone.

    • mystic fighter

      sure he will

    • UnholySaiyan

      pecking order

    • Aiyush

      Whis teaching Goku and Vegeta actually reminds of Mr. Popo first beating up Goku. Goku had to learn to minimize unncessary movements, move faster than lightning, etc. Whis now is teaching them to move without even thinking, the next level.

  • SSJ4 Goku

    I bet Buu is Hibernating I heard a leak that said Toryiama said that Buu went into Hibernation and when he wakes up he will be Stronger then ever, I am thinking he maybe Stronger then when he was Fat Buu or he will be at Lord Beerus level.

  • mystic fighter

    before this even came out and i heard about the tallier i thought it was going to be babid because he have mind controlling powers so that was my easily guess before the title or even frieza in the picture once i herd that is was a bad wish he came to my mind and i think it should be babid it still would have been good. anyone think the same?

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    Gohan is totally nerd now like a normal human is in Xenoverse :3

  • Saiyan23

    The story takes place after Battle of the Gods but during Beerus’ 3 year sleep which he is awoken from prematurely by the training of the Saiyans. Super Saiyan transformations have been eliminated because Goku found that the power required to transform is too great and energy consuming. So both Vegeta and Goku are trying to overcome the need of transforming.

  • Abhiram Ayasaki

    is goku will become god again?
    he is not using ssj power against frieza (seen intrailer)

    • charles

      you do know goku a god already lol

  • Avery

    I’m hype cant wait for the movie i am alittle upset that goten and trunks aren’t in the movie but still can’t wait for the movie this is gonna be the best movie of dragon ball ever hope vegeta is the hero.King Of All Saiyans

  • Jul But

    Where is the other parts of the story ?

  • Joshua McGahee

    I find the fact that 18 also didn’t show up pretty hilarious, she probably doesn’t care because she isn’t getting paid. Hopefully Krillin sneaks a Kienzan at the end of the movie on Freeza for some just desserts.

    • OR
      and this is just a theory
      She’s protecting her little girl.

      • Joshua McGahee

        If that’s the case, then Roshi should’ve stayed home and 18 should’ve came. They may not know about Freeza’s new form, but they know that 18 is at LEAST stronger than the 4th form.

  • talha

    it seems like goku lost the godly ki

    because i see eoz base goku ssj3 tier after training

  • certifiedicon

    ok so wheres the manga are we actually going to get the manga pictures or just text

  • Miguel Camilo

    So whis can go back in time a little bit… that’s interesting

  • hardkore

    i hope marjin buu comes back stronger then ever even stronger then kid buu

  • Lachlanpally44

    Honestly no affens but if we had to even protect our selves from one sabaman we would all die

  • LastationLover5000

    Master Roshi: Anyhow Gohan, are you still furthering your training?

    Gohan: S…sorry I haven’t.. But I can still go Super Saiyan! I think..

    -.- I hate everything you stand for

  • Boris Chan

    There are no reason why they would be so concern of F, for all they’d know he isn’t that strong. They wouldn’t have known that he had gotten that strong

  • real OG

    No Goten and trunks would still be kid for u’ll out there thinking that they would be older is a continuation of the buu saga so if u think that goten and trunks were not kids in buu saga then ur saddly mistaken they were KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frostbite

    Y is everyone so mad or happy about the humans fighting!!! Wot about the namekian piccolo!!!!!!!!WOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • the next god

    this movie gonna be lit

  • Ben Hausmann

    i watchd this movie on spanish i dont understand a word but the end of this movie was kind of funny or frieza what feerd beeruf from interfeer the fight

  • imelda gracia

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    Watch : http://goo.gl/Nr9zIk