New Pirate Warriors 3 Gameplay Shows Off Akainu, Garp, Whitebeard and More


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  • chris

    We all know that march 23rd is the anticipated dates and if you don’t know why back into the shame corner with you

  • Kiera

    Look all very good and like in PW 2, Kizaru seems to get un upgrade in Reach for his controllable Lasers and his R2 not only stuns and brings eniemies down.

    • Buru

      Your name…Your comment…
      Are the same Kiera from Arlong Park?

      • RuffyDragonGarp

        Yes she is

      • Kiera

        Yes as RuffyDragonGarp already said, i’m also on Saiyan Island and Gematsu and Siliconera 🙂 Its good tosee fellow One Piece Fans 🙂

  • Buru

    Is there any scan?

  • Monkey D. Luffy


    • Yep as you saw from my previous translation! Also new translated scan coming soon 😉

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        perfect 🙂