32 Screenshots for Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Second Downloadable Pack Revealed


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  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    Mira’s dress or bottom cape is missing for the costom character (Male).

    • son goku

      Ik i was like wtf

  • DeathPointZ

    So looks like Mira and Towa will have their own unique move set.

  • Paul Rooney

    Is there going to be a DLC for SSJ4 Vegeta since i didnt get it with my pre-ordered Traveling Trunks Edition? -_-

    • AzIz

      Probably yes , after some months like BOZ

    • micheal johnson

      BN said no, now they could have been lying but I doubt it. There will most likely be an xv2 so it’s not like you’ll never play as him.

      • AzIz

        They said the same thing about BOZ , but they released Vegito and SS Bardock at the end

        • Jordan Maurice

          but people kept complaining because it wasnt a way to get both without buying the game twice unless you finessed best by or gamestop which was the main problem while this is a little different as everyone was given the opportunity to get it so to say

          • Paul Rooney

            Its really stupid, i bought the most expensive version of the game which was also pre-ordered and yet no steel case or DLC.
            It really ticked me off.

            • Jordan Maurice

              whered you pre order from I just pre orderd at gamestop and got the dlc and metal case I also pre ordered my season pass there and had no problems if you got the trunks travel edition from amazon you should be able to contact them about your missing items

            • I gave away my SSJ4 Vegeta + Armor code but I never got a metal case lol.

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    DLC, crappy DLC everywhere!

  • tylerc23

    Can anyone help?

    I beat the Story, so can I make more NEW characters. Like I was a saiyan but I want to make a Frieza race character too. Can I do that? and How?

    • Dontay Franklin

      At the start menu when you are about to pick your created character just go down to new slot and then you can make another

  • neptunder

    i wonder will their accessories be obtainable too
    (mira’s skirt looking thing and towa cape looking thing)

  • Strawhat

    The DLC looks good BUT i think Mira and Towa should have been playable from the beginning rather than being DLC, a little greedy but I guess I shouldn’t complain.