Latest One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 TV Spot Shows Shanks In Action


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  • Emmanuel Casseus


  • bleadze

    Shank!!!! Ok F it I can’t wait for August I’ll get the Japanese version

    • Byakuya

      Who said that game comes august? Trailer said SUMMER 2015 It can be july or june

      • Kiera

        PW comes normaly in August like PW 1 and PW 2 so its certainky August.

      • bleadze

        That’s what people are telling me may june July is still far away for me knowing that it comes out in the ending of this month in Japan

      • RuffyDragonGarp

        According to Amazon the game will be released on August 31.

        • British_Otaku

          Placeholder date. You should be suspicious of any date which falls on the end of a month for that reason.

    • Ali Mustafa

      It comes out in August they said in an interview so I was like f it as well I’m importing it even tho I’m paying like 60£ lol it’s worth it

      • bleadze

        Same lol I better learn Japanese fast lol or I’ll just wait for anime online or a youtube page to do an English translation

  • Kiera

    One Move but this looks already epic. 3 Days maybe 2 for me 😀

  • funnymitchell

    15 seconds game stuff. 30 seconds that other annoying stuff

  • MrZe1598

    psn profiles already has the trophy list for the game, though its in japanese so i didnt understand much, but it seems to me its more or less the same as pirate warriors 2