Dragon Ball Xenoverse Adds Golden Frieza, Jaco As New Master and New Extras in DLC Pack 3


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  • Kamen No Otoko


  • Iván

    Naruto Storm 4 or One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 scan today??? THANKS Shonen Gamez!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No naruto this week

    • DI

      The one piece game was already released so theres no point

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new in the scans. Xenoverse was already released and we have new scans right?

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          right, PW3 can make DLC with new characters

          • Iván

            Thanks ThegameTagerZ, then maybe One Peace scan..

        • DI

          cause these are dlcs if tecmo doesnt make any new content for the one piece game theres no point on making new scans

          • TheGameTagerZ

            Same goes for Xenoverse. I fail to see the point here.

            Going to end it here though. Was just proving the point on One Piece.

            • DI

              how is this the same if they are showing new things and tecmo may or may not have nothing new to show?

              • British_Otaku

                Point is like TheGameTagerZ says that games often get supported by DLC weeks and months after launch even the last two 3DS One Piece games did this and the Pirate Warriors series has always had DLC.

                • DI

                  but theres no dlc yet so making a scan would make no sense cause they got nothing to show that you cant see for yourself in the game

  • DI

    I thought gohans clothes couldnt look worse till I saw this

    • James sku


  • White Fang

    Very surprising. Kinda hope to see the Goku and Vegeta gi’s in the future.

    • tylerc23

      Probably Pack 4

      • Saiyan Hunter Alchemist

        But there is only 3 packs

        • Scott Baker

          plenty games have gotten dlc and expanstions that are not listed in season passes

          seaon pass allows you get get the content that is listed in it when it comes out. and future content =
          season pass says dlc 1 2 and 3 , future content = anything after 3

  • Glad to see that he is coming to Xenoverse as well.

  • AzIz

    other mentor with Jaco ? interesting

  • Why would they make Jaco the new master but not give us the Galactic Patrolman uniform? Giving us Gohan’s outfit makes no sense. How can I be a Super Elite without the uniform!?

  • Guardian Byakko

    I’m hoping for Super Saiyan God Vegeta (if he actually does reach that level in the new movie), and/or new variations of Vegeta and Goku from their training with Whis.

    • Scott Baker

      Nope possible vegeta went ssj god of screen to be giving chance to train with whis to even match gokus base form. rember all goku vegeta had done training wise is push the super saiyan forms to best they can and trained transformed = they have crippled there natrual base gain. goku had even tried to master ssj3 but it cant be done and beerus flat out says

      base goku cant beat final form frieza that means base goku has not gotten stronger since the zenkai boost after namek. only his super saiyan mastery and ssj2 ssj3 have been boosting him to fight stronger opponents like cell and buu.

      what super saiyan god did after he absorbed it was make his base form alot stronger and that the 50x boost from ssj allowed his ssj= power in god form.

      goku got lucky but what toriyama said goku would and vegeta do is train there base form and master super saiyan one. rember if the base form is strong the multiplyer from the transformation is higher.

      thats why base goku was able to fight final form frieza and most part stronger. then it was he absorbed it and by mastering ssj toriyama expects goku will push first super saiyan to acces the boosts of ssj2 and ssj3 with out there sadistic saiyan instincts and ssj3 drain and strain.

      sorry for my bad writing got cold but ill simply it

      end namek: zenkai boost base goku slightly stronger ssj x50 can beat frieza and his dad

      android:base form no increase mostly trained in ssj with gohan to master ssj control

      buu:base stat still same mostly trained with weights transformed dose not aid in strengthening base form as it makes training to easy gokus primary training was advancing ssj2 and ssj3
      bog: goku continued to try master ssj3 meet beerus beerus tells him his base stat couldnt beat frieza meaning only his super saiyan forms had he mostly focused his time trying to master to no avail when ssj3 to his weak base stat was a joke,

      goku becomes a god and asborbs the power. base goku is alot stronger proberly = base goku(from before the god mode) transformed to sj2 or ssj3

      new stronger base goku transformed to ssj= ssj god power vs beerus

      see my point goku base strenght has been same in dbz since end namek only his strenght came from him evolveing and unlocking ssj2 and ssj3

      bog evolved his base stat so his ssj1 x50 = ssj god goku power

      goku is spending time mastering super saiyan pushing it to acces the boost he gets when he gose ssj2 and ssj3 so in sence

      goku vegeta training with whis and further more in future =
      if they ever transformedt o say for goku went ssj3 it would still drain because its unmasterable

      but if he then went ssj instead hes masterd it to acces the multiplyer of ssj3 so goku ssj= ssj3 now thats what toriyama ment by not needing ssj2 ssj3 and mastering base form and ssj
      further reason goku wont transform in this movie is because his base form

      is just slightly under his god form power rember that goku only used 80% power in god

      when goku went ssj in bog it = the 80% he used in god mode so since ssj is flat 50x multiplyer

      base goku x50=80% bog power goku

      add in whiss training over space of year id say since there training with OUT transroming there base strenght are going to rise so

      if goku ever went ssj in F
      it would either = 100% god goku form or
      exceed it

      • Guardian Byakko

        I do see where you were coming from, but since godku is in xenoverse, and gold freeza will be soon enough I was saying god Vegeta would be a nice addition movie and game wise. Also I thought that goku absorbed the power attained from god mode , and that was what increased his base power…which also increased ssj1? Not to mention Vegeta said he’d be the one to reach god level at the end of bog, so there is that chance. In bog vegeta was training his base form b4 berrus arrived, and if vegeta got god mode at one point then the gap between him and goku would be smaller. Not to mention wasn’t goku using full power and beerus was the one actually using like 80% of his full power?

        • Scott Baker

          no i think beerus said “im not even using 80% of my power” and goku said to be honest im going at about 80% my self” and so beerus amp ted it up, yes gokus base form got stronger because of boost and in turn so did his ssj toriyama explained in interview because of this goku wouldnt need to go beyond that form anymore. reason is he cant be botherd drawing ssj2 ssj3 so hes basicly saying goku will master ssj to acces the further forms boosts. thats what he ment by goku focus on mastering his base form and ssj after bog.
          so if goku went ssj3 now he has the ssj 3 drain and saiyan ego.
          at some point goku will master ssj to point that if he gose full power ssj= same power as if he went ssj3 but with no draw backs.

          • Guardian Byakko

            Well I still want a ssjg vegeta or at least another VARIATION of goku and Vegeta for xenoverse and the new movie just as i was simply saying earlier and I think I’m done replying to you so peace out.

            • Alex

              He talks too much.

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    Well that was quick. XD

  • Gamejtv

    Mentor Jaco far superior to Golden Frieza. We can be super elites

  • Saiyan Hunter Alchemist

    Expected this, but still very exciting

  • Kamehouse

    Where is master roshi suit they promise us?

    • This is the Japanese DLC pack 3. The Master Roshi suit/accessory + gesture came with the game here in Japan.

  • Rodrigo

    Golden Freeza was not a dlc given buying the movie ticket ? now they just want more and more money and make it cost

    • In the early movie goer pack (limited), you get `Revival of F` version Goku clothing for your custom character.

      • Rodrigo

        Oh I thought it was the whole DLC =/

  • I think the 3rd Character is Demigra^^.
    Why should they put Mira and Tower in but not Demigra xd

  • bleadze

    The only good thing bout dlc pac 3 is golden frieza cause I deffo don’t want jaco or gohans costume… I thought we might be able to get the goku costume for the people not seeing the movie how about vegeta costume it’s awesome you giving me gohan track suit??? No thank you

  • Isn’t Goku supposed to get his Resurrection F costume? Or was that a movie promotion deal?

    • Sorry for the late reply but yes it`s only available (so far) as a costumes for your character.

      • Ok, so it’s only for your custom character?