One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 – Sabo and Carp Costume Luffy Gameplay


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  • chris

    If I end up not winning this game I will get it imported from but wanted to ask you guys if there is a difference between these two copies?

    If anyone knows and can tell me it would be appreciated thanks.

    • NoFreeShippuden

      The only difference is the regional PSN you would use to redeem DLC. The Asia version would be used with the Hong Kong PSN, whereas the Japanese version would require you to use the Japanese PSN.

      All other content is identical.

      • chris

        awesome thanks for the info

  • Strawhat

    Epic haha, even more hyped for this game now!

  • Remember guys and girls, you cannot use the Carp Costume during the Main Story!

    • Kiera

      Hey Jack there is already DLC out, 11 free Costumes and one 100 Yen DLC, can you tell me what this is? I bought it and fought its a Challenge but there is no Challenge Mode I guess its Dream Log now.

      • It`s an Online Challenge for 100 yen. The other costumes were costumes from PW2 Perona costumes.

        • Kiera

          Thank you but how do I use Onlien Challenges, maybe I must beat the Game first.

  • Kiera

    Love this Costumes and Sabo plays very cool but for me limited since he is Level 5.

  • Hagaren

    They give Luffy the carp costume but no Gladiator Lucy or even better, Afro Luffy?
    Maybe DLC down the line?

    • Roger França

      Forget that, what about Zoro’s white shirt?

      • Hagaren

        Trust me, I’m baffled that 3 games in and he still doesn’t have it….
        Also Nami’s white and blue shirt now that I think about it.

        • NZH97

          Nami clothing is jus for fanservice but annoyed about no Zoro white shirt

          • Hagaren

            I’ll be honest, I like Zoro’s yellow Enies Lobby shirt a lot. But still, I definitely think he should have the classic white shirt too. Weird it’s still not in….

            • NZH97

              yh. i actually want them to be in suits aswell like in dressrosa

              • Hagaren

                I don’t think they are, unfortunately. Law doesn’t even seem to have his Dressrosa hoodie-jacket and Luffy doesn’t have the black Hawaii shirt.
                And there’s no movies in this one so no Strong World suits either….

                • NZH97

                  could be DLC . they do add a lot of costumes like Strong World and i saw Thriller Bark and Saobondy . Luffycwas wearing his blue attire

                  • As you progress through the game, you can buy certain costumes with Berries in the Berry shop (Like Nico Robins Ms. All-Sunday costume etc) but currently the DLC costumes are the PW2 costumes + Perona costumes (+ Luffy/Zoro and Sanjis Film Z movie costumes).

                    • NZH97

                      do we need to rebuy it if we already have it from PW2

                    • Sorry I cant comment on this as I have had different version of each game (PW1 on PS3, PW2 on Vita and PW3 on PS4) so I don`t know if DLC costumes are transferable :(!

                    • NZH97

                      damn it lol. anyways thanks for trying to assist and when is ppl named winner for the competition

                    • chris

                      Hey I was wondering if you could try to translate the online menus and also had a couple of questions/requests.

                      Could you try to find out how to share play local co-op on this game being that I have been trying but the first time I had my friend use a US account and it wouldn’t work so I then made him a Japanese account which then worked and after I got as far as to being able to give him the co-op controller but it said “the host is in a blocked scene please wait” and I even tried all the different game modes such as dream log/legend log/online etc. and still no luck I would appreciate it if you could try to figure this out for me.

                    • Every single cutscene or story scene is blocked even if you were to share play. This game is a difficult game to share play due to this.
                      Also I may have to play around to see whats up as the recent 2.50 update has added a LOT of stuff so it`S a game changer. Will try and look into it.
                      About translations, sure I will get on it when I have free time.

                    • chris

                      Ok awesome I will continue to try and I probably will email PSN to see if they know whats up and I HATE that cutscene blocking thing

  • Saikou Braza nii-san

    What console is this gameplay from? PS3 or PS4?

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    How many characters will this game have?

    • NZH97


      • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

        There are more but only if you count the post and pre-time skip characters.

  • TG Bingo

    will we get these over here when it comes

  • chris

    Does anyone know whether it would be faster to have the game imported from play-asia or get PSN cards and if so how much would I need (guessing around 8000 Yen) and also how does buying PSN cards off of play-asia work does it come in mail or do I get it digitally and if so any links for walkthroughs of inputting the codes?

    Any help would be appreciated thanks

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The PSN Card codes shows up on your play-asia order. You go your orders on the website and the code will show up under your order in less than 5 minutes.

      You’ll probably need slightly over 8,000 yen because of the JP taxes on PSN. I would say 8,400yen at least

  • Jeff

    I have the code and all that but where do I go to redeem it on ps4