One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Doflamingo Edition Revealed for Europe


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  • TG Bingo

    Anyone know where I can order this that imports to canada

    • judaÏ

      Play Asia or nin nin game

  • RuffyDragonGarp

    “Luffy as a Giant Fish” What do they mean with Giant?

    And are there any Mission DLC’s coming? I only remember costume DLC’s

    • Kiera

      They mean the Fish Costume. And there is already a Mission DLC in Japanese Store but not sure how to access it. So yes there will be more like PW 2 get.

  • Dontay Franklin

    Revival of F ending and more have been leaked. Also the Blue Super Saiyan has been confirmed!

  • Enzevil

    The metal case looks awesome!

  • Kiera

    Already orderd mine. Sadly no OST but better than nothing.

  • D Cole

    I know this isn’t related to the article but is there a reason Shonengamez doesn’t post anything manga related like Naruto, OP ?The only thing manga related is Dragon Ball Z.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Because other websites tend to cover before us. DBZ we usually have news on it before others. When the new naruto manga is out we might cover it but most likely not. We won’t be able to touch on everything especially with a small team like us. Expect 98% of our news to be anime gaming related.

      • D Cole

        Ok I see, thanks for the explaination. Reason I asked is because I think SI is retarded or run by special education people. Not insulting anyone though.

  • Francesco Esposito

    The game is confirmed for ps vita in europe?

    • NZH97

      It is but they don’t get these awesome items or edition. Only standard edition.