Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Trailer Released, Will Have More Than 20 Playable Characters

In 3DS

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  • DI

    damn thats a ton of support only

  • Makes sense. Most true fighters don’t have big overblown rosters. Makes for diversity.

  • -Big G-

    Only 20 characters…however it is for 3ds so isn’t strange.Bardack and Broly seriously are popular to be in every db game

  • Launch with her Machine Gun OraOra Rush. A Mix of Joseph + Jotaro wooo~~~

  • Mike Makc

    It’s a “real” versus fighting game it was obvious there wouldn’t have been 100 playable characters. 20 is already a good number for a balanced game.

  • Buru

    If I had a japanese 3Ds, I would have imported this & Super Grand Battle X

  • Gamejtv

    20? Not that that’s really awful, the playable characters seem alright, but you have 100 assist characters. Come on guys.

  • nilcam

    It looks like it’ll play like a nice mixture of Arc Sys and DBZ. As a fan of Guilty Gear, that is very exciting! Also, GG Xrd has a fairly small roster of 17 characters and it is brilliant.

  • Gohanks Yan

    the graphics are really crap for a 3DS platafform, i don’t know what price they are asking for it, but it is a crappy game aged 20 years.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s called 2D gaming. The game has really nice sprites. Not everything has to be 2D with 3D models. Project X Zone was a good looking game as well.

    • nilcam

      That is an ignorant statement. The detail and animation in these sprites surpass anything possible 20 years ago. SNK is historically one of the best 2D companies out there. To get an idea of 20 year old sprites versus current technology, compare King of Fighters 95 and King of Fighters XIII.

      • Gohanks Yan

        I respect your opinion, but i would never pay more than 20 bucks for this game. Dragon ball Z Shin Budokai is far better than this one.

        • nilcam

          You cannot know that as this game is not even out yet.

          • Gohanks Yan

            And i don’t need it.

            Shin budokai has better graphics, more characters and the gameplay is even better than burst limit.

            • British_Otaku

              It is more than possible that this may be a better game than Shin Budokai and Burst Limit is the worst post-Budokai 3 Budokai-esque game for mechanics.

              3D models doesn’t necessarily make for a better look than 2D sprites.

              In both cases, Arc System Works have delivered with some of the generation’s best visuals and combat with 2D in BlazBlue.

            • nilcam

              I feel bad for you for being so closed minded. Historically, the best fighting games have sprite-based graphics.

              There are some legitimate reasons to not import; specifically region-locking and the costs associated with that. But to decide it’s not good based on its graphics alone is pretty sad.

  • Sinu

    Anyone else think this looks like that Hyper DBZ game that was made by fans recently?