Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Second DLC Pack Coming Out April 14th in North America


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  • Cev256

    You sure it’s the 18th? That’s a Saturday and the Playstation store updates on Tuesdays, which during that week the 14th is a Tuesday.

    • 14th it was a typo on the body paragraph. The title said 14th tho.

  • Theunknown

    A little confused… Title says the 14th but the description below says 18th, so which one is it?

  • Pretty sure its the 14th.

  • NZH97

    When is the European one being released?

  • Hayate Omega ZX

    My is Pan even getting dumped if she’s 8 in GT? Kids these days I swear….

  • D Cole

    Can you believe that the college I attend just blocked this site for being a game website? They blocked psn also. The bullshit is real with these people. They just blocked it from the servers today.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Haha I didn’t know College even block sites (my college doesn’t at least unless it’s really inappropriate)

      • D Cole

        It’s like they blocked everything that deals with games. Well I atill got my phone data to continue to come on this site.

      • MoatsG

        There is a YouTuber named “cidrashacker” uploading almost all of your videos on his/her channel. Do you know of this?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          I noticed that earlier this week. Not sure what I want to do yet since it might be a bot.

    • Morgiana

      My school blocked this site as well.