Bleach: Brave Souls Gets New 30 Second Gameplay Trailer


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  • Twenty-Fifth Baam

    Finally something bleach related

  • Lunos

    Welp.. now this video shows how different it looks than Soul Carnival.
    The model’s size is different just like the shader.
    Still, being exclusive for smartphones means bullshit.

  • I’d like this to come to the U.S hopefully. One Piece treasure cruise is doing great right now.

  • Enzevil

    This game actually looks quite good! Would be fun for the 3DS and Vita as well!

  • I completed all quizzes and pre-registered for Hitsugaya so I`m looking forward to my ultimate powers!!! BRING ITTTTTT

  • Gamejtv


  • luis

    There is a new gameplay trailer for rukia. You should posted it