Goku’s Latest Super Saiyan God Form Will Be Playable In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

In 3DS

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  • bleadze

    I hope it has new move sets cause I can predict it’s still kamehaha x something then spirit bomb instansmission and dragon fist lol

    • Bobby Jennings/Godless

      Goku has no new moves

      • bleadze

        lol then I really don’t see the point he achieves a new level they just change the colour of his moves and that’s it…. I still feel all this god modes especially since it has a time limit should be part of the transformation like clothes but it is what it is

    • British_Otaku

      This is Arc System Works, one of the last developers you should expect cosmetic differences from so I can see the movement and style being very different.

      Special moves? Yeah, even Arc System probably won’t be able to make those interestingly distinctive and that goes double for the movie.

  • Gamejtv

    Of course he is

  • AzIz

    I’m waiting for Xenoverse version of this news

    • Guardian Byakko

      Same here

    • 0kratos

      I think is Impossible :'(

      • Saiyan Hunter Alchemist

        No it’s not, if they put frieza then it’s highly likely that they will put goku and vegeta

    • TheGameTagerZ

      English only please. Deleted your last comment.

      • AzIz

        Sorry about that , that was my friend lol

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    This game doesn’t waste time with its roster. XD

  • nilcam

    The June issue of V Jump is due out on 4/21. Does the July issue come out the same day?