Super Saiyan God: Super Saiyan Goku Joins DBZ Dokkan Battle


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  • AzIz

    Guess they want to save Xenoverse for the last lol

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Maybe V-Jump

      • Xicor

        Do you think they will put gokus new form in xenoverse

        • Of course they will. They put Golden Frieza in it.

        • Well there is the SSGSS Goku clothes pack that early Resurrection F movie goers (in Japan) will receive, so I think there will be no actual character dlc.

    • DI

      If he is in the game or not theres no difference it is just blue haired ssj1 he doesnt have new moves or anything

      • Scott Baker

        you just proved my point.. people keep calling it a new transforfking mation its not.

        its his NORMAL Super saiyan after the effects of becoming a god. making his super saiyan infused with the god world to point he no longer as toriyama has stated in bog interview. any use for ssj2 or ssj3 any more as the form surpasses both.

        the diffrences being for game is that his stats for this form will be stronger then his ssj3 ssj4 and god form.

  • Xicor

    I really want to play dokkan battle on my iphone so bad it isn’t funny

    • DI

      Really? That game looks shtty as fck

  • Potarapower

    Goku’s hair looks more green in this one than blue..

  • Goku1085

    Could anyobody please make me a thorough walkthrough on how to make/create the Future Warrior (the main promotional character from the trailers, posts, promos, you know, the Saiyan with the Red Hair and the Time Patrol Uniform) with specific settings for the body (Hair, Eyes, Nose, Pupils, Ears, Height etc.) and the colors (Eyes, Hair, Time Patrol Suit)?? It would be really appreciated as I would love to make one! Thanks!! ^_^