Battle Types Removed In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Story Mode Gameplay Revealed


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  • NZH97


  • Juvis

    Battle types was a terrible idea!

  • Mikeyoshi

    Why is the entire demo just one QTE event?

    • SuperSagejin

      It wasn’t.

  • Gamejtv


  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Damn. I think the Battle types could have worked even better since you have three playable fighters in one fight.

    • STigersPrank

      yeah exactly what i thought … now i hope the batle type splitting wasnt completely removed but just distributed to you teammates..that would work alot better…imo

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Yeah. I was looking at it like that

    • EliteTrainerXeos

      All three characters share ONE health bar.

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Yeah I learned that today

  • tony

    Thank God no battle types them mushed together was so much better

  • Leland South

    Thank god no battle types.

  • JediWaffle

    hope they make a ps3 version in the furture

    • DI

      they wont since they are using the “more space, graphics and easier development” bs to make it for next gen and pc only cause according to them they cant make a good game in last gen consoles even thou bigger and better companies are still making better cross gen games

      • TheGameTagerZ

        You’ve been here for a long time and I never seen you say anything positive about anything. It’s almost as if you’re programmed to argue and go against the grain.

        Not saying that you never have a point (there were a few cases I agreed with you), but it’s something I’ve noticed.

        • DI

          never? you should check again, actually I got you an example from not too long ago, when you made the post about the naruto whatever r2 game I said it looked better than storm games so… I only say bad things about stuff that have something bad I could point

          • TheGameTagerZ

            Okay maybe not ever but basically most of the time. Well you were sort of half right with R2 even the developer who commented disagreed with some of the things you said (which ended up being a 2 week argument with you and someone else there).

            I’m not trying to say don’t say this and that. You’re a big boy you can make your own decisions, but I’d advise for the sake of not having my emails blown up with battles between you and whoever to tone it down a bit.

            To be very clear you aren’t doing nothing wrong right now. Just something I should have told you months ago.

            • DI

              well bro is not my fault I just express what I think and you know that every single thing in the world has its fanboys and they just cant accept a negative comment against the thing they like so the only way that could stop would be rather saying everything is good or not commenting

        • Bdock3601

          He’s literally always that way, don’t believe that. He is 90% commenting on things he doesn’t like 10% comments on things he does.

      • Ahtma

        To CC2’s credit, they’ve had a situation before where they literally ran out of disk space on PS3/360. Asura’s Wrath had to have its actual ending rebundled as DLC because they couldn’t fit it on one disk.

        • DI

          Thats what they say but do we have any prove? Theres a lot of games with way more content that fit in 1 disk

          • Ahtma

            That’s not what CC2 said, that’s what data miners found out when they cracked the game files for Asura’s Wrath.

            • DI

              Ive never seen a data miner looking forthings related to disk space but anyway if thats true they got to learn a couple of things about resources management cause that game doesnt even has other modes besides story

              • Ahtma

                It still does feature quite a bit on its own though. Keep in mind no cutscene in the game is pre-rendered and there are tons and tons of objects and models only used in singular instances, as well as sounds, audio files, and maps.

                • DI

                  but still you think those things would take more space than a game with at least 5 different modes, several characters, tons of cutscenes, several maps, tons of sounds, etc? h3ll no, I would understand if it was an rpg but no

                  • PurexedSolify ;

                    It depends.

                    PS3/360 are very limited in space, hence why we mostly always get DLC for games.

                    Granted, we still get DLC for PS4/XB1 but now it’s a trend and a profitable tactic.

                    Either way, current gen has a lot more possibilities because they have more space to create much vaster games.

                    We shouldn’t get the short end of the stick anymore with these consoles.

                    • DI

                      It has more space but the problem is that they never used all the space they could have used and are using that as an excuse to stick to next gen and brainwash fanboys to make then move gens and get more money from them, I bet they will make a lot of dlc even thou they have more space so theres no difference

    • tylerc23

      They won’t. There will never be anything good on Last Gen ever again after Summer 2015. Time to move on to the better console

      • DI

        You sure? Cause theres still some games being announced for both gens to be released on fall or winter actually like 2 days ago a new saint seiya game was announced for ps3/4 and pc

    • Correllroy

      They wont. Becuz Kishmoto said this time, no PS3 or 360 becuz there focusing on the next gen consoles and PC. Meaning tht no PS3 or 360 version for a while.

  • No more Battle Types? Thank God. All they need to do it remove counter attack and put back relay attack. Then this game would be epic.

    • jonikon

      yeah totally agree/really hated that stupid battle types system

      • Byakuya

        but if u remove counters. its harder to stop melee circle button smashers??

        • PurexedSolify ;

          Yeah, and?

          We’ve dealt with it for three games now.

          • NPS

            No…Just no…. yes this looks amazing but the thing they need to do is focus on gameplay so they can fix all this spam stuff because from what ive see from 4 is basically DLC nothing really game changing or new tell the truth.

    • Juan Ray González

      and get rid of the enhaced battle system it makes the game ridicously slow

  • DI

    they are focusing too much in the last and story mode I think the roster is gonna lack of characters everybody wants again

  • Remix Koetsu

    Good. Types were a stupid idea that limited the already basic combat. I’m waiting to see if they screwed up my Tag Mode before I decide if I’ll skip another of their games.

    • Akirascreaming

      Skip it who cares cause we gonna enjoy as hell why you wait another 1 2 years lol

      • Remix Koetsu

        I’m sure some people will. Others aren’t as easily suckered into paying for minimal improvements each year.

        • DI

          XD you killed him

  • tylerc23

    Why do Gamikichi look so slimy 🙁

    • BATMAN

      Hes a toad


    i like old katsuyu not a new one

  • No more Battle Types is good I guess since quite a majority didn’t like it. Then again some did like it but hey I think what they did is for the best, to be able to use everything you can in a battle is great! Its also said that characters will indeed share a health bar and that wall-battles is up to debate between the team right now since they’re trying to find a way to balance it, if they don’t find a good solution to balance soon then they said they may leave it as a boss battle mechanic.

    • Saeko Busujima

      they better do somthing with counter, make it like irukas tilt or somthing or a nockback like you dashing at a block

  • Saeko Busujima

    good news, no my types! bad news… we in the dark about whats going on with counter… i god damn hate that shyt!

  • Saeko Busujima

    this be me when kaguya and Madara jinchuuriki is announced. the pure epicness blowing through my hair

  • Whatchadointherebro

    Awesome gameplay 🙂

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    Ayyyy, more flashy boss battles. Sooo, when is multiplayer gonna get
    some added sht? I mean likeeeee, this story mode is cool and
    aallllll… But… None of this sht is going to be in multiplayer.
    Who gonna pay 60 dollars for a game who’s defining feature
    so far is what i assume to be 4 – 6 boss battles in total and the same
    multiplayer gameplay lol…
    (Oh, I know who. :T)

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    Finally those stupid battle types were removed and I don’t see what was the purpose of them being in revolution anyway.

  • Juan Ray González

    “weapon break” = cuts off his arms… smh

  • Well this is good news, since:

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    A new interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama confirmed that the new Leader Change system will have the characters share the same health bar when they switch. If the character you’re currently using is in Awakening Mode, then they’ll remain in that state when you switch out and then back in again.

    Also, Wall Running might only be a Boss Battle feature only. They said that they’re having difficulty in how to balance it out in free battle, so that once person can be on the wall while one is on the ground.

    Full interview can be found here.

  • micheal johnson

    i hope they don’t scrap the wall battles in vs that would really add another dimension to game play, especially if they add 2v2 , 3v3, and 4v4.

  • Marko Stamenkovic

    Damn, i want a PS3 version so badly. I wanna finish the whole Naruto saga on one system, just like MGS. Can’t afford a PS4, hell i could barely afford a PS3 year and a half ago (was on PSP and Wii until then).

  • Adam james

    looks awful .

  • EvJ

    I actually liked using types, Awakening types made for easier canceling that doesn’t consume chakra