J-Stars Victory Vs. + Will Be 30fps On Both The PS3 and PS4 Due To “Game Balance”, No New Characters Will Be Added


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  • Leland South

    Okay then resolved my problem.. Not getting it lol

  • Kiera

    Have no Problem with 30 Frames and no new Character is totaly ok I will use Medaka, Killua and the One Piece Ones, sometimes Dragon Ball. It has enough for me. Ok new ones would be awesome but not necessary for me.

  • Ikki Minami

    So in other words it is literally the EXACT same as the last ones with subs and “game balance” so i expected to see some new characters at least like zoro/hibari/jotaro but of course not man I am so dissapointed…

    • Ahtma

      For the longest time this coming to the west and being officially translated/localized looked impossible, so I’m just grateful it’s coming here at all.

      • British_Otaku

        I’m grateful for the notion of Toriko and Medaka being in games let alone localised ones, but as far as I can tell there is no reason to double dip especially with the core game being poor and shallow…

        They need to direct their energy towards good games and I hope that PxZ2 along with others turn out well.

      • Ikki Minami

        Dont get me wrong im pumped for it as well but I imported the last one and I feel like MOST people played a few select characters and so I would have liked to at least have a couple more to make it feel more complete since they took about a year to come out with it

    • lewis beechey

      Also an arcade mode

  • Ryan Castrillo

    I’ll admit it . I was really bummed out about no new characters . That still doesn’t deter me from getting it . I still will be getting it maybe also for psvita :3

  • Drameister

    Get the game, still complains…ppl can never be satisfied

    • Remix Koetsu

      Some people already have the Japanese version. No character additions makes buying the localization pretty pointless.

      • mishon

        Really? I say that’s pretty ungratefull if you asked me we made out voices known just to get this game finally we get to come here but here are people complaining just because we don’t get new characters in a +version what we’re any of you even expecting? I saw this coming but didn’t really care. Geez it’s like none of you know what you want

        • Remix Koetsu

          Of course people know what they want. Additional content for a “+version”.

          An English translation is nice for people who don’t already have it, but this localization was announced far too late.

      • sunny

        In this version there is balance changes and new arcade mode and maybe other minor changes, also if your not japanese you can’t really enjoy the japanese one can you

        • Remix Koetsu

          Arcade Mode is just Consecutive Free Battle. That and a few character tweaks still don’t warrant a re-purchase for many people.

          And of course you can enjoy it in a different language. It’s a fighting game. Guides show you every card effect, and punching people in the face is the same in every language.

  • shaddrag

    Chitoge best girl!

  • Akirascreaming


  • Gamejtv

    So, basically no differences between PS3 version and PS4

    • Well, the PS4 version will allow you to take screenshots, stream your gameplay, and save video captures of your experience.
      If you have a capture card for your PS3, then it’s nothing special, but if you don’t, then the PS4 copy is the one to buy.

      • Gamejtv

        The game itself won’t really be changed. I don’t count stuff like 1080p and other PS4 features

        • sunny

          For me, the main changer is the controller, I can’t stand the old small ps3 controller, the ps4 controller is perfect for me 😀

          • Gamejtv

            Again, not in relation to the actual game. You can get a different controller for the PS3

            • sunny

              For me I’m getting ps4 version over ps3 for many reasons,

              better graphics,

              My ps3 Japanese copy of this game fps drops a bit I can tell, if ps4 also 30 then for sure it’s gonna be 100% stable no drops,

              Ps4 controller,

              will be the more popular one so more people online on PS4 version so more people to play with and will last longer and and more nearby online opponents for better connection, people are moving away from ps3 alot

              All my friends getting it on PS4,

              Building up ps4 game collection, old ps3 collection not so cool anymore lol

              Maybe improved loading,

              Shareplay!, for some of my friends who do not own this I can do 2 player co-op with them as well!

              Basically the definitive edition.

              • Gamejtv

                Ok, that’s fine. All those things are good reasons. I just think it’s weird that they don’t change anything from the two versions. It makes me wonder what the + even means

                • sunny

                  Maybe just mostly the added Arcade mode which was really needed. Also some changes like balancing characters as Japanese version some characters were too op and maybe other behind the scenes minute changes

        • There’s also Remote Play.
          You can play the PS4 version through your Vita.
          I know you could just get the Vita version, but still

    • luis

      Ps3 is 1080p?

  • Mike Makc

    The fact they add a “+” to the title with nothing new except a a re balancing and an arcade mode is really fu**ing dumb.

    • And English translations. Don’t forget English translations

      • Mike Makc

        You don’t add a + to every title you localize…

        • TheGameTagerZ

          You don’t.

          So they added an arcade.

          • Mike Makc

            The occidental version of jojo ASB also add an arcade mode

            but nothing was add in the title. That’s how it should be.

            • Bdock3601

              It was also released on new platforms

              • Mike Makc

                That’s true, buteven on PS4 the version has nthing “+”

        • I was just agreeing with you.

          • Mike Makc

            Oh sorry, didn’t understand it tht way.

  • Aoi Miharu

    I just hope in the second one there is as many characters that the DS games have or more. 😀

  • Kazunori Hasan

    what about cross play ? ps4 users can play with ps3 users?

  • Asuka gonna get dat booty


  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    Kinda disappointing that there won’t be any new characters but least the game is coming to North America.

  • I’m just glad it’s getting an English release. It would be nice if it at least got DLC characters, but I never expected more characters to begin with.
    Well, Project X Zone is getting a sequel. Maybe this game will get one too. Jump Superstars got a sequel. I wonder if any of the returning characters would be up to date? Naruto and Sasuke with their Sage powers, Vegeta at least wearing his Buu Saga outfit, etc.

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    I want to know if the PS4 version has a fullscreen for the split screen on local coop. I hate that “framed” screen on the PS3 version.

  • sunny

    Il get the Vita version 🙂 don’t care about frames

  • CommentingComment

    As someone who hasn’t even played the game at all, I’m not dissapointed. Besides, aside from side characters from a few series, everyone i want was already in .Gon,Killua,Tsuna,Luffy,Naruto,Goku,Bobobo, Yusuke, Hiei,Madara, Jonathan, And Joesph.

    Plus, there’s characters that look interesting from series i have never seen or read like Gintoki.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    I wanna know exactly what’s being balanced.

    I gotta admit, I’m disappointed about not having 60fps, it seemed doable

  • Kogure Yuuya

    Well I ain’t buying this again, but good for those who wanted a localized version

  • Rygar Belmont

    im happy if i an play with kenshiro and raoh