Why Do Fans Insist On Asking For Non-Weekly Shonen Jump Characters In J-Stars?


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  • poopstorm

    I’m pretty sure it’s just because people don’t understand how publishers and magazines work, or don’t know about them. They just see a lot of popular anime they like, and they want more characters from other anime they like.

    • Mike Makc

      Yeah I completely agree with that. People you are not completly into manga stuff don’t really understand the way they work due to not caring about the edia or being unexperienced (a large portion of them are children).

  • jwilli01

    i just wish they could put in alucard or alexander anderson

    • DI

      if theres any crossover game with their publishing companies they must be in that game but you will never find them in any game of other company

  • jwilli01

    too bad they’re own by dark horse manga

  • DI

    cause some ppl dont even know theres different publishers, they think all mangas are just drawn and taken to the stores without anyone having anything to do with the publishing, merchandising and stuff like that which is pretty dumb

    • TheGameTagerZ

      There’s also the problem of Bandai Namco putting out games like Magi for the 3DS and people go “Well Namco Bandai published the game so it should be in”

      • DI

        those ppl remind me of a couple of guys I saw on youtube asking for goku to be in smash bros cause theres dbz games on nintendo consoles -.-

        • It’s possible though, because literally the only requirement is for the character to have been on a Nintendo Console.

          Nintendo doesn’t own Ryu from Streetfighter, or Snake, or Pacman, but they’ve had games on Nintendo consoles, so that’s all you need.

          • DI

            no at all, all you need is to be a video game character and goku is an anime character

            • TheGameTagerZ

              So is Ryu, and his data files are in the Smash Bros disk.

              • Ryu is a video game character. Street Fighter may have had an anime, but isn’t it a video game series first and foremost? Didn’t the video games release first?
                Pokemon, Kirby, Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog have all had animated series, but all content in Smash Bros related to those series are only associated with their game counterparts, except for maybe the Misty trophy in Melee, but either way…You get the point.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  I definitely agree. It’s confusing to see Ryu’s position at first glance though given that there was an anime and manga.

              • DI

                Ryu appeared first in a videogame so he is a videogame character even thou he has been in anime as well as mario and a lot of other smash characters

                • I highly doubt being in an anime before being in a game disqualifies someone from being on the ballot.

                  • DI

                    Do you? Tell me how many anime characters are in smash

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    I hoped korosenseis voice would be changed to fit the anime, but that would screw over the score who did this one. Also, I’m a huge jump fan. Although I didn’t start reading a lot of ongoing jump manga until recently.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    By the way, in the Sunday VS magazine trailer, where’s Conan?

    • Ram

      Probably somewhere else solving another murder case, as much as these charcters tried to beat each other up, nobody is expected to die anytime soon. No death, no Conan

  • It’s also probably due to the fact that most fans disregard the existence of manga and just see the roster as a collection of anime characters. It’s just like people who spam “Vote Goku for Smash Bros” comments. Those people don’t realize that Smash Bros is dedicated to Nintendo and video games associated with Nintendo. Their argument is “Oh, well Dragon Ball Z has has games on Nintendo systems. I played Tenkaichi 3 on the Wii!”, but they don’t realize that Goku isn’t a video game character. They see characters like the various Pokemon fighters and Sonic the Hedgehog and associate them with their anime series rather than the video games (with people even mistaking Brawl’s Pokemon Trainer for Ash Ketchum).
    It’s the case with J-Stars. Some English fans assume “Oh, well Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Bobobo, YuYu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and Naruto all aired on Toonami, so this must have characters from that channel. [insert anime series here] also aired on Toonami, so I’d like to see [insert non-Jump character here] in J-Stars].”
    However, some fans that do realize the difference between Jump, Magazine, and Sunday tend to look at games that may openly invite guests or third-party characters. Games like Mortal Kombat (Kratos, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Predator), Naruto Storm 2 (Lars Alexandersson), Street Fighter x Tekken (Cole MacGrath, Pac-Man, Mega Man), Super Smash Bros (Solid Snake, Sonic, Mega Man & Pac-Man again), PlayStation All-Stars (Big Daddy, Isaac Clarke, etc.) and Soul Calibur (Link, Spawn, Darth Vader, Yoda, Ezio Auditore da Firenze), etc. that they assume that any fighting game can and will be willing to invite a guest fighter or two.

  • roronoa zoro

    What game is that they showed the video of just now

  • Ikki Minami

    I think it is more towards the “I would love to see X vs Y” such as tsuna vs natsu plus who doesn’t want to see kaneki ken in this game just saying….

    • To be honest I’d rather see Kaneki in his own game first

      • Ikki Minami

        either way we NEED kaneki ken his Vburst could be his mask transformation kakuja

        • That would be so live, maybe it could be a better version of Yusuke’s thing. Like he transforms when he loses all his health while in Vburst

          • Ikki Minami

            ya it would be awesome but we can only wish for now but there is always hope as we have seen with the english version

  • Andrew Bland

    The same reason people ask for Goku in Smash. Either uninformed, trolling, or love the character so much that logic goes out of the window.

  • Roronoa Zoro

    I just want more characters for the series that have one or two characters in it like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Saint Seiya.

    • Bdock3601

      I want more toriko, reborn, and hxh

      • Don’t forget Medaka Box and One Punch man

        • DI

          Trolling right?

          • I don’t see any trolling

            • DI

              So you are one of those guys and didnt learn anything after reading the article

              • Well I already know about the different publishing companies so there wasn’t much to learn first of all. Secondly I still fail to see how I was trolling

                • DI

                  dude you really are slow Imma have to tell you or we will be doing this til who knows when, one punch man isnt published on weekly shonen jump

                  • “One punch man isn’t published on weekly shonen jump”

                    First off that’s all you really had to say instead of beating around the bush and throwing shade. Could’ve wrapped this up a while ago



                    You see that? In the bottom left corner, can you read that for me?

                    • DI

                      OMG he still doesnt get it looks like you didnt read at all the fact that the manga is owned by the same company doesnt mean it could be in the game since its published in different magazines young jump and weekly shonen jump are not the same, reading doesnt kill

                    • Guest

                      “young jump and weekly shonen jump are not the same”

                      First off I never claimed they were the same, I just said that he’s in Weekly Shonen Jump. Since you seem to be so proud of your reading skills how about you read that wikipedia page you keep running back too. OPM is Weekly Shonen Jump the same way Blue Exorcist is, in America.

                      “fact that the manga is owned by the same company doesnt mean it could be in the game since its published in different magazines”

                      You seem so sure of it calling that a “fact”, but if that’s the case explain how D-Grayman made it into the game? Remember, it’s not WSJ, by your standards it shouldn’t be in the game, that or To Love Ru. How about instead of being rude, you come at me like we’re both mature individuals

                    • DI

                      OMG this kid is so stubborn I feel like Imma have to explain you everything with sticks, weekly shonen jump is a magazine not the whole company, weekly young jump is other magazine, d-grayman started running in weekly shonen jump then was moved to other magazine the same with to love ru, how about instead of being stubborn you start reading more?

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Tone it down, both of you seriously.

                    • DI

                      dude I was trying to be nice you saw it yourself but is hard to keep doing it when the person youre talking to is so stubborn

  • ShinMazinkaiser

    because why not ask and hope?

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    That’s a cool article cover where is the image?

  • AzIz

    Really surprised there is no ” i want Tokyo Ghoul in J-stars” comment lol

    • Thing is, while they specifically said “Weekly Shonen Jump”, Tokyo Ghoul makes more sense than the other non-sense because is Weekly Young JUMP. Hell, even Digimon makes more sense since it’s V-JUMP. (and is owned by Bandai)

      From a licensing point, obviously.

    • Ikki Minami

      Look farther down below I have already asked for it but I had the first J stars imported and know the differences but just had a shred of hope that it was possible

    • Asjinga Akangka

      Young Jump and Shonen Jump have wildly different audience. And the people that like Tokyo Ghoul will dislike the fact that its characters are included in a game that they are perceived as kiddy.

  • RedDragon10

    It’s cause they’re freaking idiots who don’t take the time to think or research about what J-stars are and just want their favorite anime character in the game

    • Ryo Kurokiba

      You just took his quote.

      • RedDragon10

        I didn’t even read the article haha

  • Bdock3601

    Yeah I saw someone the other day request non jump characters. Most western anime fans just don’t care what magazine published the manga of their favorite anime. It’d say it’s not a big deal to me.

  • Gray Aria

    To be fair, Shonen vs Sunday is a lot more obscure. I didn’t even know it existed until a year or so after it’s release.

  • d7omy


  • d7omy

    i want zoro

  • RocketWobbuffet

    y isnt batman on marvel vs capcom

    • For the same reason Deadpool isn’t in Injustice: Gods Among Us.
      They were too badass for their own good. XD

  • Lavenderloins

    I really don’t think that it is fair to the general population that we hardcore anime and manga fans act like such snobs and jerks to anyone who doesn’t have the same working knowledge of the craft that we possess. How are we ever going to see gains in English licencing if we run off all noobs and uneducated parties. When I started loving anime in the late 90’s I knew nothing about the craft at all. Here I am nearly 20 years later, and without the help and support of so many different fans along the way that wanted to bring me along for the ride I never would have amassed the understanding and love that I have for anime / manga culture. Our job is to initiate and educate new fans, not look down on them and treat them like crap. If we keep singling out and crapping on new fans, we will soon find ourselves alone in this world that we love.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Half the time they aren’t new fans. They’re people who have been watching anime since the 90’s. They may know about the series of anime they watched, but they usually don’t associate the series with a magazine (because they may not be reading the manga or something).

      It’s not really taking a crap on them because I’ve tried to educate people on it in the past and some (not all) will take their belief as fact.

  • I personally want Yugi Muto. He’s one of my favorites in Jump Superstars.
    I also agree with people who want characters like Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando, Yoh Asakura, Kinnikuman, etc.
    Even though Naruto and Dragon Ball Z already have 3 characters, I want either Obito or Kakashi and Gohan or Trunks. Kakashi could be his war incarnation (similar to the one in Storm Revolution). Obito could either be his normal unmasked incarnation (like the one in Revolution) or the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails.
    Future Trunks would be the Trunks I’d pick. I’d make him a combination of Sword Trunks and Fighting Teen Trunks like the Budokai series does. As for Gohan, I haven’t decided whether he should be Teen Gohan or Mystic Gohan, although I think most fans would probably vote for Teen Gohan.
    Anyway, I know none of these characters are going to be added to J-Stars, so hopefully we’ll see them in a sequel, and hopefully Namco can get the rights to localize the sequel as well

  • Steven Hunt

    The same sort of people that kept asking for Spawn in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  • Asjinga Akangka

    1. I never see Jump collaborate with other magazine to create a game.
    2. There is only one collab game for Magazine and Sunday.

    I wish Jump collaborate with not only these three, but also Champion, Ace, and Gangan. But before that, Jump should start by including those from Jump Square first.