Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Demo All Specials and Z-Assists

In 3DS

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  • TheGameTagerZ

    For the 3 people with a Japanese 3DS waiting for the QR it’s coming promise. Tied up with some scans and we don’t like to post raws.

  • Adam james

    Awesome I own a i own a imported NEW 3ds

  • DI

    majuub should be playable I feel like uub doesnt get enough love in the games

  • Quebaz

    So all special attacks include that Butouden style of waiting to see if the opponent can counter, or are there weaker but real-time specials?

  • AzIz

    After hyping us with the 100 characters thing , it turn out that almost 70% of them are support only lol , even Tien and Recome are support only .. WTF