JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Adds Kouichi and Yukako to The Roster


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  • Oliver Jameson

    Yukako is an interesting choice, certainly not one I expected, but I look forward to seeing how she plays. The tag-team move with Koichi is a nice touch though.

    • Yeah she was one of the top 5 requested characters for ASB. As soon as they announced this as a Team battle with Team based techniques too, I knew Yukako would be in as Kouichi would 100% be in!

  • AzIz

    Well , that’s good …

  • AzIz

    Oh that stage looks really good

  • poopstorm

    Glad about Yukako, but I don’t like that stage, Part 4 has more interesting and memorable places than that. So far the stage roster looks rather weak.

    And I’m sad they kept Koichi’s hair blue.

    • Yeah there are better places in Moriouchou but I`m not too disappointed with this turn out. CC2 are using the assets from ASB so they wanted to keep the main costume blue… I know people liked that look from one of Araki-senseis unique pieces during the run of Diamond but well…damn lol.

      I`ve been to the area where the coast is based off of as well :D!

  • Ahtma

    C’moooooonnnnn tequila Joseph!

  • eve Neuschwanstein

    release date?

    • Unknown! Even the what Quarter/season is pretty unknown!
      You know I`ll get this news to you guys ;D!