How To Unlock SSGSS Vegeta As A Support Character In Extreme Butoden

In 3DS

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  • Kurama_Kitsune

    Damn Vegeta.. 40 minutes to transform, and you just give a single kick?!?!? Joke aside, thanks for sharing guys!

    • randy191993

      Hey just like in the anime! 3 Episodes to transform, then one kick and then 4 more Episodes 😛

  • AzIz
    • AzIz

      Maybe it’s just for the demo but i doubt it lol

      • randy191993

        Looks like Vegeta will be support while Goku will be playable.

        • AzIz

          Yeah Goku is playable and thats make it even more stupid …

          • randy191993

            yeah. It somehow does. Oh well. Staying with Xenoverse for now then. At least Xenoverse has both playable.

            • Yeah the only games with both playable is Xenoverse and Heroes(ironic since they are both Dimps games lol).

              • randy191993

                I think Heroes gets pretty much everything instantly 😛 and makes it’s own stuff up. Characterwise i’m pretty sure no Dragonball game will ever get near Heroes.

      • It makes sense, with what happens in the movie lol.

        • SetoKaiba

          Not really. Movie aside they should have known fans are going to want to do SSGSS Goku vs SSGSS Vegeta.

  • 😐

  • Adam james

    eh? what happen with the red hair of chrono? DBZ is getting stupid .

  • SetoKaiba

    So he just powers up then kick them? Okay.

  • DI

    like 7 seconds to just kick the opponent? come on vegeta

  • Ahtma

    People seem to complain about him, but he looks interesting to use. Delayed effects could tie into combos really well.

    • British_Otaku

      Nah, after having him as support for a while his use is pretty limited as there is one main combo that all players will want to get and if it happens you get knocked up or down perhaps with an ultimate on your ass.

      Most importantly, Vegeta can be heard when you move plane but he won’t teleport up or down. The delay is far too long along with audio which means any player can just jump, yes that is enough or dash to be fine while other supports like the Turtle or Tao Pai Pai at least hit immediately and/or create spacing opportunity.

    • Why am I not surprised by your lack of knowledge in the fandom.

      • Ahtma


  • DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a new anime game called “Saint seiya soldiers’Soul can you please do some scans about it [If there] because other online sites deosnt really help your site is the best at anime games

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re aware, but we personally aren’t fans of the series. We’ll play the game when it’s out though.

      • DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks for the answer