Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F New Visuals Show Off More SSGSS Goku and Vegeta

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    Cool cant wait to see this

  • Gamejtv

    That’s nice but those drawings are a little iffy for an official magazine

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Thank Toriyama lol.

      • TaliNESS

        You guys are too used to Yamamuro’s modern style which is why you think it looks iffy.

        Yes Todoyashi yamamuro’s style has become to placeholder style for both DBZ animation and promotional art, his style has also changed since DBZ and GT, his modern style staple today started to show itself during GT

        • Endless

          No it’s iffy because it’s iffy… lol the arms look odd.

          • TaliNESS

            Niggalodeon, you damn well know the faces look off here too, especially what we’re used to, like especially since with Toriyama like all artists, the way you draw illustrations shifts as time goes on (first hand experience)

    • son goku

      I like how goku drawn but not vegeta

    • AzIz

      It’s AT’s new style lol

  • judaÏ

    I can’t appreciate That transformation, I try but I can’t. Super Saiyan is so much better for me, I can’t support this blue… 😫 why blue? How are we went from yellow to blue ?

    • Hayate Omega ZX

      Accept the blue sensation that’s sweeping the nation and you’ll feel much better, I promise….

      • judaÏ

        Lol !! Maybe later with a lot of time I could support it but now I can’t

        • UnholySaiyan

          I didn’t like it at first either but it’s growing on me

          • judaÏ

            Yeah, maybe… I didn’t say that I will never like it , never know how my brain develop his opinion :p.. it’s why I said maybe with more time but for now I feel nothing (good) for this form >< .

            • British_Otaku

              You better let it grow onto you soon. So far, Dragon Ball has jumped into three colours of the Generation of Miracles and seems to be adding one new one per movie.

              We may see him with green hair sooner than you think.

              I honestly dislike both SSG forms, but not for the design but the premise of how the forms come about. I did have a grudge of sorts against Toriyama for throwing in a new colour with BoG, but with this new one I’ve been desensitized to the fact he doesn’t care and will make new crap up for all time.

              • judaÏ

                Lol, so there will make 2 others ? I suppose you’re right toriyama doesn’t care anymore Toei, jump and toriyama better let it go they are losing good part of fans, it not like it wasn’t doing enough profit like that.

                I think I need a pause with db but with the huge part of db in manga world it will always return in front of my face…

                • British_Otaku

                  We had Kise for a long time as well as Akashi/Kagami recently followed by Kuroko. I could see us getting Midorima, Murasakibara and Aomine in that order. Momoi has to be the last one.

                  As with all big brands, they will only let go or smarten up when it stops selling and it been selling for decades after the original manga ended.

                  A break wouldn’t be a bad idea, there are a lot of other good things to like or you can even look at the things that Toei, Jump and Toriyama did well.

                  • judaÏ

                    LMAO !!! You make my day 😂😂

    • J Walk

      Oh yes. Because there would be a noticeable difference if it stayed yellow right? Oh! Maybe they should have given them MUCH bigger hair and kept them yellow! No room for change here. It’s been yellow for 20 years, so it should STAY yellow.

      Flawless logic.

      • judaÏ

        No need to attack me, I just don’t like this color on them and I think toriyama could do better, why yellow ,red and now lightly blue… I prefer the previous transform even if I didn’t like the movie.. It’s my sentiment and you have yours, if you like it cool for you.

        • Blaqsailens .

          I agree, all of the new stuff seems like really bad fanfiction. The transformation not only look lame but don’t give them any noticeable difference from their previous strength because the enemy will always be just as strong if not stronger. All of the other characters are useless now and the women have turned into useless housewives. Gohan’s character was destroyed.

          The show was fun when I was a child, but now it’s just really mediocre and Akira Toriyama is milking the hell out of it. The best thing about the show for me is that it acted as a gateway and introduced me to so many better anime/manga like Gurren Lagann, Berserk, Gintama, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, etc..

          • judaÏ

            yeah, the end of db was with buu arc and before when I didn’t like a oav or a movie I was like no problem isn’t toriyama’s work anyway but with the 2 last I can’t…

            And thx someone else who’s complaining about what gohan become, the character with the “greater power potential” become so weak. At the beginning of buu saga I understood but now it’s ridiculous.

            For me it’s just additional characters or transformation for future games now 😑

        • J Walk

          I wasn’t criticizing your opinion, just the reasoning.

          • judaÏ


            • J Walk

              Sorry if I insulted you though. That was not my intention.

              • judaÏ

                it’s ok 👍✌

  • RuffyDragonGarp

    I am not sure, but is BoG and RoF really from Toriyama?
    I remember him saying few years ago that he can’t even remember the Main Characters.
    Isn’t it more logically that Toriyama hasn’t anything to do with all the recent DBZ stuff? He probably just got money to advertise it. Like that the recent stuff is “Toriyama approved”.

    I mean everybody knows that DBZ has been milked for the past years but since the last two years they are taking it to another level. New movies new games, this isn’t bad but isn’t Toriyama just a face and a name to sell nowadays?

    Like what they did for RoF, with Toriyamas message that the next movie is something great?

    And what about the drawings? Hasn’t Toriyama started Jaco recently? I can’t remember Jaco being drawn that poorly

    These are just some thoughts of mine, nevermind thanks for the post SGZ