V-Jump + Shows A Full Color Art Book Of Character Drawings By Akira Toriyama For Resurrection of F

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  • NZH97

    I like Akira Toriyama but why ruin gohan and why is goku wearing Trunk-type trainers?

    • Big Daddy Kane

      i know? it’s badass

      • NZH97

        Lol. Prefer one punch man art over all

  • AzIz

    The new costumes is what made the transformations looks ok IMO

  • PurexedSolify ;

    Since when did Vegeta get that close to Goku’s height?

    • Hamza Belarbi

      people grow you know

    • Dinos Katsianakis

      If you notice Vegeta’s head is bigger that Goku’s…that means Vegeta is a little “scaled-up”

  • Gamejtv

    Ok, Gohan and Krillin I get, but how are Bulma and Roshi “Champions of the Earth”?

    • Raptyrox

      Well, they have been with Goku and Krillin since the beginning, it’s just right to give them the spotlight.

      • Gamejtv

        True. Odd they didn’t have piccolo in there, yet they mentioned him. Piccolo is the best

        • Kaio Daimou

          Probably because technically he’s from Namek? XD

    • Jordan Maurice

      if you watched dragon ball you would know the champion within roshi bulma well…. lol she made the dragon radar and brought all the gang together kind of

      • Gamejtv

        Ok, I see what you mean.

    • Scott Baker

      the once great champion of earth was a referal to Roshi not bulma,

      besides toriyama wanted to bring foward characters that were fan favourts hence why tien is fighting as well. people did not like how hald of android saga pushed earth fighters to side line for some part.

      and how Buu saga pushed them all and piccolo to side line all together

  • Hayate Omega ZX

    How’d Bulma get younger? Tsunade must have shared her secrets, or Bulma finally found the Fountain of Youth XD

    • DI

      Make up and surgery just like madonna

  • tylerc23

    Goku and Vegeta’s outfits are the best part. Hope they keep them for the next movie

  • Ahtma

    I love Toriyama’s art style.

  • Buru

    Lol, looks like Vegeta hit a growth spurt

  • HildaIsBetter

    Anybody have the raw scan of this?? I need the Kanji from it