Naruto Part 3? Yeah, Not Really

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  • randy191993

    Part 2 ended when the main story ended. This plays after part 2 so it’s part 3. If that fits into your personal worldview or not, deal with it.

    • Wrong. Its just a continuation of the Epilogue of Naruto Part 2.

      • randy191993

        It was announced that it will be about as long or only a little shorter than part 1. what kind of epilogue would that be?

        • No it hasn’t. Don’t pull facts out of your butt, because Kishi has even said that he’ll be finishing his Naruto coverage this year.

          This isn’t going to be a 230 chapter manga. Was Part 1 a mini-series? Cmon. Quit trolling.

  • Deejayred

    It deals with the ending of part 2. It’s not part 3 because it deals with the same story line Pay attention Randy.

  • Enzevil

    I don’t mind if people call it Part 2 or Part 3, I’ll just enjoy the manga and I won’t make a big deal out of it.

  • Its Gaiden, a side story. I just call it Boruto as it`ll focus more on Boruto and the next generation of Ninjas. I enjoyed reading it whilst translating it so looking forward to more chapters and then the movie!

  • AzIz

    I heard it’s just 10 chapters ? is that right ? hopefully yes

    • It will be doing some prequel stuff before the movie comes out on the 7th of August.

    • PurexedSolify ;

      I heard about 20.

  • NZH97

    Hopefully this is short . Naruto has gone on long enough

    • Quite. Its been milked out much too long.

      • NZH97

        most definitely

    • Harkins1721 .

      Disgreed. Is love more Naruto. Seeing his son grow up is fine. Dont like it? Move on. No one is forcing you to read it.

    • Bdock3601

      I’ve said the same, we don’t need another series to continue way past it’s prime like bleach.

      • Scott Baker

        Bleach’s prime ended with a fail to be hone’st if you read bleach as of now you realise the current foe is more formatiable and ebtter villian then aizen Aizen was a massive let down

        • Enturax/Turbotrup

          I disagree – Aizen was awesome, Kubo just made Ichigo too OP at the end.

          • Kaio Daimou

            Although it was a curbstomp battle he still couldn’t defeat Aizen as it really took urahara sealing him to defeat him. Even then it was insinuated that aizen only lost because he wanted to be normal and inadvertently caused the hogyoku to be the reason he lost. Now Aizen is even more op than before after him being locked in muken and with most of his powers sealed .

            • Scott Baker

              yes but the point is when aizen is pushed to the point that he faces someone that can Beat him (even if not kill) he raged and became normal villian foddder that screamed there head of cause they were loosing.

              it killed the character of Aizen then on to point when i see him in manga im like yeah hes acting calm collected till someone stomps him down again he may be immortal right now but had ywach been there when aizens reishi was sealed of for 5 mins im pretty sure aizen would be dead right now.

              but point im trying get across is had aizen remained calm and how he is against ichigo when fighting he may have lost and retained his awesomeness.

              it reminded me of when any villian in dbz rages and charges losing there tactfull warrior fighting and end up loosing

              point case
              vegeta”Nappa calm down”

            • Enturax/Turbotrup

              IMO Ichigo just underestimated Aizen’s power, that’s why he’d lose. He didn’t have to even use Mugetsu, he used it just because he wanted to finish the battle quickly (and Kubo wanted to give Urahara some credit)

      • NZH97

        Bleach hasn’t been milked as much as naruto tbh. Naruto has sooo many spinoffs and I doubt bleach will get one after the manga finishes

        • Quinn Noble

          no it has this is the only spin off

          • NZH97

            Naruto has been going on for too long

          • Omoi of the Hidden Cloud

            Naruto is not a spin off of bleach bleach is a spin off of naruto so get you facts strait!

  • shaddrag

    If there isn’t gonna be an official “Part 3” then I don’t see why people can’t call this and chapter 700 Part 3 because what made Part 1 become Part 2? A 2 and a half year time-skip. This time-skip was at least 3 times that length, and you wanna deny people referring to it as Part 3? There is no need to be that technical or for this article.

    • Except that there isn’t really a time skip between chapter 700 and 700 + 1. and ALSO the numbering for this chapter makes it part of Part 2.

      • shaddrag

        How so? The Manga numbering never changed between Part 1 and Part 2. And I was saying that after 699 there was the time-skip and 700 plus 700+1 and the ones to come could be considered Part 3.

        Parts don’t have to be lengthy, but yes, people should be aware it’s not gonna last very long.

        • The manga numbering continued between Part 1 and Part 2.

          Here its being released as an add on to Part 2, as Chapter 700 + 1 and so on.

          If this was Chapter 701, I would agree that it is Part 3, however it isn’t. Naruto 244 – 700 is Part 2, that includes 700 + 1.

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    Who care what it is. Naruto is Naruto.

    You grew up with it, you laughed with it, you cried with it. Whatever, you either love it or hate it.

    • DI

      I didnt I was like 14 when I started watching it and never cried

      • You monster.

        • DI

          nah Im just a dude that knows the difference between fiction and reality

    • Isaac

      Kabuto vs. Sasuke & Itachi :'(

  • tylerc23

    It says it’s a new “THREE PART SERIAL”. Does that mean that it’s only 3 chapters?

  • DI

    I hope the karin thing explanation includes what happened to orochimaru and the others so they fill the plot holes

  • Mohammed Gharbi

    i like the way you write your articles, keep this up !

  • Suzaku

    It’s not Naruto Part 2, either. It’s a sequel miniseries with a different title.

  • Ryo Saotome

    Lmfao! There’s always people that wanna kill the hype. We get it, it’s not part 3. Lol but in the whole fandom’s eyes it’s a part 3. Hell everyone is calling it a part 3. So whether it’s called part 3 or not we still have more of our continuation of Naruto.

  • Omoi of the Hidden Cloud

    All of you saying Naruto has gone on long enough are obviously not REAL naruto fans! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN HERE ON THIS PAGE TOPIC THEN!?! [email protected]$$e$.