Hiroshi Matsuyama Talks About New Features and Changes In Latest Naruto Storm 4 Interview


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  • DI

    So basically he said nothing new

    • J Walk

      Did you really expect for him to say/ be able to say anything that hasn’t been officially announced?

      • DI

        Well hes the companys president if someone is able to say anything thats him

        • J Walk

          You don’t think you’re oversimplifying this just a bit?

          • DI

            Dont you think youre over complicating things?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Incorrect. They have deals with Weekly Shonen Jump and V-Jump so he’s not allowed to talk about unannounced details until it has at least been shown in the magazines.

          Same goes for One Piece and DBZ (from experience when interviewing Namco).

          • DI

            But it doesnt mean he couldnt go a little bit more in depth of what has been already shown cause to be honest they havent basically anything

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Questions were scripted. Otherwise Hiroshi wouldn’t understand a word he’s saying.

              You got to look at it for what it is. Especially you of all people who don’t really have much expectation for anything at all so I don’t see why you look surprised.

              Namco is within their limits as well because of Weekly Jump and funny enough Namco knows what’s going on as much as Hiroshi does.

              • DI

                Im surprised cause at least since storm 3they used to reveal something new every week and this game is like 4 or 5 months away from release date and they have only revealed like 3 things since the announcement

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    He obviously didn’t say anything new, because this game doesn’t offer anything new – it’s a fcking copy & paste game as always.

    • Sadly.. you are correct.. 🙁

      • Enturax/Turbotrup

        It’s incredible that someone has let go of fanboyism and finally agreed with me. You have +1 for that ;P

        • Endless

          I am another. This game is cop and paste

    • EliteTrainerXeos

      The CHARACTERS are copy&paste yes, however everything else is being reworked.

      To start with, they’ve completely rebuilt the 8 year old Storm engine from the ground up so the graphical capabilities are drastically improved from previous iterations on the old gen consoles. Character models are being reworked as seen by Minato’s model is now taller that the old version.

      Leader Change is a brand new feature that completely overhauls the old support system for a new one that introduces 2v1 and 3v1 battles.

      Wall Running is making a return from Storm 1 while being tweaked on to make it more interactable throughout the match.

      If in your eyes, you can only label this game a copy and paste because of the old characters not getting new movesets then you’re a joke. There’s only so much you can do by utilizing the same engine when it comes to sequels of the same series.

      If you can’t be satisfied then try making your own game.

      • Enturax/Turbotrup

        The character models and graphics are 95% (if not 100%) same.

        Leader Change is the feature that has been in fighting games for years, so it’s not something new. Sure, it’s not the point, but it should be since it took them 5 games to implement.

        Wall running is not a certainty (as said by CC2 themselves).

        And even if we count both of these features, it’s still just 2. 2 features and they call it a SEQUEL!!!

        I sent them many, MANY ideas (and so did many other people), and yet they dare to implement 2 per game, and not always the ones we ask for!

        So hell yes, I would make a better game if I was the boss! I’m not going to lie about this. They did have great ideas with Storm 1, but that’s about it!

        Make a game myself? Just give me money and people!

        • TheGameTagerZ

          You know, the answer isn’t always (and hardly ever) that they’re “lazy” or that they don’t listen to feedback.

          Someone else’s feedback that they may have used may not coincide with your feedback. So it’s not that they aren’t listening to feedback, they’re just not putting what you wanted.

          With budgets, deadlines, planning that has to be done BEFORE even starting the game I honestly doubt you would do much better or any of us here for that matter.

          • DI

            theres a lot of companies that do better, just saying

            • TheGameTagerZ

              You can’t just say that and not give examples.

              That’s like me saying “there are better games out there”. What games? It’s all subjective anyway.

              • DI

                Capcom? Netherealm studios? Arc system works? Want some more?

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Capcom: Locked DLC, Ruined Resident Evil, took down Mega Man and known for constantly disappointing their fans on many levels

                  Netherealm Studios: No better than Namco with their pre-order characters and DLC pressuring (which you can see if you own MKX). Are they a bad company? No, but they come with their set of issues too.

                  Arc System Works: The Naruto and DBZ fans wouldn’t even appreciate them (you included) which shows with how people are already complaining that they only have 25 characters for their new DBZ game. Again not a bad company here either but people like you would complain to no end because they didn’t add a character you will never main with.

                  Again listing names without explaining is something anyone can do. If you want to debate with someone then flesh out your comment because you’ll sound ignorant half the time when you don’t.

                  Next time try fully explaining yourself without sounding like an angry/butthurt commentator.

          • Enturax/Turbotrup

            Look at the differences between RB1 and RB2 then. You play the game 80-90% different there!

            • Bdock3601

              Those games are basically the same lol. Ntm that almost every character feels the exact same with like 1 or 2 specifically unique ones. At least in the storm series the characters all handle differently, they have different ranges on moves, different animations, etc. In the rb games every character started their throw the same also supers and ultimates boiled down to either a short range dash or a beam attack. It’s an issue when your most interesting character is guldo

              • Enturax/Turbotrup

                What? RB1 and RB2 play different! RB2 is much, much smoother, has different combo mechanics, every character gives different combo outcome by pressing the same combination of buttons, combo cancels, Raging Soul, etc.

                In Storm games people spam because this is how much combos you got there, only one jutsu, the fastest characters are best for melee-range fights, combo cancels and most of the game’s mechanics are easy to spam with, you don’t really have even 3 combos there because each of them has the same beginning. Not to mention that they barely change anything with each seqel.

                In fact, to be more honest, Storm 1 was the best – it didn’t feel like a standard fighting game, like the rest of the sequels keep on trying to be with each installment.

    • darkness

      I totally agree with you the copying and pasting has been going on since Generations.

  • Basically Shuueisha tell Namco to send them months and months worth of news to put in several of their manga anthologies (Weekly and V-Jump in Narutos case) over time.
    Even though Piroshi is the President of CC2 and the overseer of NS4`s creation, he cannot leak anything too big due outside of his contracts made with Namco and Shuueisha.

  • Nera

    I love Hiroshi Matsuyama, a very down to Earth guy he seems, plus he loves Cosplay! This interview is pretty good compared to the ones in general with Jason Enos who always seems to repeat himself a lot in Naruto STORM game interviews “This is the story of a boy named Naruto, so and so happened” to name a few of the things I always hear him say. I am also glad they take fan feedback and go from which seems more possible considering their schedule, I assume they also be looking at feedback from old games too which is how few things get integrated into the sequels too. Reworking on the engine from the ground up is also awesome for the PC players so that the Online matches don’t decide to disconnect for odd reasons. I am excited to see what this game brings to the table as the 4th number in the STORM series, and the 6th and final game in the series!

  • son goku

    Why does it take shonen game z so long to bring out the news for new dbz series damn

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We have nothing to say about the new anime. People already know the news about it no need for us to write something someone else already wrote in a different way.

      • son goku

        k question do you know if it after revival of f or before

        • Nera

          After supposedly

          • son goku

            Alright thx

  • Still miss Accel 2