Could The Microsoft Store Have Revealed The Naruto Storm 4 Release Date?


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  • NZH97

    Lol kinda funny and sad . Microsoft revealing date too early and gd for naruto fans but I’m more sad that it has a release date before one piece pirate warriors 3 and came to EU quicker Too

  • DI

    Im calling it now, this is gonna be incomplete again

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Says every gamer, for every video game honestly.

      • DI

        More like says everyone that knows what has been happening with this franchise

        • TheGameTagerZ

          “More like says everyone that knows what has been happening with (insert game here)”

          Anyone can complain. We gamers have been doing it for years for every game. Anyone can say the same for the MK franchise for Street Fighter, for Tekken for Assassins Creed.

          Sure we can also argue about shady business practices that everyone knows do exist, but you don’t have a clue how game development works.

          • DI

            But you are an expert, dont you?

    • eincvajdraj

      if by incomplete you mean reusing the same old assets from previous games, then yes.

      • DI

        That and lacking a lot of characters that ppl want and are part of the story but they skip for who knows what reason

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Because budget, money, resources, time frame (especially with licensed games).

          I think I’m starting to understand now. You’re probably one of those “WHAT NO SWORDSMEN THIS GAME SUCKS”

          While I am personally tired of the storm series I think a lot of the hate on the development side is ignorant and unwarranted.

          • Ikki Minami

            at least they are redoing some new combat mechanics like leader change and wall running

            • Ahtma

              Wall running isn’t guaranteed though. They’ve said before they’ll only have it if they can properly balance it.

              • )))Travis))) ( Chihaya)

                But it’s still in either way and that’s a big change. It’ll be better and improved from the Stom 1 version.

          • DI

            X D wtf? Dude you just made the most fanboyish comment ever, the fact that the lack of characters is one of the reasons the game quality is low it doesnt make it the only one and you keep saying the development thing is ignorant but yet you were saying the other day that other companies dont do better and I gave you a couple of examples and you didnt even replied cause you know is true you just dont wanna admit it

            • TheGameTagerZ

              What’s “fanboyish” about the factors of game development? I would say that to any developer not just CC2 because the process is generally the same and even worse when dealing with a licensed series.

              With your logic they can have everything under the sun, but there’s no Anko then the game is low quality. Debating with you is literally a waste of keystrokes for me and anyone else who tries.

              I did reply to you, it’s YOU who didn’t reply back. So YOU had nothing to say lol.


              You just sound hurt, immature and ignorant when you spew out this stuff.

              • DI

                XD speaking about wasre of keystrokers and he cant evenuse logic when replying but instead he sticks with the no x character thin, if that was the problem I would be criticizing every fighting game on earth since they took characters off for story purposes but theres no point on arguing with a cc2 defender, also about the reply of the companies thing idk about you but I check notifications on email and I didnt receive that one and even if I had received it you said a lot of things that arent even half of what cc2 does, capcom has a lot of franchises cc2 has been working only one so you cant even compare and looks like you havent touched a re game since re6, nrs has been é inventing their games with every title and they fix the dlc thing with complete editions thing that cc2 only did once and just for one character so itwasnt even worthy and arc system works also works with a lot of titles and even thou they include less characters only one of those have more details than 3 of cc2 and as the proverb says quality is more than quantity and you can make the comparison between any storm game and any of those companiea fighting game to see whos butthurt, ignorant and inmature here but then denial would act and it would be as if nothing happened

                • Ahtma

                  You continually ignore the fact that the Storm games are licensed properties and CC2 only has so much wiggle room with it. Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat are all properties owned by their respective companies.

                  • DI

                    Those were just examples but if we are gonna talk about licensed properties we could talk about dbz, yugioh or any other anime games that dont do the same with minor changes over and over and ppl dont complain about them as much as they do with storm games

                    • Ahtma

                      People complain about the other games just as much. I’ve seen plenty of people whine about the Raging Blast games, Battle of Z, Ultimate Tenkaichi, and DBZ For Kinect. You just see more people complaining about Storm because it more or less boils down to “damn you CC2, you’re ruining Naruto!” People jump on the “let’s hate CC2” bandwagon nearly every opportunity they get.

                      Also, who actually buys Yugioh games? That seems massively redundant when you can just play the card game itself.

                    • DI

                      Ppl jump in that bandwagon for a reason is not as if ppl make up things everything ppl complain about are true and theres ppl that prefer to pay idk 40 or 50 dollars for a game where you can have all the cards you want for free instead of pay x quantity of money for every card in real life

                    • Ahtma

                      You can play the game for free lmao. Look up Dueling Network.

                    • DI

                      Dueling network sucks af it isnt even automated, the best free yugioh game til now is ygopro and still has it flaws and lack of things that the console games have

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  You’ve been warned. Really don’t feel like banning anymore people but if all you’re going to do is argue with the people who post here then take it somewhere else honestly.

                  Also if all you got from our conversation was that I’m a CC2 defender then you aren’t good at reading. FYI CC2 isn’t only developing Naruto, the have 3 projects coming in and in the past they made several mobile games too.

                  • DI

                    XD youre gonna ban me for disagreeing with what you think? And im the childish one and they have been making storm games since 2008 making a couple of mobile games and having 3 projects that maybe started last year or something like that isnt a good excuse for 7 years of the same thing with minor changes considering it is a company with several developing teams we are talking about, youre doing nothing but proving me right

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      I question your reading comprehension skills if all you got from this conversation was “He thinks I’m wrong, so he’s going to ban me” no, your banning was long overdue from the arguments you started with other members here and the general disruption you tend to cause here.

                      I’m serious this is your final warning. Play nice, agree to disagree and call it a day.

                      If I see you arguing/insulting another member I’ll have to take action.

                    • DI

                      keep using denial dictator and do whatever you wanna do, theres something called freedom of speech and as well as you do I got the right to use it no matter what ppl may think about what I say since Im not disrespecting anyone or their beliefs unlike you

                    • Ahtma

                      You know, insulting the admin right after he warns you to not insult users is probably not a sound strategy.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Freedom of speech has its limitations. You’ll learn that when you get older. Also lets not pretend you don’t insult the people you talk to whether with words or sarcasm. That ends today. Hopefully you learn how to talk to others over time.

                      See you in 30 days.

    • )))Travis))) ( Chihaya)

      Incomplete? WTF? when has it ever been like that?

      • DI

        Always? You havent played those games lately, do you?

        • Ikki Minami

          cant take you seriously with that zatch bell pic so trolly lol but i will agree that they have a bit more they can do to polish the game and make the fighting mechanics better such as having a combo tree (B-X-B-B-Y) vs basic combos (B-B-B-^B) and making awakenings more balanced and adding game updates patches afterwards to polish it but we have to remember its a mere fanservice game such as Jstars thats not always a bad thing but I do remember the lead developer president of Naruto wanting to bring Naruto S4 to competitive scene but got denied unless they do the above things which makes sense so you both are kinda right

          DI- Because of the lack of higher skill required combat mechanics it will always stay a fanservice type of game and nothing more (not always bad I like it)

          SG-It does have limits on what it can do (Lee can’t use ninjutsu or naruto use chidori) in order to stay true to the series but at the same time they have the “OK” from Kishi to be a bit more free with what they want to do such as include 6 or so jutsus per character and wall running or summoning jutsus in game or even 2v2 (players not leader change) in game but they have yet to do so (even though i always email their emailpage (´◉◞౪◟◉) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

          But either way im still a naruto fanboy at heart and will get the game and complete my collection since i have people to play with

          • DI

            Finally a good and realistic answer and the folgore pic is just for fun it has nothing to do with trolling

        • K’

          I agree, I don’t like to use the word “lazy” but that’s the vibe I get from Storm series, coming from someone that really liked the Ultimate Ninja series.
          CC2 are lazy and their games feel half assed from taking out combos, making free roam lamer, rehashed move sets etc It is becoming apparent because the games are getting worse each year. Like someone on YT said and it fits perfectly with them ” You guys have problems with your game, I know some other companies like to patch their games but no we (as in CC2) believe in you guys, you guys can wait about a year and then we’ll release a “brand new” game with your problem fixed and 20 more introduced, because we’re CC2 and that’s what we do”.
          Oh you guys want the Sound 4, too bad here is Rin, no Anko and Kurenai, no worries here you can have Karin and Kushina…

          • Ahtma

            To be fair, the concept of patching and updating games is a relatively new concept for CC2. They’ve done things like waited for the next game in a series to fix previous issues for years now. The fact that Storm 3 and I think Rev got balancing patches gives me hope.

  • oraoraikuze

    not far off, storm games usually release in september/october period

    • RouninOtaku

      all storm games usually released in March except Revolution

  • Zamir Sega

    I’d actually rather them work on it longer

  • Nera

    I’d rather an October release date in all honesty. Its a better date plus its Naruto’s birthday in October.

    • Ikki Minami

      and my birthday…

      • Nera

        Happy Birthday whenever that maybe in the month!

    • RemixerUltimate

      Well now you have february.

  • Impossible. BNG always reveal Naruto games 10 months prior to release date. If it was coming out in August we would have already seen it on the official website by now.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      “Even with the obvious grain of salt that one has to take when seeing an unofficial release date”

      Read the body, not just the title next time if you could. We’re only stating what we saw.

      • That is why I said Impossible especially with the whole Boruto the Movie coming out.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Boruto has nothing to do with this. Nothing about Boruto was announced for this game so your theory holds zero ground.

          They only announced characters from The Last. If we really wanted to reach, then maybe I can see Boruto added on later.

          Also you’re wrong, Storm 2’s release date was announced 2 months before it came out (so it’s not every game please take 2 seconds to google first). So if it was coming in August (remember IF) we would have a reveal in June the latest.

    • “Impossible. BNG always reveal Naruto games 10 months prior to release date”

      Whew, what month are we in, May? The game comes out in Fall 2015? Can’t wait to play Storm 4 on 15/22/2015.

      Lets hope that Obama invents a few months so that Bandai can keep up.

      • Bdock3601

        But no its impossible, didn’t you hear? Liger is always right, he can’t ever be wrong, ever

    • I read that impossible in Darth Vader’s voice.

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      can you calm down you spazz

  • tylerc23

    I think October

  • kUSHSmoKer21

    Manga themes and Japanese warriors?

  • Romero Santos

    Man, I hope not. PW3 drops in August and I don’t wanna have to choose between them.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Just borrow a time machine. And travel into the future.

  • darkness

    I hope it comes out in October so they can work on it more.

  • Andrew Blagburn

    Um, I’d like them to work on it a wee bit longer, but given as my birthday is 9 days after the 18 of August, I think I can deal. xD

    • Bdock3601

      They’ve probably been working on this since after storm 3. They stated that when making generations they had split into two teams working on the seperate games. I’d say it’s logically possible that the same thing happened for s4 and rev

  • rah digga

    Its good if it does cause my ps4 is bored need a new game soon

  • rah digga

    If not i might forget to pay my psn account and get married

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    hmmm i’m fine with this

  • I rather them take until October to be more fair. I don’t want CC2 to be releasing the game in August. This rumor is a false as the Capcom making a new Megaman Game. Never trust rumors and always rely on CC2 or BNG for proof of actual news.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      If it’s false then it’s false don’t make a big deal about it.

      The Sony trailer leads many to believe that there could be a summer release if it’s not right cool but if it is I hope you stay away from the internet for a few days.

  • TheDBZSquirrel .

    i hope this is not true i really want storm 4 to come on oktober because i really want cc2 to put more things in the game 😀

  • Isaac

    Microsoft removed the release date now…

  • RozanskiGamer

    Brings Back it on PS3