The Confusion Behind Tales of Zestiria, Bandai Namco, and the PS4 [UPDATE]


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  • Skorm94

    eeuh all the pictures say hotlinking is not allowed, can’t see any of them

    • TheGameTagerZ


  • Kurama_Kitsune

    “The PS4 has some stunning RPG’s coming like Persona 4”

    i think you mean Persona 5

    • Edni Hinamori

      I thought it had Persona 4 too :0 well… At least the dancing one, haha!

  • Buru

    Persona 5 guys, not 4

  • Persona 5 it is my good gents.

  • Just like Storm 4 “DLC” rumor from a Hungarian retailer. Why am I not surprised that THAT is where he got the inspiration from?

    • Hentailover

      And “Best Buy of America” are buddies with this Dutch retailer and decided to get in on the prank as well?

      • More like a Best Buy Employee that is bored out of their minds.

        • Hentailover

          Well, we will see. When PS4 version of zestiria is officially announced, I will try and remember to call you out ^^

    • TheGameTagerZ

      So hostile, relax.

    • Hentailover

      I have some news for you. This is what Bandai responded with when people asked about PS4 version:

      • TheGameTagerZ

        If it’s true he will most likely go under the radar.

        • He always has some roundabout way of saying things even when proven false something will come up that’ll he’ll have to put down.

    • Lmao this video has nothing to do with the DLC rumor, and I didn’t even report on the DLC Rumor.

      Haven’t you been warned already? I think you should calm down.